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April 18th, 2009

Frustration building...

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Couldn't I have ONE VENDOR from the wedding who is on top of her/his shit? It's bad when my mother was the most responsive/timely person I worked with (I love my mother dearly, but procrastination is one of her worse habits).

It seems pretty standard to have to wait until a month after the wedding to see your wedding pictures. It took just a little bit more than that for us to even see them online, but I was okay with that, because within a week of seeing them online we were supposed to get our CD so we could do what we wanted with the pictures, making it a little less than a month and a half between the wedding and having pictures in our hot little hands.

On Tuesday we hit the two month mark and I don't think our photographer has put our CD in the mail yet. Her intern was supposed to do it before Jen went on some trip, but that didn't happen, then Jen told me the pictures would be in the mail by Friday (yesterday) and she'd e-mail me when they went out. No e-mail yet.

In happier news, earlier this week I won my Con or Bust auction, so I'm talking with someone to get a handmade scrapbooking journal for the pictures to go in. The plan was originally for it to be for my parents...but the more I talk to her, the more selfish I get, lol. Today's revelation: while she was poking through her supplies she found some stickers of the medallions from Pirates of the Caribbean! Oh, and this was BEFORE I told her that I am obsessed with love the films, lol. So, getting this journal was totally fate...and I don't know if I'll be able to part with it!

ETA: ~bangs head~ two seconds after I e-mailed her, I got an e-mail back from Jen. Now something went wrong with our proofs (so I guess we are getting a CD + small physical copies of all of them - I'd forgotten, but this is cool) so she had to re-order them. Our discs are going in the mail today, but it will be a while longer on the proofs. Apparently her intern isn't doing her job (sounds like someone needs a new intern! I've forgotten to bring stuff over to the UPS store before, but it was stupid things like recycling the printer cartridge, NOT something that someone was actually waiting for and had spent a lot of money on!)

March 23rd, 2009

~does happy wedding dance~

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Wedding pictures were posted online today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CD of them for Billy and I should be in the mail by the end of the week. Then I will start posting my faves online :-)

February 27th, 2009

More Wedding Pictures!!!

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So our main photographer, Jen from JK Photography has posted her preview of our wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!! OMG, they're so awesome.

The highlights (linking to her blog because I'm too lazy to save the pictures to my computer, then upload them somwhere else)
Best man Chris is auditioning to be in the next High School Musical
Despite her caption on the blog, these aren't actually BOTH Star Wars figures
The chance to take pictures like these are the whole reason I wanted a winter wedding...if only we didn't have RIDICULOUS WINDS that day (I was terrified I was going to lose my veil, and you can definitely tell that lots of the curls were blown out of my hair by the time we got to the ceremony!)
Who's bringing sexy back? That's right, I am

Okay, I'm going to stop myself before I just re-link to everything in Jen's post.

February 26th, 2009

Wedding pictures!

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The first couple of pro pictures!

Still no fabulous shots of my dress, but you get a look at the veil I spent hours slaving over (not to mention the epic quest just to get the damn lace).

This one, however, is probably my favorite pictures of us so far:


Best picture of my parents (so far):

Best picture of my dad (most likely ever):

Emily and I stole the DJ's mic for the EMU forensic's special rendition of Don't Stop Believin':

February 23rd, 2009


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You are now reading the blog of a married woman :-)

Wedding went extremely well. We came back today and are resuming are regular lives tomorrow. Well, okay, I took an extra day off of work, so I go back to real life on Tuesday.

I intend on using tomorrow to catch up on sleep. And food. I pretty much didn't eat Wednesday-Saturday, and today I've been trying to eat a lot, but I kept getting interrupted by things like packing and plane flights (seriously, we ate breakfast before we left, then got lunch in Cincinnati, and then when we got to New York an hour and a half later I was like "...I'm hungry again...").

Watched the Oscars, of course. Enjoyed most of them; thought the performance award presentations were interesting. Thought the musical tribute was painful - and it's sad when I'm not all gung ho about a musical montage. Will Beyonce please stop singing "At Last"? I'm kind of tired of her now. Also it's a travesty that the camera stayed on the uninspired performance, rather than letting us see the montage of musicals that have won over the years.

...sleep now. With my kitties! I missed them, and if Gopher's constant need to be on my or Billy's lap is any indication, they missed us, too. ~snuggles them~

February 18th, 2009

Wedding Post: Okay, now I can only laugh at the hotel

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So...after a long flight, Mom picked me up in Grand Rapids today. Of course we have to talk wedding stuff, because what else is there for a mother and daughter to talk about three days before the wedding?

And OF COURSE, there are more issues with the hotel. But this one...really, I can't be upset about. In part because I'm past caring about 90% of this bullshit now.

So, here's what's happened: A few months ago, a woman contacted the even coordinator at the hotel (our wedding coordinator). The woman had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wanted to plan her own funeral luncheon to take place at the hotel shortly after she died.

She died over the weekend. Which means the funeral luncheon is being held on Saturday. In my ceremony venue.


But apparently the people involved are all aware that there is a wedding going on in that room, and they will all be out of there by three o'clock, giving the hotel people two hours to set up the ceremony space.

Thank god I didn't want to get pictures done in the ceremony space (it is blah and boring - we're getting our pictures done in the reception ballroom because it's cool).

Billy is out at his bachelor party now. I'm glad he gets to have one :-) It really looked like he wasn't, since all of his friends are in the Michigan/Ohio area, but his new classmates are taking him out to some bar in Jersey City to celebrate. They're good people, his classmates; a few are kind of obnoxious (especially after some vodka), but they're also actors so I've learned to expect that.

OH, BTW: Of course, when we got home today, the first thing to do was try on my dress (!!!) Mom made me cover my eyes when she pulled it out of the closet, and when she said I could look all I could say was WOW. It is so gorgeous, better than I ever imagined. It still needs a few alterations, since apparently I am losing weight (or it's being re-proportioned - most likely) at an alarming pace (Mom took my measurements in August - when I tried on the mockup in December it was too big, when I tried on the final version in January, there were more alterations needed to make it smaller. Now the straps need to be readjusted...again!!!). But otherwise, wow, it's a fabulous dress, and my bouquet is also FABULOUS, and I cannot WAIT for everyone to see it on Saturday (and for the pictures, so all of my non-wedding-attending friends can see it too)

February 15th, 2009

So...WALL-E got it right?

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Artist's rendition shows 12,000 pieces of space junk around Earth

I saw the image on the MSN main page and immediately thought of the opening of WALL-E. Which actually looks much more photo-realistic than this artist's rendering, lol. Of course, it probably showed a lot more than 12,000 pieces of junk.

And also had a musical soundtrack (seriously, WALL-E won me over in the first frame by using "Hello, Dolly!" songs. My mom and I looked at each other and just started laughing, which irritated my brother because he didn't get it).

I called into work today with "wedding." Seriously, there's so much crap around here that needs to be done before I leave on Wednesday it's ridiculous. Number one is getting this place cleaned up so it's presentable when one of Billy's classmates comes to look in on our cats. I've been cleaning on and off all day today - need to put in another burst of work soon. For some reason I've been watching episodes of Deep Space Nine (Surf the Channel is almost as much of a timesuck as TV Tropes...which for your own sanity I won't link).

Making a turkey dinner to celebrate our last Sunday as single people, lol. Billy is off shooting another movie today - and this one has a sex scene! Poor Billy was so nervous last night that they were going to expect him to get naked for it - I tried to tell him that if they had wanted that they would have said it at the first production meeting. (At least I hope they would have - I suppose they could be giant douches) So he'll have a nice warm dinner to come home to - provided that this shoot doesn't last until midnight like his last one.

February 14th, 2009

Serious countdown time...

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The wedding is in less than seven days at this point. At this time next Saturday, I will have been married for four hours, and looking forward to wrapping up the party so I can start that fabled wedding night ;-)

The disaster with the extra charges is being worked out. The gratuity would be more like $700 vs the $1200 I was calculating, and instead of making us pay for the minimum 100 guests, we'll only have to pay what our final guest count says (which is going to be in the 85-90 range), so the difference works out to us paying just about what we originally owed. Billy and I are fine with that, especially since, according to my mom, the wedding coordinator is totally recognizing that she's inconveniencing us and this is the millionth screw up she's had to deal with in the transition from the original coordinator to her.

I'm still not recommending anyone else have their reception at this hotel. Even though they've made good on all of their mistakes, this is still way more shit than any person should have to deal with leading up to the wedding day.

Work all day at Banana Republic tomorrow, ugh. I have a feeling I'm not going to stick with that job much longer - my "real" job spoils me too much by giving me paid lunch hours and letting me go home early on a Friday afternoon when there was nothing else to do (yet letting me put down my full hours on the time sheet). Then Monday and Tuesday at the new job, and Wednesday I fly back to Holland!

And...happy Valentine's day, everyone. Not that Billy and I hold the day in any high esteem, lol. I think the most elaborate Valentine's we've ever done was the one that was actually a week before we started dating, when he constructed this awesome "claw machine" out of random stuff from a late night Meijer run (Billy had a slight claw machine addiction early on in our friendship). Since then we've always just waited a week to do romantic crap so we didn't have to deal with the Valentine crowds.

Tonight we did get ice cream, though. It's been months since I've had Cold Stone, so this seemed like a good time to do it. Going to restrict myself to eating really healthy food this week - I can't crash diet because my mother would kill me if I lost (or gained) enough weight to require altering my wedding gown, but I can make sure that I hold steady so I look fabulous in one week.

Because let me just say it one more time, I'M GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK.

February 12th, 2009


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Got an e-mail today. Because of a fuck up on their end, they want to charge me another $1200 for the wedding in service fees. I am trying to figure out how to diplomatically tell them to fuck off, because I fail to see how I should be held responsible for this at this point. They have had almost a year to catch this mistake, and on top of all of the other mistakes this hotel has made I'm not feeling generous. And I don't know ANY bride that is feeling generous with her money EIGHT DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING.

I am currently collecting my thoughts for a rather sternly worded letter to the wedding coordinator, which will be CC'd to the assistant manager of the hotel (who I've already complained to a few times about the lack of organization over there). Anyone have any suggestions?

February 6th, 2009


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Woke up this morning feeling achy and with a scratchy throat.

Billy has apparently taken all of our cold medicine already, so I'm making due by using a ShowerSoother in this morning's shower (I remembered to shampoo my hair this time!!!) and popping ibuprofen like it's candy.

Today's wedding projects: make my veil (since today is my last day to myself in the apartment while Billy is in class - start the big girl job on Monday!) and go to Sephora to get some makeup. I also might start on the programs, but I'm not in a big rush on those because, unlike the veil, that can be done while Billy is home.

But the big plan for today is to NOT GET SICK. Because holy shit I CANNOT handle that right now. CANNOT.

February 4th, 2009

Getting shit accomplished!

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So today I got an unexpected day off from work. I showed up an my manager (who usually loves me) looked all disappointed. He'd apparently been trying to get hold of me because they needed to cut hours majorly today, and once I was there and clocked in they can't make me go home for four hours. So I volunteered to leave. He was reluctant to let me go, but I assured him that since I have a real job starting next week, it's not like losing today was going to be a huge blow to my income. Plus I have stuff here at home to do.

Cleaning is not one of those tasks, however. It should be, but considering there is no water in the building right now (it was shut off this morning right after I realized that I hadn't shampooed my hair while I was in the shower).

However! I have heard back from the bar people regarding our Friday-night party, talked to the photographer about how long to allow for pictures, and set up hair appointments for myself, the bridesmaids and my mom (Billy's mom doesn't want in on the awesome hair-styling action - I'm not snubbing my future mother-in-law). Now I'm going to let the bridesmaids all know this, and let them know we have to be at the salon by nine in the morning (apparently getting hair done takes four hours, because we want to be out of there by noon).

Yesterday was also a productive day, because we got Billy his tux! We got the whole thing - tux, shirt, vest, tie, and shoes - for less than $170. Which is not "cheap," strictly speaking, but is a lot less than buying a suit and all of those components would have been (at this point - a dedicated bargain shopper could have picked things up in bits and pieces over the last year, but considering getting Billy to do anything wedding-related is like pulling teeth, it's a miracle we got the tux before the two-week deadline).

Billy is still sick. He keeps telling me he thinks he has bronchitis. I have told him he's not allowed to have bronchitis, which really should be the end of the story, right? And I have threatened him several times that this marriage may not happen if he makes me sick.

February 2nd, 2009

To do list

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This entry isn't going to be of much interest to anyone; I just feel the need to write out everything that has to be done in the next three weeks:

  • Create "guest book" (hopefully my idea will be as awesome in practice as it is in my head)
  • Create programs
  • Finalize ceremony
  • Write vows
  • Get tux for Billy (currently planning on doing that tomorrow, but may be pushed to Thursday if Billy is still sick)
  • Buy ties for the guys
  • Buy shawls for the girls
  • Figure out who needs corsages/boutonnieres
  • (Perhaps most important) Catch up with the last two weeks of Battlestar...and last week's Lost
  • Get my Banana Republic work schedule changed so I can start at the new job
  • Buy plane tickets
  • Ask parents for more money to facilitate all of this buying stuff.
  • Figure out makeup for the day
  • Set up hair appointments
  • Find out how long the photographer thinks pictures will take, so I know the right time to do the hair appointments.
  • Continue making calls to people for RSVPs

I think that's it...I could be completely wrong, however.

I haven't slept well for days. Three of the last four nights I've had some wedding nightmare or other. I rarely used to have nightmares - now they're a regular occurrence. Combine them with Billy being sick and coughing/tossing and turning all night, and I haven't been getting any rest. Oh, and all of a sudden I have four zits on my face. It's been ages since I've had more than one at a time.

I can't wait until this is all finished...

February 1st, 2009

Oh god - it starts

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So Mom requested that we invite a bunch of her cousins (whom I've never met) to the wedding - not because they would actually show up, but because she wanted them to know it was happening.

One of them was kind enough to send us a check along with their decline RSVP.

The check is made out to Mr. & Mrs. (Billy's last name)

I'm going to be getting that for a long time, aren't I? (Billy and I are each keeping our own last names - at least for now. It's possible when kids come along in the future that will change - though I'm advocating for hyphenating their last name, but whatever - but for now we're both being stubborn about our names)

January 31st, 2009

Shaping up to be an exciting week

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RSVPs continue to come in, slowly but surely. Yesterday I started calling people from college - only talked to two of the dozen people I called, so :-P on that one. But the two people I talked to are coming, so that makes me excited. At this point it looks like we're going to have a full house (so please dear god single people - don't bring a date. There will not be seats for them).

In other exciting news - I got the job I interviewed for last week and this week! Going to start ASAP - need to go to Banana Republic today or tomorrow and change my availability so I'll only work there on Saturdays and Sundays.

Which could end up being dropped if I decide to enroll in classes here. It's kind of a fugly website, lol, but it sounds like a cool program: earn two masters degrees simultaneously, one in Library Information Science from Long Island University, and then a masters in pretty much whatever else I want from NYU. Of course, NYU doesn't have what I really want, which is some sort of comparative media studies degree, but I think I'd live. There's an open house on Wednesday which I'm going to check out when I get out of work.

...Yeah, that's all I've got. Billy's sick :-( I'm really, really hoping I can somehow avoid it. Or I want it to hit me full force tomorrow so I can get through it well before the wedding. Well, not too far before, since the whole thing happens in three weeks (lol, I mentioned that at work last night and everyone was like "Three weeks?! YOU'RE SO CALM." Which is clearly not true if you get a good look at my face - hello three zits that have popped up in the last week.)

January 26th, 2009

Woot woot, second interview!

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Had my second interview with American Book Company today. Lasted twice as long as the first one, lol, with a lot more substance about the job. There's a possibility this could become a full time position, which would be sweet (though if I get it I could be working as much as 35 hours a week, so it doesn't sound like it'd be a huge difference).

I find out...sometime soon whether I get it or not. They said Thursday or Friday, but considering one person was leaving to go out of town for a few days, I'm really not sure if that's this Thursday/Friday or next Thursday/Friday.

Received five more RSVPs today. Slowly but surely they're still trickling in. Maybe I'll hold off until next week to frantically call people?

In the mean time, off to request the 2009 ALA's youth media award winners from the library. Looking over the list, the only honorees I've read were three of the Printz honorees - Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, which was definitely one of my favorite books of 2008, Nation and Tender Morsels. I read the book that came before Octavian Nothing and was unimpressed, so I think I'm going to leave the sequel off my list. I've also read all of Laurie Halse Anderson's work (because what woman of my generation hasn't?), so it's exciting to see her win the Edwards award. I wasn't a huge fan of Chains (it's good, I'll definitely read the sequel, but I don't think it was her strongest work), but I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on her next book, Wintergirls.

January 22nd, 2009

Another interview!

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So I sent in my resume for a job posting on Monday, and at 9:41 last night I got an e-mail asking me to come in at 1:30 today for an interview. However, since last night was the premier of Lost and was followed by Very Important Couple time, I didn't actually see the e-mail until ten this morning.

But I went to the interview. It lasted all of 15 minutes - I showed up at quarter after one and was out on the street calling Billy at 1:31.

I have no idea how this one actually went. The interviewer spent most of the time talking. She asked me to demonstrate some basic skills in Excel which I kind of fumbled through (they weren't the things that I usually do in Excel). I'm supposed to find out the week after next about the job.

If I don't get it, it's not a big thing since it's not what I actually want to do - it's working as a showroom assistant for American Book Company, so it's something related to publishing, but it's still a part-time just-barely-better-than-retail (at least in terms of pay) job.

In the meantime, clearly 90% of our RSVPs were lost in the mail or something. Which is mildly ridiculous. I received one today, from my flaky aunt out in Minnesota. But apparently she's coming to the wedding - with her less-than-savory husband. But my aunt will be there!

Now I suppose I need to contact her kids and see if they want to come, lol.

I think I'm going to start calling people on Monday about the RSVPs. It's a pain in the ass, especially if most of these people actually did the right thing and sent in the cards, but I still need to know one way or another so I can give a final headcount to the food people and put together seating assignments.

January 21st, 2009

... Why would you *want* that?

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Thank you, Marisa, Leona, Carling, Brittany, Rachel and Nicole, for not throwing me a Twilight-themed bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Seriously. Why would you want that? I mean, it didn't even cross my mind to ask for a Pirates-themed party (though in hindsight, that was clearly a missed opportunity).

Speaking of Pirates, I finally got my Christmas present. I am very NOT impressed with the guy Billy bought it from.

But I have a six foot tall Captain Jack Sparrow in my room now. Pictures will be forthcoming once Billy gets home from class and can take a proper picture for me.

January 18th, 2009

An important message from the bride-to-be:

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I don't know how many people who are invited to the wedding actually read this blog, but if you do and you've received your invitation, I have an important request:


The due date is Thursday. I know I won't get all of them by that date, considering I couldn't send some out until two days ago (so those people probably won't even get them by Thursday. Oy, postal service. OY), but there are a lot of people who got their invites back around Christmas and I haven't heard from them yet.

I'm trying very hard not to freak out.

In the mean time, I'm working on cleaning my apartment and keeping an eye out for my spare phone charger. For whatever reason, my usual one isn't charging my phone now. I'm really, really hoping it's just something wrong with the charger (and I can find my other one) and not something wrong with the phone, because I can't afford to buy new phone stuff right now.

Billy's gone for the day, doing some film stuff. I can't tell you how weird it is to have the apartment to myself after having Billy underfoot constantly (in a good way) for the last four months.

January 8th, 2009


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So my day of wedding stuff didn't get started until 5:30 tonight. Mom, Dad and I went out to dinner...and then Mom and I dragged Dad all over town trying to accomplish things. Very few of which were actually accomplished.

Our usual fabric store didn't have the netting I wanted for the veil. We went to another fabric store and they only had tulle, despite my specific request for hat/russian/french netting (okay, maybe throwing all of those names out there doesn't really make it specific, but this one type of netting is known by all three names, so you'd think the person would have recognized any one of them). Add this on top of not being able to do my jewelry this weekend, or my table numbers, and I'm getting extremely frustrated and wishing that I hadn't given myself so much time in Holland.

I did get my haircut though, and 99% of it looks really cute. It's the shortest I've gone yet, but I think this look really works for me. The 1% I'm not a fan of is the bangs, because she left them too long. Maybe the stylist at the salon will fix that for me tomorrow?

Currently dying my hair. ~checks the time~ Ooh, I'm actually supposed to wash it out now.

Waking up early tomorrow to go back to the fabric store and get the netting they did have. It's not necessarily what I want, but it will at least give us something to work with at the hair trial.


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So, last week Billy and I ordered our wedding rings from Zales. We bought them online because his ring was only available online and we figured we might as well just get them both at once.

Well, for some inexplicable reason they shipped separately. Billy's arrived yesterday, while mine only went out today.

According to the FedEx tracking info, it shipped from New York City, and is now sitting in Newark, NJ and isn't expected to be at my apartment until January 12th. FedEx+Zales is all kinds of crazy.

Also crazy: how freaking cold my parents keep their house. SERIOUSLY. I'm about to put my gloves on so I can keep messing around on their computer. I mean, I know Billy's and my apartment is kept obnoxiously warm (not our fault; we have absolutely no control over the heater), but this is pretty much the exact opposite.

It's times like this that make me kick myself for choosing a basement bedroom back in elementary school.

Of course, since I'm at my parents' house, that means I have lots to do this weekend. Plans for today:
-Buy hair dye
-Get hair cut
-Get materials for veil
-Make said veil
-(Possibly) Buy stuff to make my own hair clips and/or jewelry, so I can start getting an idea of the whole wedding look starting tomorrow with my hair trial!

Tomorrow I have the hair trial and the tasting, and may slip in a trip to my old middle school to see my old librarian. If I don't do it tomorrow, then I'm going on Monday.

If the snow doesn't eat me first. (Okay, there's not really a lot of snow here, but considering it was raining yesterday in New York, it's weird to see lots of white fluffy stuff on the ground here)
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