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September 24th, 2008

Fuck you, PETA

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I've never liked PETA. Yes, I think animals are treated horribly in the food industry, but treating women with less dignity than they advocate animals should be treated with isn't actually helping society as a whole.

But so far (from my observations), most of their ridiculousness has been restricted to misogynist advertising.

Now PETA wants Ben & Jerry's to use human breast milk rather than cow's milk for ice cream

Because hooking women up to machines is such a better prospect than hooking up cows.

Not to mention: ew. I do not want to be consuming breast milk in my ice cream. I promise you if I ever go to Switzerland I'm not eating at the restaurant of the guy who wants to use 75% breast milk in his food, either.

June 23rd, 2008

I now know why I like women

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Face shaving is such a masculine act that it can be psychologically confusing to do as a woman. I psychologically confused because when I was little I used to pretend to shave my face while my dad shaved his? (He'd put the cap on a disposable razor and I'd put waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much shaving cream on my face, and then I would "shave" just like Dad!)

I mean, I'm not advocating that women should shave their faces (simply because I bet that would lead to a lot more upkeep than using any of the other methods mentioned in the article. Plus that nagging feminist belief I have that we really shouldn't advocate that people change their appearance for any reason other than personal satisfaction), but damn that's a dumb-ass reason.

March 25th, 2008

Do you *want* my money?

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(Wedding rant ahead; I totally understand if my wedding woes are of no interest to you)

So on Friday the 14th I called the wedding coordinator at our hotel to check on when/how we're supposed to do the deposit/contract/whatever stuff. I caught her on her cell phone while she was in the car, but she said she was totally going to get back to me later that night with the final estimate and she'd reserved the date for us.

I heard nothing.

Last Friday I called again. And e-mailed.

Nothing again.

Today I called during lunch and left another message. A short while later I got an e-mail from her about how she was "hesitant to give a final estimate" because we wouldn't have the final head count until closer to the reception. But she'd give me a call after dinner to touch base!

It's quarter after nine. It's no longer "after dinner" in the eastern time zone. It's night. And probably too late to call her (she does have a kid, after all, and as pissed as I am right now I don't want to wake the kid up or something).

So unless there's an e-mail waiting in my work e-mail box tomorrow, she's getting a stern phone call from me demanding some straight answers. Because really, shouldn't some sort of deposit on the ceremony/reception venue be one of the first things we pay for?

I'm so freaking close to just walking away and finding another location. But the only other one we liked was ultimately going to be more expensive and didn't have our date free...I really don't want to go back to Holland and look for another venue.

I think I'm going to send her an e-mail tonight. Screw waiting for tomorrow.

GAH. SO FRUSTRATED. I want to get this the fuck out of the way so I can move on to booking my next big vendors: photographer (just need to send her the deposit; she's super awesome and communicative!) and the DJ (I was supposed to start comparing DJ prices tonight...instead I spent two hours working on a mockup of my save the date...I'm officially lame)

March 3rd, 2008

The Talk

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Apparently this weekend (or at some point, but this weekend seems logical since I will be home) Dad and I are going to have to have A Talk.

Mom warned me about it tonight. Apparently Dad is rooting for his family to be invited to the wedding.

I was actually stunned speechless for a moment. Then all I could come up with was "What is there to talk about?"

Apparently my dad admits that his family isn't particularly deserving of an invitation, but I should invite them anyway.

The gory details of why I HATE these people and thus don't want them anywhere near me on MY DAY )

In short: the only "Crafts" at my wedding will be myself, my parents and my brother. Seriously.
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