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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!


May 4th, 2009

I think I'm a sick person...

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[info]porn_battle prompts are up, I skimmed them, looking for fandoms I know anything about (word to the other Animorph fan!) and see several prompts I like...for writing completely non-smutty stuff.

Am I just too old to be writing porn?

I'm gonna write down my favorite prompts and see if I can do some writing on the subway tomorrow morning.

In other news, I'm on Twitter now, mostly as a way to promote my blog(s), because I am an attention whore. However, considering the twitter is under my real name, I think I might skip publicizing any porn_battle posts over here.

Also, I've watched the entire first season of 30 Rock since last night. It is a hilarious show and I hate myself for not watching it earlier.

April 23rd, 2009

Fuck you, Banana Republic

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Seriously. Part of the reason I chose to keep the Banana job after I got my new one was because Banana had been in the habit of scheduling me for 1-2 days a week, when I was available for 7 days. So I figure if I chop down my available days by at least half, they'll still be only scheduling me for 1-2 days a week.

Last week I was scheduled 21 hours; this week it was 12 (because I had explicitly requested Sunday off to regain some sanity) - next week I'm back up to 20: 6 hours on Sunday, then 4 hours each on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's essentially using every single hour that I'm available.

The upside of this is that it's finally kicking me into gear to get a savings account set up this weekend. I talked about it with Billy and we decided that once I've paid off my credit card bill and we've saved 2-3 months worth of rent and utilities, we'll feel comfortable enough for me to be OUT of Banana. If they keep scheduling me like crazy, that day will come sooner rather than later.

Also what is helping: I've started using Mint to keep track of our spending and have discovered some shocking things - like how much money we spend on eating out every month. It shouldn't really be surprising, since I've been buying my lunch at work every day for a month, but most of the time lunch is a bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin' Donuts and a Coke picked up from a hot dog vendor. Those $2-3 lunches add up. So Billy and I are going to renew our efforts to pack our lunches and eat dinners at home, and maybe limit going out to once per week.

We're also going to drop cable TV. ~gasp~ But seriously, we spend $85-95 a month on our cable/internet package (depending on if we buy a pay-per-view movie) - only $30 of that is internet. We don't watch $55+ of TV a month. The only reason we were hesitating was because we do like to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on nights when I'm actually home - but I just checked and both of them put their shows online. So we're doing it! We're going TV-less! And then we'll finally have enough money to renew our Netflix account!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew I could get so excited about saving money?

But the "fuck you" to Banana Republic still stands.

February 15th, 2009

So...WALL-E got it right?

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Artist's rendition shows 12,000 pieces of space junk around Earth

I saw the image on the MSN main page and immediately thought of the opening of WALL-E. Which actually looks much more photo-realistic than this artist's rendering, lol. Of course, it probably showed a lot more than 12,000 pieces of junk.

And also had a musical soundtrack (seriously, WALL-E won me over in the first frame by using "Hello, Dolly!" songs. My mom and I looked at each other and just started laughing, which irritated my brother because he didn't get it).

I called into work today with "wedding." Seriously, there's so much crap around here that needs to be done before I leave on Wednesday it's ridiculous. Number one is getting this place cleaned up so it's presentable when one of Billy's classmates comes to look in on our cats. I've been cleaning on and off all day today - need to put in another burst of work soon. For some reason I've been watching episodes of Deep Space Nine (Surf the Channel is almost as much of a timesuck as TV Tropes...which for your own sanity I won't link).

Making a turkey dinner to celebrate our last Sunday as single people, lol. Billy is off shooting another movie today - and this one has a sex scene! Poor Billy was so nervous last night that they were going to expect him to get naked for it - I tried to tell him that if they had wanted that they would have said it at the first production meeting. (At least I hope they would have - I suppose they could be giant douches) So he'll have a nice warm dinner to come home to - provided that this shoot doesn't last until midnight like his last one.

December 3rd, 2008

This is why I don't watch television

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I used to watch House religiously. I think I picked it up about half way through its first season, and Billy and I even owned the first two seasons on DVD (but then we gave them away to deserving friends when we moved). But then towards the end of the third season I started to lose interest - more due to other demands on my time than any real fault with the show, though I did think it was getting repetitive.

I completely skipped last season, but this year decided to pick it back up again. I haven't been able to watch it every week (thank you, work), but when I'm home on Tuesday nights I try to catch it.

If the shows continue how they were tonight, I don't think that will happen anymore
Spoilers for tonight's episode )

I will, however, probably keep watching Law & Order: SVU. I'm not crazy about the new DA, but Mariska Hargitay pwns everyone else on TV right now.

(The "right now" caveat is in there since, technically, Battlestar Galactica isn't on TV, and BSG pwns all. It comes back in January, right? Or has it been delayed again? I know they're putting off showing the Caprica movie, even though it was just announced they've committed to 20 hours of the series, including the 2 hour movie)

This is a rambly, pointless entry. I've been working on invitation crap since 7:30 this evening, and still haven't finished because now I'm out of double-sided tape. I knew I should have picked up more than one roll on Saturday!

October 16th, 2008

Tonight's Supernatural = Best Supernatural EVER

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Nothing more.

October 14th, 2008

Boo, House

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So I've started watching House again this season. I watched about half of last season, then got bored. I used to love the show, so I thought I'd pick it up again at the start of this season to see if the quality had picked up.

Judging by the previews for next week, the answer's a big fat no )

Rar. That wasn't terribly coherent, but I don't care. TV frustrates me.

January 31st, 2008

What the heck?

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In mid-December I started handing out my resume all over the place and got a call for one job: Borders.

After they were taking longer to contact me than they said they would, I started putting out a new set of resumes a month later. In the past two weeks I have had four phone calls and two e-mails asking for interviews for positions ranging from glorified secretary (yay working the front desk at the vet's office) to being an administrative assistant for Lockheed Martin.

WTF, world?

My job at Borders starts Monday. It had better be all kinds of awesome.

What's definitely awesome: LOST starts tonight! I finally get to watch it in real time, rather than going through a whole season in three days on DVD!

September 5th, 2007

Life = suck

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I have to continue to be a full time student in order to stay on insurance :-P That means tonight after work I need to pay off my bill to the school and sign up for two more bullshit classes. Also, I can't get a second job at the tutoring center like I'd been contemplating.

Suck suck suck.

Also for the past day there's been no internet at my apartment. The tech dude was supposed to show up between 9:30 and 12:30 today but...didn't. I called at 12:30, they said they'd get ahold of the technician and call to tell me when he'd be there...they didn't get back to me for almost another hour and then I had to book it to work. He was allegedly 10 minutes away then, so hopefully all is well.

Picked up my new Lybrel birth control last night. I am incredibly entertained by the container it's kept in. It's totally like a high tech PEZ dispenser, only giving you period-blockers rather than sugary candy. I have to admit, I kind of can't wait for my period (MY LAST ONE FOR AS LONG AS I CAN MANAGE IT!!!) just so I can try it out. Am not looking forward to remembering to take my pill everday, however. I think I'm going to take it at 8 at night or something, a time when I know I'll always be awake and not doing anything that can't afford me two minutes to take a pill.

Gotta admit; I'm a little nervous. I got on the patch just so I wouldn't have to remember to take a pill every day. But I'm gonna try this and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Had my first class today, my senior seminar. We're gonna read Lolita! And a whooooooole bunch of theory, which is awesome to me since I'm a geek. The professor helps out in Lyceum (lit society) as well, so I already have an "in," lol. Had the requisite "Is Harry Potter literature" discussion this morning, and I was the only one willing to defend its place in the lit classroom. The professor is totally on my side ;-)

While wasting away without internet, Billy and I have gotten hooked on Lost. We really need to stop buying TV season box sets. We get obsessed (see: Monk, House and Battlestar Galactica). We're probably going to buy Season 2 on DVD tonight ('s on DVD already, right? 'Cause didn't they just finish Season 3? I have no idea...) because we are that lame. Billy is also allegedly going to make dinner for me. We'll see how this goes...
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