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August 7th, 2009

Weeeeeeeeeeeeird stuff today on the street...

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So today it took for fucking ever to get lunch. I went to the Bistro Truck, which I loved during their soft opening but today I swear it took 20 minutes to get a fucking burger. I watched FIVE people who ordered after me get their food before I did (one person ordered as my burger was put in it's cardboard tray...and then she GOT HER FOOD before they acknowledged my poor burger). They slightly made up for it by not charging me, and by having an effing delicious burger, but only slightly. I might try them again - but only when I take the subway down to Union Square. With the walking too much of my lunch time is taken up.

But after I got my burger and was on my way to the park, this woman randomly stopped me on the sidewalk to compliment my "look." I thanked her and was about to move on when she asked me what I did for a living.

I don't know how I feel about this, but I swear my first thought was "omg, isn't this how models get discovered?!" Not that I have any illusions about a possible career in modeling, but it was my first thought.

Turns out the woman was a Mary Kay "Independent Sales Director" and wants to meet with me to discuss being a Mary Kay sales assistant, LOL. Yes, the girl who hardly knows her way around a foundation compact should be selling expensive makeup. But I took her card and who knows what will happen?

Still, totally bizarre.

August 6th, 2009

What the hell?

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Is the [info]addme community incapable of recognizing capital letters? Because I swear there isn't a single post there right now that uses a capital letter. None at all.

It's a little ridiculous.

July 21st, 2009

Real update

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I've been lax on blogging lately. My bad.

Last week was exciting. Billy was in a short play through school - it counts as a real, professional New York acting credit, which is super exciting. It was at The Players theatre, which happens to count Bill Murray among its members. He was in the building that night for some other event, but ended up wandering in to see the last of the plays (missing Billy's, unfortunately). But we were a bit star struck - it was our first New York celebrity sighting!

Actually, my first celebrity sighting period, unless you count young adult authors as celebrities.

My mom came into town to see Billy's play, which was excellent (both the play and Mom coming in). Poor thing got soooooooooooooooo overwhelmed with all the options of how to get from the Newark airport into the city that she finally just paid an extra $20 and hopped on the shuttle bus to deposit her just a few blocks north of where I work. So on Monday night we went out for dinner then saw Billy's show, and then on Tuesday she took one of those double decker bus tours, which had a stop in Flatiron, so we met for lunch when the tour bus swung through and then met again after work for dinner at Bluesmoke and shopping at Macy's (the Macy's). Then I got her back on her bus and sent her home. It was a short trip but fun - she'll be back with my dad over Labor Day weekend (Mom's been out here three times already in the past year and Dad hasn't been once).

Rest of the week was uneventful until Sunday when my awesome friend from college, Emily, took the train into the city to hang out with me. OMG, there are no words for how great it was to see a familiar face again. I was hardly the social butterfly back in Ypsi, but at the very least I could always chill in the forensics room to see people. Here in New York there's not even a handful of people I know socially, and thanks to us all being adults with jobs we have to plan ahead all of our get together. So Emily and I got brunch in the village, did some shopping and wandering, and got cupcakes at the famous Magnolia bakery. SUPER FUN TIMES.

Oh, last week I also attended a seminar panel on getting a media job. I figured for $25 bucks it couldn't hurt to check it out. One of the panelists was actually a children's book editor at Viking, so I figured at the very least I'd get some useful tips out of her. Overall they didn't tell me anything earth shattering - most of it I'd heard before. But they did encourage us all to really think about all the people we know and said that dropping an old acquaintance an e-mail to say we were job hunting couldn't hurt us. So I e-mailed a handful of people, including the woman at Perseus who interviewed me back in October and Sharyn November, another editor at Penguin who I met at ALA way back in 2002, and BOTH of them responded saying they were passing on my resume: at Perseus an editorial assistant position just opened up, at now my resume is on file at the Penguin HR office. It's such a boost to my confidence to know that there are a couple of people out here who are willing, in some small way, to vouch for me as a potential employee.

Work yesterday and today was extremely chill. One of my bosses is in Tennessee until Thursday so it's just me and John, who's super laid back. He told me to go home an hour early yesterday (but still put regular hours on my time sheet) and today he felt bad for actually making me work, so he bought me lunch. I have absolutely no problem doing tedious work at work - it's actually more exciting than my fall back inventory project - but John always feels super guilty about it so he buys me lunch. Not that I'm complaining ;-)

June 26th, 2009

Updates, updates...

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It's a slow day in the office, and no one else is here at the moment, so I figured messing around on IJ is a legitimate use of my time :-)

Update on Epic Gas WTF 2009: Twitter/Facebook followers know that the gas company showed up mere minutes before Billy had to leave for rehearsal on Wednesday. And then proceeded to tell Billy that the stove/oven was still broken (it was unclear where the leak was actually coming from still). When I got home I asked the super to look at it, and he determined the regulator was broken. So the stove guy came by yesterday (allegedly - I had to leave my key with the super because Billy has class all day Thursday), but didn't have the right part. Hopefully he comes by today with the right one because I'm tired of not being able to cook (we had a huge batch of groceries delivered on Monday and I don't want my veggies to go bad!). Luckily, my boss took pity on my yesterday and gave me $20 so Billy and I could order pizza for dinner, rather than repeating the balogna sandwich dinner of Wednesday evening.

COUNTDOWN TO THE END OF MY TIME AT BANANA REPUBLIC: Got my schedule for my last week and it doesn't completely suck! 11:15-6:45 on Sunday, then the usual 6-10 Monday and Thursday. And then I'll volunteer for a short shift on Saturday because it's holiday pay and it's not like I have any other plans for the 4th. Only working a morning shift though - not a chance in hell I'm volunteering to close on my last day.

Computer update: Computer started acting extremely wonky last week - clearly had a virus, the type that doesn't let you open up Spybot or Malware Bytes. Downloaded AdAware which would run, but never cleaned out the virus for very long. Bought Norton AntiVirus, which did better, but there was also one pesky program that would never leave. And then sometime overnight Wednesday my computer froze and whenever I tried to restart it on Thursday it would go to blue screen of death immediately after I booted it up. And Safe Mode wasn't an option - I can't remember the last time I actually got safe mode to work on my computer.

So Thursday after work I selected the non-destructive recovery option on the computer and reinstalled the whole OS while all of my files were saved on another part of the drive. Woke up early this morning to start fiddling with settings and the like - running my antivirus program again (since whatever virus I had was probably backed up with my files), messing around with Google Chrome (really, really love the concept of the browser. Hate that they don't have an efficient adblocker, so I'm sticking with Firefox for awhile longer). As of 9:00 am this morning, the computer was looking good - Norton had found a virus during its quick scan and got rid of it with no problem. Still can't run Safe Mode, though, which troubles me and probably signals that before too long I'll have to replace the computer. Can't afford to buy a whole new machine right now, though I'm hoping to get a Netbook soon for writing (and free wifi over in Madison Square Park intrigues me), or perhaps I'll hold off until the fall to see what these Android-powered smartbooks are like.

June 9th, 2009

How I know I'm a grownup

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I got an invitation today to the (high school) graduation party of my middle school librarian's daughter.

Mrs. Dobrez Cindy knows I can't go, of course, and even noted that this isn't a gift grab, she just thought I'd like to see how the senior pictures turned out (I saw a preview of them back in January when I dropped in to the library) - but I'm sure that if I were closer, or planning a random trip to Michigan, I would be welcome at the tiki bar.

Oh, man, I want a tiki bar so badly. /random

March 9th, 2009

Lulz, NYT editor

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So they've (there's always a "they") confirmed that a portrait exists of Shakespeare that was painted while he was alive.

In the comments, Tom in Hawaii leaves this gem:
This article completely misses the point. The author of the Shakespears plays WAS NOT William Shakespeare, theatre owner, it was Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. Perhaps Mr. Mackey could educate himself on this point. Perhaps even look it up on wikipedia. For the “paper of record” to omit this in an aticle of this type is absurd.

Naturally, this is full of fail for multiple reasons. RM, NYT Ed picks up on one of them and responds to Tom:
[Tom, If you think it has been established that William Shakespeare was not the author of these plays, based on what Wikipedia says, we can't help you. -- RM, NYT Ed.]

RM (who, after I scroll back up to the top of the article, I am going to assume is Robert Mackey, the author of the article) is full of snarky win.

February 18th, 2009

Wedding Post: Okay, now I can only laugh at the hotel

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So...after a long flight, Mom picked me up in Grand Rapids today. Of course we have to talk wedding stuff, because what else is there for a mother and daughter to talk about three days before the wedding?

And OF COURSE, there are more issues with the hotel. But this one...really, I can't be upset about. In part because I'm past caring about 90% of this bullshit now.

So, here's what's happened: A few months ago, a woman contacted the even coordinator at the hotel (our wedding coordinator). The woman had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wanted to plan her own funeral luncheon to take place at the hotel shortly after she died.

She died over the weekend. Which means the funeral luncheon is being held on Saturday. In my ceremony venue.


But apparently the people involved are all aware that there is a wedding going on in that room, and they will all be out of there by three o'clock, giving the hotel people two hours to set up the ceremony space.

Thank god I didn't want to get pictures done in the ceremony space (it is blah and boring - we're getting our pictures done in the reception ballroom because it's cool).

Billy is out at his bachelor party now. I'm glad he gets to have one :-) It really looked like he wasn't, since all of his friends are in the Michigan/Ohio area, but his new classmates are taking him out to some bar in Jersey City to celebrate. They're good people, his classmates; a few are kind of obnoxious (especially after some vodka), but they're also actors so I've learned to expect that.

OH, BTW: Of course, when we got home today, the first thing to do was try on my dress (!!!) Mom made me cover my eyes when she pulled it out of the closet, and when she said I could look all I could say was WOW. It is so gorgeous, better than I ever imagined. It still needs a few alterations, since apparently I am losing weight (or it's being re-proportioned - most likely) at an alarming pace (Mom took my measurements in August - when I tried on the mockup in December it was too big, when I tried on the final version in January, there were more alterations needed to make it smaller. Now the straps need to be readjusted...again!!!). But otherwise, wow, it's a fabulous dress, and my bouquet is also FABULOUS, and I cannot WAIT for everyone to see it on Saturday (and for the pictures, so all of my non-wedding-attending friends can see it too)

February 17th, 2009


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I really hate those last few minutes before you leave for work where there isn't enough time to start a new task, but it's just long enough for you to start feeling really bored.

I leave the apartment at 8 - it's now 7:53.


January 21st, 2009

... Why would you *want* that?

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Thank you, Marisa, Leona, Carling, Brittany, Rachel and Nicole, for not throwing me a Twilight-themed bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Seriously. Why would you want that? I mean, it didn't even cross my mind to ask for a Pirates-themed party (though in hindsight, that was clearly a missed opportunity).

Speaking of Pirates, I finally got my Christmas present. I am very NOT impressed with the guy Billy bought it from.

But I have a six foot tall Captain Jack Sparrow in my room now. Pictures will be forthcoming once Billy gets home from class and can take a proper picture for me.

A documentary I would love to see

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Good Hair, premiering at Sundance this week, is a documentary by Chris Rock (whom I love, by the way) about the extremes African -Americans go to for their hair.

While I'm about as white as they come, I am fascinated by the power of hair. Women (presumably of all races, but perhaps I'm wrong on that front) are often told that their hair is their "crowning glory" and we wield some sort of mystical power with it. It sure seemed that way sometimes when I had my looooooooong hair. I would keep it up in a pony tail or a bun for weeks at a time, then I would occasionally let it down and I was treated like some sort of princess. Of course, when I did wear it down I remembered why I kept it bundled up so often - complete strangers didn't see a problem with coming up and petting my hair, commenting on how long it was. Definitely don't get that now!

So, anyway, point being: I've long had an interest in the culture surrounding hair, from important haircuts to casual looks into how people of color treat their hair (the "ethnic" haircare aisle fascinates me, even while the name of it is ridiculous). Hopefully the documentary will get a theatrical run, since I don't have HBO.

January 18th, 2009

An important message from the bride-to-be:

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I don't know how many people who are invited to the wedding actually read this blog, but if you do and you've received your invitation, I have an important request:


The due date is Thursday. I know I won't get all of them by that date, considering I couldn't send some out until two days ago (so those people probably won't even get them by Thursday. Oy, postal service. OY), but there are a lot of people who got their invites back around Christmas and I haven't heard from them yet.

I'm trying very hard not to freak out.

In the mean time, I'm working on cleaning my apartment and keeping an eye out for my spare phone charger. For whatever reason, my usual one isn't charging my phone now. I'm really, really hoping it's just something wrong with the charger (and I can find my other one) and not something wrong with the phone, because I can't afford to buy new phone stuff right now.

Billy's gone for the day, doing some film stuff. I can't tell you how weird it is to have the apartment to myself after having Billy underfoot constantly (in a good way) for the last four months.

January 16th, 2009


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I don't even like Krispy Kreme, but I may have to see if they're out here in NY (land of Dunkin' Donuts. I really think we have more DD than Starbucks out here)

December 31st, 2008

Hopping on the bandwagon: Looking back on 2008

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So, 2007 ended and 2008 began with a bang: this time last year, I was vegging out on my couch (back in the days when I owned a couch) playing Wario Woods on the Wii while Billy ran around frantically as he prepared to wine and dine me before proposing marriage.

What initially was planned to be an engagement of a couple of years became a year and two months. As 2008 draws to a close, the Knot says I'm 52 days away from my wedding.

OMG. That's not very many.

I spent my first year in pretty much my entire life not being a student. That was weird. And mildly depressing at times. I'm a huge nerd, as evidenced by the fact that I actually miss school. Not dumbass homework or anything, clearly, but I miss the schedule, and the opportunities it gave me to do new and cool things.

I got my first post-college job, found out it wasn't what it was cracked up to be, and quit it prematurely to "prepare" to move to New York (this was when we thought we could do it in a month, and instead it took us all summer to get out here).

Went on two road trips to New York City: first with Billy and James, the second time with my mom and three very unhappy cats.

Once I was settled in to my New York apartment, I rediscovered the joys of living within walking distance of a library. I've read more books since September than I've probably read in the last four years (discounting books required for school).

... Yeah, that's really not an exaggeration. While I was in school and doing forensics, the only books I recall reading for pleasure are the Uglies trilogy quadrology (and then re-read them my last semester so I could write a paper on them), and the Harry Potter books that came out while I was in school (...which I also re-read for a class).

But anyway, back to 2008.

Moved to New York, searched desperately for a "real" job in New York. Couldn't find any, so I started working at Banana Republic, which slowly sucks out my soul every day I stay there. Hopefully in January the job search will pick up its pace again (I can't really be surprised that not too many people are looking to interview/hire people around the holidays).

When I think about the individual events that made up 2008, it's very easy to get depressed. I am nowhere near where I wanted to be at this time last year (well, except for where I am physically. Being able to go into New York City whenever I want is pretty badass). But I don't think there's anything I would have really changed. It kind of sucks planning a wedding from so far away, and I'm certainly not living a life nearly as glamorous as I'd hoped I would be when we said we would move to New York, but dammit I took a chance that very few other people are willing to take. Even if at this time next year I'm packing everything up to follow Billy to California, at least I will be able to tell people that I tried to make it out here.

This is a really weird entry. But I guess I'm in a really weird mood, so that's what you get.

December 3rd, 2008

This is why I don't watch television

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I used to watch House religiously. I think I picked it up about half way through its first season, and Billy and I even owned the first two seasons on DVD (but then we gave them away to deserving friends when we moved). But then towards the end of the third season I started to lose interest - more due to other demands on my time than any real fault with the show, though I did think it was getting repetitive.

I completely skipped last season, but this year decided to pick it back up again. I haven't been able to watch it every week (thank you, work), but when I'm home on Tuesday nights I try to catch it.

If the shows continue how they were tonight, I don't think that will happen anymore
Spoilers for tonight's episode )

I will, however, probably keep watching Law & Order: SVU. I'm not crazy about the new DA, but Mariska Hargitay pwns everyone else on TV right now.

(The "right now" caveat is in there since, technically, Battlestar Galactica isn't on TV, and BSG pwns all. It comes back in January, right? Or has it been delayed again? I know they're putting off showing the Caprica movie, even though it was just announced they've committed to 20 hours of the series, including the 2 hour movie)

This is a rambly, pointless entry. I've been working on invitation crap since 7:30 this evening, and still haven't finished because now I'm out of double-sided tape. I knew I should have picked up more than one roll on Saturday!

November 28th, 2008

LOL Parade

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Well this just makes me giggle.

Also makes me sad that I didn't fight harder to go to the parade yesterday :-(

November 25th, 2008


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A random collection of thoughts on a dreary Tuesday morning afternoon:

-I think I figured out how I'm cooking the cornish game hens for Thanksgiving. I have a recipe in my Dr. Suess cookbook for Who-Roast-Beast which calls for stuffing mushrooms under the skin of a fryer chicken. Assuming that the hens have skin, I think I'm going this route so I can say I've eaten Who-Roast-Beast

-My mom is officially coming to visit December 7-9. Yay! Hopefully work is giving me that time off (requested it yesterday). Now I need to figure out some stuff for us to do.

-WEIRD dream last night/this morning. Dunkin' Donuts was doing some sort of donut sampler promotion, where you'd get to try one of each of their donuts. Billy and I would go there with Chris and Misty (even though they're in Ohio and we're in New York...) and we would each order a sampler. This meant we ended up with 24 donuts between 4 people. I never ate more than one at any given sitting (we went there at least three times in the dream).

Some morning I need to wake up early enough to go to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast (the last two times I've been awake early enough to justify going out to buy breakfast, Billy has been awake, too, and we've gone to our new favorite diner. Mmm, diner)

-I am so far behind on the invitations it's not even funny. I might have to re-order some paper 'cause some of these things may be irreparably screwed up. Oy.

November 21st, 2008

Bah, AIM. Bah.

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AIM keeps giving me this little pop up telling me my software has "expired." I didn't realize AIM had a use-by date.

I hate it when software tries to force me to upgrade. I'm perfectly happy with AIM as it is now, I don't need "faster performance" and frickin "customizable plugins like mail, games, music and much more."


November 20th, 2008

Yay, Billy!

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Billy found out today that he was accepted to the New York Film Academy's master's program for Screen Acting.

Now, I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, it's great for him. He really wanted to get in, it'll get him out of the apartment (he doesn't go far unless I'm dragging him with me), and hopefully he'll qualify for student loans that will help defray a lot of our living costs.

On the other hand, as part of the program he's required to spend his second year taking classes in California. He's super excited about this, because who wouldn't want to be studying at Universal Studios? But this will mean either I have to pick up and follow him out to California (DO NOT WANT, for multiple reasons, some superficial [I <3 NY] and some practical [I've already made one cross-country move; I don't want to make another]), or I live on my own for a year.

I really, really don't want to be away from my husband ('cause that's what he will be in THREE MONTHS OMFG) on our first wedding anniversary :-(

Also? I've honestly never lived completely on my own. I know, it's kind of ridiculous, but it's true. I went from my parents', to the dorm (even when I had a room of my own, I spent the majority of my time - awake and asleep - at Billy's dorm or apartment), to an apartment with Billy. I don't know if I know how to function on my own!

In completely unrelated news: my dad called me today to say he's sending my mom to visit me for a few days after Thanksgiving, lol. She's been pretty depressed lately, so as a combined birthday/Christmas gift, he's shipping her off to New York, with the request that I take her to Rockefeller Center, I'm assuming so she can see the Christmas tree, since that keeps coming up in conversations with my dad. Considering I work at Rockefeller Center, and am thus becoming far too acquainted with it, I told him it wouldn't be a problem.

Still waiting to hear back on whether or not I'm getting my real job. The e-mail from last Tuesday said the hiring woman would know "by next week" and tomorrow is the end of that week. It'd be awesome to know tomorrow so I can a) change my schedule at Banana Republic/give my two weeks' notice and b) arrange my start date so it wouldn't interfere with Mom's visit.

And now I'm really hungry. Time to rustle up some food.

November 11th, 2008

Grah, going crazy

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I've been waiting all week to hear back about whether or not I got the Sales Assistant job. I was going to send another follow up e-mail today, but when I got on the computer I had an e-mail waiting for me. I started to freak out, thinking that the only reason I'd have an e-mail would be to tell me I didn't get the position, but in fact it was just the hiring manager letting me know that, due to the economy, it was taking them longer to get approval for the new hire, but I'm one of their top candidates (YAAAAAAAAAAAAY).

So now I need to keep waiting until early next week (BOOOOOOOOOOO)

In other news, I had a dream that I went out and bought the stuff to make cake. WTF? Not an entirely bad idea (except for the fact that I have no money and no one to actually share said cake with, since Billy is weird and doesn't like cake), but still kind of WTF.

Dedicating today to working on wedding stuff. I haven't made any progress on the invitations for weeks, which is a Bad Thing since I want them to go out later this month (I'm sending them out early so there's less of a chance they will get lost in holiday mail, since the usual two-month mark for us is just a few days before Christmas). Billy and I also figured out what we were gonna have the guys wear (since I wasn't a fan of MW Tux, the only place we could really rent from [that I could find] given how spread out everyone is). Today we might wander down to the mall and try on some things so I can really see what they would look like (I'm a very visual person).

In other news, working at Banana Republic still sucks. I REALLY REALLY want that Sales Assistant job, so I can escape/cut back on my hours there. I'm currently planning on working there Saturday/Sunday to get some extra cash/help them out/get the employee discount on the clothes - and my reasoning is not necessarily in that order. Of course, they might think that I'm not dedicating enough time to the company then and say no, in which case I will laugh gleefully before saying SEE YA'.

October 19th, 2008

2 weeks at Banana Republic has driven me to do what 4 years of forensics never could...

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I now own a pair of flats :-O
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