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February 5th, 2009

Productive day led to unproductive evening

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So last night I braved the bitter cold to attend the CW Post open house.

Yeah, I'm not going there.

The awesome dual-degree program is designed for people who want to be subject specialist academic librarians, which is pretty far from what I actually want to do. While it's awesome that I wouldn't have to take the GRE, and would get a discount on the cost per credit hour thanks to my undergrad GPA, it's way too expensive considering they don't have a program that focuses on what I actually want to do. Not that I really know what that is, but I think the Queens College library science program, with a certificate in children's and young adult services is a lot closer.

My dream school (around here, anyway) would be to go to NYU Steinhardt and get my masters in Media, Culture and Communication (with a concentration in cultural and visual studies), but after that I really feel like my only option is to stay in academia. Which is where I would love to end up, because I'm a huge nerd, but I don't know if trying for that makes financial sense right now. At least with an MLS, there's a specific job connected with that one - still have to work my ass off to find it and get it, but you can look at the degree and see exactly what my education qualifies me for. With an English bachelor's and a Media Studie's master's...well, what the hell do you do next?

Billy says I need to stop being so practical and just do what I want. But I'm really tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel for money and it would be nice to have the knowledge that at the end of school there would be real opportunities for me to find an awesome professional job.

January 31st, 2009

Shaping up to be an exciting week

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RSVPs continue to come in, slowly but surely. Yesterday I started calling people from college - only talked to two of the dozen people I called, so :-P on that one. But the two people I talked to are coming, so that makes me excited. At this point it looks like we're going to have a full house (so please dear god single people - don't bring a date. There will not be seats for them).

In other exciting news - I got the job I interviewed for last week and this week! Going to start ASAP - need to go to Banana Republic today or tomorrow and change my availability so I'll only work there on Saturdays and Sundays.

Which could end up being dropped if I decide to enroll in classes here. It's kind of a fugly website, lol, but it sounds like a cool program: earn two masters degrees simultaneously, one in Library Information Science from Long Island University, and then a masters in pretty much whatever else I want from NYU. Of course, NYU doesn't have what I really want, which is some sort of comparative media studies degree, but I think I'd live. There's an open house on Wednesday which I'm going to check out when I get out of work.

...Yeah, that's all I've got. Billy's sick :-( I'm really, really hoping I can somehow avoid it. Or I want it to hit me full force tomorrow so I can get through it well before the wedding. Well, not too far before, since the whole thing happens in three weeks (lol, I mentioned that at work last night and everyone was like "Three weeks?! YOU'RE SO CALM." Which is clearly not true if you get a good look at my face - hello three zits that have popped up in the last week.)

March 22nd, 2008

I feel so productive

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even though I haven't actually done anything. Except:

*E-mailed the photographer to find out what we need to pay for our deposit and how she'd like us to get it to her. (Mental note: after we pay we need to figure out a Sunday for her to come out to Ypsi to do our engagement photos...)
*E-mailed the hotel to find out what the hell we're supposed to be paying and if they'd ever actually like their money (I'm so not impressed with how they've been handling things here...but the location is pretty sweet for the reception, I can live with a lackluster ceremony room, and I really don't want to trek back to Holland to look at more venues!)
*E-mailed my English prof from last semester to schedule a time to meet with her so I can get feedback on my Uglies paper.

Speaking of, I got to pimp Uglies like whoa this week. One of the women I work with, Megan, has a younger sister who has just picked up Uglies and seems to love it. So first I told Megan OMG she had to read it, too. And then Megan asked me to recommend a whole bunch of other books for her sister since said sister has never been a big reader and Megan is hoping that if she plies her with lots of books, the sister might keep reading. So that was fun :-)

I've been going in to work early/staying late all week thanks to our department being hugely backed up thanks to not having been at full staff since the beginning of the month. The killer cold/flu/whatever keeps taking people out. Not cool. Well, except for the overtime I earned. Not an insane amount, but enough so that maybe next week Billy and I can finally open a savings account and start saving money for New York/the wedding/whatever.

And today I got to sleep in until 10:30. That's when Marisa woke me up, lol, wanting me something. (Knock on Doug's door?) I could have gone back to sleep, but I hate sleeping away my day off. But still, 10:30 was like sleeping forever considering yesterday I woke up at 6, and was waking up at 6:30 for the rest of the week thanks to wanting to go in early for the aforementioned overtime.

I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I still want to get started on wedding stuff. I should start working on save the dates. Especially since in a fit of genius/insanity I decided the other day that I want to stamp them (my mom used to be a huge stamper, and I loved playing around with them when I was a kid. This could be a lot easier than trying to design something on the computer). Maybe I'll go buy some stamps today and start playing around?

I should probably clean the kitchen table first so I'd have someplace to actually lay everything out. ~sigh~ My apartment needs so much work (including a good repair-person, since Gopher managed to break our towel rack yesterday).

January 5th, 2008


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For the first time in my life, posts are beginning to pop up on my flist about school starting tomorrow and I don't have to worry about it. Because I am totally done with school.


December 16th, 2007


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Commencement was postponed today until 6 tomorrow night. in a lot of ways for people who were actually going to bother walking (like Misty).

1) Family might not be in town tomorrow
2) I, at least, am scheduled to be taking an exam at that time. Are they expecting people to choose between exams and commencement?

Whatever. I'm not walking, I wasn't going to go watch anyone walk, so I'm ... going to go back to my paper. Really.

December 10th, 2007

Um, I might have to cry

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So, like a good girl, I started working on the final draft of my English essay yesterday. It's not due until next week Tuesday but I figured I should get a head start on it since I know I'm going to be busy with lots of papers over the weekend.

I saved it. I swear I did.

But when I got on my computer this morning, I noticed that Word was no longer open (Word tends to be habitually open on my computer). So I loaded it up and...nothing.

The file isn't saved anywhere. The autorecovery isn't giving me anything. Not even all of the other files I had set aside in autorecovery to look at later (other documents that had been open during a previous crash).

Gone. All of it.

I'm supposed to be going to said English class now, but I'm not sure I can make it...

October 31st, 2007


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So all throughout my Senior Seminar lit class we've been discussing issues of defining literature, what literature should be discussed/taught, etc. Today we got around to the issue of multicultural literature and, again, how is it defined, how do you teach it, how does it fit into the traditional educational/academic structure.

Essentially the article we read and our ensuing discussion came down to Western Dead White Men lit was reified for its beauty, use of language and broad appeal while non-Western/Multicultural lit is seen as dealing with politics, social issues, race and gender. Mainstream lit is never talked about as political and multicultural lit is never talked about because it is inherently valuable literature. So the suggestion was made that all lit should be read "radically," especially when you get into tricky areas like queer lit and figuring out how that fits in.

So, little aca/fan me jumps in to say that the reason multicultural lit is a "problem" is because we're trying to shoehorn it into the traditional academic culture which, of course, began as the study of white male literature. But there is a huge group of people out there that are already radically reading and problematizing mainstream media entertainment and maybe instead of forcing exotic lit into our existing programs we should take a look at this largely non-academic fan culture and see how all of these people that aren't necessarily saddled by the language, jargon and prestige of academia are already radicalizing texts that were never "meant" to be read in such a way.

And then this bitchy woman who claims to be so open minded but gets huffy as soon as you suggest that maybe academia is too caught up in its "Ivory Tower" and needs to get off of its high horse for a little while claims that we can't really learn from non-academic people. And then backpeddles and says how do we convince Deans of Universities to listen to the proletariat.

And then I totally slammed her by asking how her statement was any different from how do we convince people (Deans included) that non-white literature should be significantly included in literature programs.

This woman has been getting on my nerves all semester. She's so incredibly pompous about being an English major that I really want to throttle her sometimes.

Okay, now that I've got that off my chest...back to work. Sigh.

Oh, and happy Halloween :-D

October 11th, 2007

Dropping in

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Yeah, I know, I dropped off the face of the planet for awhile. Because my schedule is crazy busy. Wanna see?

11-12:15 - Senior Seminar (crazy stupid English class)
12:30-4 - Work
4:30 - 7:10 (theoretically) - American Musical Stage (have yet to have a full class since the professor is directing the fall show)
7:30-??? Forensics meeting(s)

11-12:15 - American Cinema
12:30-3:30 - Work
3:30 - 4:45 - Mixed Media (DUMB DUMB CLASS)
5:30-??? - Rehearsal and/or coaching

10-11 - Coaching
11-12:15 - Senior Seminar
12:30-4:30 - Work
5:30 - ??? Rehearsal and/or coaching

Morning - Coach (sometimes)
1-4 - Work

10 - ??? Rehearsal


That is why I never post here. Because all I'm doing is rehearsing and when I get home I'm too tired to bitch about it.

But some of this shit is paying off. I attended my first forensics tournament as a judge this weekend. Our novices did AMAZINGLY well (two of them broke into varsity rounds! Damn impressive). But it was like being at an entirely different tournament from the ones I attended as a competitor. For one there was a lot more down time, lol. I only coached two prelim rounds each day. They had me judging crazy shit: persuastion and P.O.I. Y'know, the only two events I managed to go 4 years without competing in. (I got to judge finals in prose and impromptu, which was awesome; I judged impromptu with two other coaches from my school and we all agreed on the rankings for the top two and the 6th place competitors, which was reassuring. It means my opinions aren't COMPLETELY off base.)

Did some good coaching yesterday. Got two people on the way with Crit and helped a novice have a major breakthrough with her prose. Poor girl; she was really successful in high school where the winning formula is JUMP AROUND AND DO AS MUCH CRAZY SHIT AS POSSIBLE!!! College forensics is MUCH more subdued and she just couldn't figure out how to get into character without being all CRAZY. But I think I helped her get over that hurdle yesterday, which was great :-)

I'm up insanely early thanks to some jackass laying on the horn for about a minute at 5:20 this morning in the parking lot. WTF? So I laid in bed for another half an hour, cuddling with my kitties (Billy had to go down to Ohio for the day for a dumb dentist's appointment) before I conceded defeat and got up. Been screwing around on the internet and cleaning house for when Marisa and Richard come over this evening to watch a movie to cut for their duo (Yay interp coaching! I've been coaching PA almost exclusively).

Ugh, my kitten is crying :-( And her meow sounds almost exactly like Coyote's. So when I just hear her meow, I start freaking out because Coyote only makes a noise if it's serious, and then I turn around and see Cricket staring mournfully at me. I really wish cats could talk.

September 9th, 2007


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Now that I'm done with my paper Pirates shows up at the dollar theatre. Seriously. WTF?

In other news: Still cramping. I repeate, WTF?

Going out to dinner in a minute with some of the guys. I finished up my statistical analysis stuff for GTP this morning. I think Chris mentioned he has another set for me to look at.

Also I have to go to the library at some point and print out my reading stuff for class tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to the student center after playing GTP. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

ARGH. Cramp.

September 6th, 2007

Class change...again

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So I went to Research Writing this morning. Completely pointless class. We were going to spend a week learning how to research. No thank you!

So Now I'm going to be taking a survey of American cinema on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Sweet. Maybe I can write another paper on Pirates ;-)

Going to the post office later to get stamps and send in my request to the AP people to get my exam scores sent in. Everything should work out now.

Famous last words, right?

World can end now, kthxbai

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So...finished registering for classes this morning. Dumb. Am currently double-booked for two classes because...EMU is dumb. I took AP Psych in High School, got a five on the exam, but...that score doesn't seem to be here at EMU. I think I might be able to get that sent in, but in the meantime I'm going to see if I like Research Writing enough to stick with it.

So, schedule!:

11-12:15 Senior Seminar (final english class for majors. Read some stuff, write some stuff, I might get to earn credit working as an editor for a class journal)
4:30-7:10 American Musical Stage (history of musical theatre)
11-12:15 Research Writing (No clue what this will actually entail yet)/Psychology 101 (ohpleasegoddon'tmakemetakethis)
3:30-4:45 Mixed Media (Some writing class that I'll be taking with Billy)

And that's it. The shortest schedule I've taken since the first semester of Freshman year; every other semester I've been taking at least 15 credit hours. Fall semester last year I was taking something stupid like 18 (they max us out at 19. And most of those were ed courses that are now WORTHLESS. 'Cause the ed department can suck it).

School stresses me out way too much. However Billy is lovely and sweet and makes everything better :-)

On the plus side, I don't think I'm going to be "that" forensics coach that never gets anyone to sign up for her. I have to e-mail Marisa a copy of a prose and I'm going to cut a duo for Richard. Or I'll try. Need to go Netflix the movie. And return the movies I've had for...a couple of weeks. Thank goodness they don't give you late fees.

Argh. My kitten is driving me crazy.

September 5th, 2007

Life = suck

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I have to continue to be a full time student in order to stay on insurance :-P That means tonight after work I need to pay off my bill to the school and sign up for two more bullshit classes. Also, I can't get a second job at the tutoring center like I'd been contemplating.

Suck suck suck.

Also for the past day there's been no internet at my apartment. The tech dude was supposed to show up between 9:30 and 12:30 today but...didn't. I called at 12:30, they said they'd get ahold of the technician and call to tell me when he'd be there...they didn't get back to me for almost another hour and then I had to book it to work. He was allegedly 10 minutes away then, so hopefully all is well.

Picked up my new Lybrel birth control last night. I am incredibly entertained by the container it's kept in. It's totally like a high tech PEZ dispenser, only giving you period-blockers rather than sugary candy. I have to admit, I kind of can't wait for my period (MY LAST ONE FOR AS LONG AS I CAN MANAGE IT!!!) just so I can try it out. Am not looking forward to remembering to take my pill everday, however. I think I'm going to take it at 8 at night or something, a time when I know I'll always be awake and not doing anything that can't afford me two minutes to take a pill.

Gotta admit; I'm a little nervous. I got on the patch just so I wouldn't have to remember to take a pill every day. But I'm gonna try this and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Had my first class today, my senior seminar. We're gonna read Lolita! And a whooooooole bunch of theory, which is awesome to me since I'm a geek. The professor helps out in Lyceum (lit society) as well, so I already have an "in," lol. Had the requisite "Is Harry Potter literature" discussion this morning, and I was the only one willing to defend its place in the lit classroom. The professor is totally on my side ;-)

While wasting away without internet, Billy and I have gotten hooked on Lost. We really need to stop buying TV season box sets. We get obsessed (see: Monk, House and Battlestar Galactica). We're probably going to buy Season 2 on DVD tonight ('s on DVD already, right? 'Cause didn't they just finish Season 3? I have no idea...) because we are that lame. Billy is also allegedly going to make dinner for me. We'll see how this goes...

August 26th, 2007


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Started a new comm here on IJ - [info]hp_slashfantasy I was part of the LJ-version and loooooooooooved it. I just wish it had stayed active :-( Hopefully the IJ version will work better. It's a simple premise: post your fantasy of an HP (femme)slash story/artwork you'd like to see and hopefully someone will fulfill your request. The HP slash fans on my flist totally should go join :-) Later on I'll probably get things started with a request or two, but right now my mind is stubbornly filled with het-smut ideas. Bah.

In real life, forensics is kicking into gear this weekend! We have an awesome freshmen class - I'm already really excited about at least one speech. Coaching is going to be awesome.

Also found out today that maybe I don't have to be enrolled full time to stay on my parents' insurance - maybe I only have to be enrolled full time for one semester/year. That would be sweet, so that I don't have to fill my schedule with four bullshit classes and one important one. I'll probably take two or three classes anyway, just to keep myself occupied, but I'm not going to take anything too stressful.

Of course, I still need to check with my parents and have them find that out.

Allegedly my loan is going to be disbursed on August 31st. I hope everything goes in a timely fashion, considering the day after that rent is due :-/ I have enough to cover it and utilities and everything - I'm not desperate for cash. But it'd be nice to have that cushion. 'Cause it seems whenever I'm low on cash some catastrophe happens (usually relating to my car) and I have to beg my parents for money so that I can survive without mooching off of Billy too much.

The Secret of NIMH is on On Demand this month. This excited me way too much. Don Bluth had soooooooooo much respect for 80's kids - his movies have some scary shit. Dragon the cat? Terrifying. He's totally the furry version of Sharp Tooth (right down to the scene where he's knocked out, lying upside down, and his semi-lifeless eye is open and reflecting the protagonist...). Scary stuff. And I love it. I kinda want to re-read the book now...maybe I'll go see if Borders has it.


August 19th, 2007


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I have finished the first paragraph of my Pirates paper.

I can fit three lines of paragraph two on the first page.

This paper is going to go over the page limit, I just know it...

August 18th, 2007


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Pirates of the Caribbean Online

I am soooooooooooooo joining. Anyone with me?

Finished watching At World's End last night. Sobbed, of course. God I'm a wuss. What the hell? Does anyone else cry at this movie? I'm clearly lame.

It's really funny, I've been taking notes on all of the movies for my paper. The first movie has three pages in my notebook, the second two, and this final one just one and a half. The fewer notes on the second one make sense; I'm focusing on Jack and Elizabeth and at least a third of that movie focuses on just Will. However I started out taking very diligent notes for three and by the time they got to Davy Jones' locker I pretty much stopped until the Pearl was about to fight the Dutchman. Then I stopped again because I was CRYING MY EYES OUT.

So I have my movie notes together. I have my research notes together. Now I just need to put all of this into a coherent paper!

August 15th, 2007

Really? REALLY?

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The syllabus says we're doing a final paper workshop today. So I stayed up until four in the morning, re-watching the first Pirates (yes, that was a very hard part of my research ;-) and collecting my thoughts into something that could be presented in a small group to get feedback.

Today we discussed Psycho and she let us go an hour early so she could do individual mini-conferences with people (I'd already met with her on Monday).

All those hours of sleep I could have had instead...
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