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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!


January 4th, 2010

Well, hello there, blog

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I am a terrible person for all but abandoning this blog. I don't think I've ever gone this long without blogging in the ten years I've been doing it.

Holy shit. It's been 10 years since I had my first diaryland blog. I don't think we even had the word blog back then.

Anyway, it would be disingenuous to say I haven't been blogging at all for the past few months: I've been writing up a storm on my book blog. It's gotten some good publicity over the past few months - I was mentioned on the School Library Journal blog, and started a very minor tiny firestorm when I criticized an event at the New York Public Library. But no hard feelings apparently, because the woman who ran that event is the SLJ blogger (and the link came after the kerfluffle). Good times.

I hope to post more over here, especially since I'm really itching to get back into fandom. I'm going to participate in the Saying Yes ficbitathon on LJ, and I'm super excited that there are at least two other Animorphs fans there - seriously, nothing gets me more excited about ficcing that knowing that there are still other Anifans out there. And I'm glad the Ani fans are there, because I think I recognized one other fandom in the five pages of comments so far - and that was the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which I don't think I'm up to writing in yet.

I'm going to go post more prompts over there that don't involve anime-fandom. I missed the deadline (AGAIN) for this round of the [info]porn_battle, so I'll have to get my jollies over on LJ!

August 11th, 2009

Gah. Frustrated.

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In an attempt to organize my life and make sure I balance out Shit That Needs to be Done with Shit I Like to Do that has No Redeeming Value, I've blocked out a rough schedule for my evenings:

Monday: Library/reading
Tuesday: Writing
Wednesday: Video games
Thursday: Library/reading
Friday: Writing

It's a good schedule. Last night went well; didn't have to return any library books (because Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is boring as fuck thus is taking way too long to read and is keeping me from other, more exciting books) so I spent it reading and lounging with Billy (because according to the thermostat on the fan it was 89 degrees in the apartment - and that actually may be the highest reading on the thermostat, so it was probably hotter).

Tonight was supposed to be writing night. Writing at the apartment doesn't work - it's an unholy mess right now, which distracts me from my writing, plus the cats always want attention. Correction: Cricket always wants attention. If I'm on the bed, Gopher will hop up next to me and relax and Coyote will lounge on the end of the bed near my feet, but Cricket feels the need to hop up on my chest, pressing her bony little paws into my boobs with all her might going "Hey! Hey! Wanna pet me? Wanna pet me? You wanna pet me! Hey! Hey!" Not helpful. So I figured, hey, I'll do what all great writers do and head to a coffee shop. I've only got Starbuckses in my neighborhood, but that'll work, right?


Neither Starbucks in my vicinity has adequate seating. I passed one up because not only were there no seats when I arrived, but it was turning into a sauna thanks to the wall of windows facing the sunset. So I went to the other one, which I was sure was bigger, but I must have been mistaken. When I walked in there was one empty table, but only one person in front of me in line, so I figured I had a good shot at getting that table. So I ordered my Mocha Frappucino and buy a fruit and cheese plate ('cause omg I was starving), turn the corner from the bar to sit at my table...and there was another woman there already. NOT the woman who had been in front of me in line. I honestly have no idea where this woman came from. I stood around for five minutes, seeing if anyone was going to vacate one of the other tables (everyone had empty drink cups, so it wasn't unreasonable to think that maybe they'd be leaving), before I got fed up and left.

So now I'm back home. An hour wasted. And Billy is apparently upset because he tried to call me when I was on the subway for some directions. Tonight is not my night.

May 4th, 2009

I think I'm a sick person...

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[info]porn_battle prompts are up, I skimmed them, looking for fandoms I know anything about (word to the other Animorph fan!) and see several prompts I like...for writing completely non-smutty stuff.

Am I just too old to be writing porn?

I'm gonna write down my favorite prompts and see if I can do some writing on the subway tomorrow morning.

In other news, I'm on Twitter now, mostly as a way to promote my blog(s), because I am an attention whore. However, considering the twitter is under my real name, I think I might skip publicizing any porn_battle posts over here.

Also, I've watched the entire first season of 30 Rock since last night. It is a hilarious show and I hate myself for not watching it earlier.

August 24th, 2008

Om nom nom...braaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssss...

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I'm working on another original story ~gasp~ Two original stories started in one year! This is (seriously) a record for me.

It's about zombies. I am loving it much more than I was loving my erotic novel. I'm still keeping that one around; it's very possible I'll still finish it and try to publish it. But way too often I find myself NOT IN THE MOOD to write angst/smut/whatever.

So now I'm writing about high schoolers fighting zombies. OMG will I ever need a pen name if I try to publish both of these.

Getting a little bored at home. But at least my cats are settling in and not freaking out too much any more. They still don't like the dog (poor Coyote was SNEEZED on the other day by the dog!), but she's a big dog and they're little cats, so it's understandable.

Oh, found out something crazy about my mom yesterday: she has a crazy conspiracy theory that Japan wants to take over the United States. They're inundating us with their manga and anime and "so many" people are learning their language. And why would so many (white) Americans want to do that when Japan is such a racist country? They're going to destroy our economy and blackmail America into forcing us to accept waves of Japanese immigrants and they're going to take over the west coast.


Going to see my grandparents today, then meeting with the officiant tomorrow, ordering bridesmaid dresses on Tuesday, LEAVING FOR NEW YORK ON WEDNESDAY. HOLY CRAP.

June 8th, 2008

I feel like something major is happening out there....

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and I'm missing all of it.

No, this isn't some emo post about how I wish I'd done more with my life or something. It's because half of my favorite sites haven't updated/are updating infrequently this week with no explanation. Is there a holiday somewhere that I'm unaware of?

Okay, have to go do some novel writing now (need to get my couple through the next sex scene!), then I need to put together some wedding stuff. Maybe I'll even get some cleaning done before the air conditioning wears off (our air conditioner is OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD, thus making it impossible to think, let alone do anything productive while it's on. So we turn it on at night and any time we leave the apartment and it keeps us fairly cool. I think the cats are melting, however).

And then later this afternoon Billy and I are going to see either "The Strangers" or "Kung-Fu Panda." Yeah, we aren't eccentric in our movie tastes at all!

May 31st, 2008

Catching up on four months worth of life

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So working at Borders pretty much sucked the life out of me. I was totally not meant to be an office drone. Doing the exact same brain-numbing thing every day was killing my desire to do anything but sleep. Oh, and killing my back. And my wrist. I've decided that eventually my entire generation is just going to have carpal tunnel, because all we ever do is sit in front of computers.

Yeah, anyway, so yesterday was my last day at Borders. It came about for a couple of reasons. Primarily the soul-sucking-ness of it all, but also because Billy and I were just BORED OUT OF OUR SKULLS and a little depressed that we weren't doing anything with our lives that involved our expensive degrees. I have to start paying back that money in June and $10.75 an hour just wasn't going to help with that.

So quitting Borders gave us the impetus to say that by July we're going to move out to New York. I've been frantically submitting my resume to all of the publishing houses I can think of since I want to go into publishing. At least for a little while. I'm going to do one more office job, and if I can't handle that again I'm going back to school to get my media studies degree. I have absolutely no problem parlaying my geekiness into a degree, lol.

In the meantime, I'm going to start writing porn. Lol. No, seriously, Billy has been pushing me forever to try my hand at writing "real" stuff (smutty fan fic doesn't count). I've always refused because I've just never felt the drive to write anything original. I could come up with characters galore but nothing to do with them. Then he suggested romance novels, which seemed even more preposterous. I'd never read a romance novel in my life, how the hell could I write one? Why would I want to?

Except that romance novels can now double as porn. I've been reading a few of Harlequin's Spice novels and...they're not half bad. Some of them are not as great as the others(this month's novel, What Happens in Vegas... has some ridiculous plots that are totally just tired old romance novels with explicit sex), but essentially they're not much different from some of the fic I've written. It's all about sex; I can write sex. Seems like a perfect match.

So I'm dedicated June to bashing out the first draft of the novel. I already have a couple of chapters finished written (I'm sure I'll go back at some point and read them and ask WTF I was thinking). It'll be my own personal NaNoWriMo. Then at a later point I can go back and see if the darn thing actually makes sense.

Wedding plans are coming along fairly smoothly. Getting ready to send out save the dates soon (mental note: need to get addresses from Billy's mom. And forensa-addresses from...whoever has those at the wedding today. Marisa? Anke?). Doing a final round of bridesmaid dress shopping at the end of June with Carling.

And speaking of weddings, I have another forensics-related one to go to later today. That makes 3 forensics-weddings in less than a year. RIDICULOUS. And then in August two of our former coaches are getting married. And then there's a break until February...which is mine. That is still so surreal to think about. Over Memorial Day weekend Billy's brother had a barbecue that a bunch of the family went to. At one point while I was chatting with some of our friends there the whole Coffing family was gathering for a big picture. I was completely oblivious (I think we were having a really interesting conversation) until Billy's dad started calling me over. I "said yes" so now I had to be included in the family portrait. SO WEIRD.

Anyway, need to go start getting ready for Lauren's wedding. I need to go rouse Billy from bed and then dye my hair. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay hair dye.

April 10th, 2008


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I got home from work this evening to find a note from UPS on my door. Apparently I have a package from here waiting for me. That's my best guess, at least. When you Google "GB Russo & Son" that's the first hit, and the package originated in Grand Rapids. So...yeah.

In case you haven't guessed yet, I definitely did not order anything from them. I've never even heard of them until I Google'd it. I have no idea what's going on. I can only imagine my mom sent me something, but no one's home answering the phone so I have no way of finding out.

I also don't get to pick it up until tomorrow after work. Boo. And since they're only open until 6, just like the bank, I need to go there INSTEAD of the bank, which THUS means I'll have to wake up obnoxiously early on Saturday to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck. Stupid UPS. Why can't I choose what UPS location I use to pick up my package? 'Cause there's a place that's actually on my way home from work where I could have picked it up. It's so convenient that I probably could have gone there AND the bank in one fell swoop. And even if I couldn't, that place is open on Saturdays.

In short, UPS=Lame

Work also=lame because the team leaves for Nationals tomorrow. Without me. THAT SUCKS. I'm going to get to see the team off, though, which will be nice. Wish them all luck one last time and all that.

Dammit. That means I'm going to have to e-mail my letter. I meant to write it while I was at work today so I could print it out, but we are crazy overloaded so no writing for me. And since I still don't have my computer from Best Buy, the printer on my desk is pretty much worthless.

In other news, Billy has convinced me that I need to start writing romance novels. Especially for these people. Any thoughts?

September 1st, 2007


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Woke up early today to go to the farmer's market with Mom. We both bought tons of stuff. I bought...blackberries, garlic, broccoli, potatoes, nectarines, beef jerky and FUDGE. I bought a brick of maple for myself and milk chocolate for Billy. I didn't try the chocolate (chocolate is chocolate, right?) but the maple was sooooooooo delicious.

Came home and started making salsa. The first batch is SUPER spicy. A second batch is boiling right now and should be a little milder; that's going to be canned and put away for the winter so that by the time it's opened it will be spicy as well.

[info]bbtp_challenge doesn't have nearly enough femmeslash. The fic I was going to post for it isn't cooperating with me, and isn't femmeslash either, so I think I'm going to have to crank out something else and get a few more women into the picture.

Not sure yet whether or not I'm going home tonight. Depends on if I get the light on my car fixed.

I think I'm going to go have a bit of fudge right now...

August 31st, 2007


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Back in Holland. Boo. Had my first doctor's appointment of the day today. Regular doctor for the annual pap smear an' stuff. Talked about birth control and whether I should continue my method of using the patch to never have a period or switch to something like Lybrel, which is designed (packaging-wise; the hormones are essentially the same as in every other BC method) to NEVER give you a period.

We decided to go with the Lybrel, and if I don't like the side effects or whatever I can just call the doctor and get my prescription to the patch renewed and keep on my merry way.

But before I can start the new pill I have to have a period. Boo! I hate my period. Hence the subject of this entry.

RP'd last night; t'was lots of fun. My statistical analysis stuff was exactly what was needed, so that's good. Got to sleep around 2:30 and woke up at 5:15. Ugh. I drank so much coffee driving over here this morning it was kinda gross. Then I went out for a late breakfast with Mom. Yay food that I don't have to pay for!

At 3:30 I have my eye doctor appointment to see if the mushy-eyes have gone away. Oh please god say it has...

Mom and Dan (my brother) are out doing their Friday thing right now. My brother likes having a very set schedule so they're sticking to that. Maybe I can do some work on my BBTP fic while they're away (nothing is more awkward than writing porn when your mother, father and/or brother are sharing the room with you. NOTHING).

August 26th, 2007

Opinion reversed

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OMG OMG OMG. Scott Westerfeld is going to be at Confusion in Detroit in January.

I wonder if there's a limit on how many books we can bring for him to sign?

Last year, seriously, there was no one big. Now Scott Westerfeld and his wife are going to be there. ZOMG. I hadn't been planning on going back because it was a so-so con, but I will SO BE THERE this January.

~squees excitedly~

I'll definitely have to have my Specials clothing before then. Maybe there's some awesome quality stuff at my mom's store that will let me make my own shirts; one where the iron-on transfers don't fall off after two washes...

Billy is sick :-( :-( :-(

Spent this weekend over in the forensics room helping out this years team. I am so excited. We have a really driven freshman class. I have a feeling I've written this in here before, but I don't care. I also felt extremely loved: I walked in the forensics room and was immediately pounced on by a freshman to help with cutting a DI. Then I read her prose later on and discussed speeches with several people (ALL OF MY PET TOPICS HAVE BEEN PICKED UP BY AWESOME COMPETITORS. I AM SO EXCITED. THE CAPS MAKE IT TRUE).

Working on some het smut for Bring Back the Porn day - September 1st. Maybe it won't end up being smutty-smut; the style so far isn't lending itself to really graphic descriptions of sex (not that I've got that far yet). I'm going to spend this week doing some research for GTP, writing various smut fics for the aforementioned Porn day, and putting my apartment back in order after the ordeal of filming (my kitchen is completely cleaned - as in I even scrubbed the burners and inside the microwave - and I've made a dent in the ginormous PILE OF CRAP in the entry way).

Tomorrow's schedule (in no particular order):
-Wake up early to give Chris his microphone
-Return the cans and bottles
-Do grocery shopping
-Call doctor(s) to schedule appointments (hopefully for this week) to get contacts and a renewed birth control prescription (considering switching from the patch to Lybrel. Anyone happen to have any experience with that pill yet?)
-Call parents to find out about the insurance thing
-Schedule Pirate day with Misty and Diane
-Work (blah)

So much crap to do!

August 20th, 2007

I feel like I'm writing porn into my Pirates paper

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in this scene she approaches him, and is in fact the aggressor in their kiss. She leans forward to kiss him, and pushes him back towards the mast, running her hands over his body as a man might in any other summer blockbuster.

I've also referenced shirtless Jack in AWE, and Elizabeth's sexy pouty face.

I feel dirty. But don't care enough at this point to change it.

August 19th, 2007


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I have finished the first paragraph of my Pirates paper.

I can fit three lines of paragraph two on the first page.

This paper is going to go over the page limit, I just know it...

August 18th, 2007


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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

I am soooooooooooooo joining. Anyone with me?

Finished watching At World's End last night. Sobbed, of course. God I'm a wuss. What the hell? Does anyone else cry at this movie? I'm clearly lame.

It's really funny, I've been taking notes on all of the movies for my paper. The first movie has three pages in my notebook, the second two, and this final one just one and a half. The fewer notes on the second one make sense; I'm focusing on Jack and Elizabeth and at least a third of that movie focuses on just Will. However I started out taking very diligent notes for three and by the time they got to Davy Jones' locker I pretty much stopped until the Pearl was about to fight the Dutchman. Then I stopped again because I was CRYING MY EYES OUT.

So I have my movie notes together. I have my research notes together. Now I just need to put all of this into a coherent paper!
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