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July 21st, 2009

Real update

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I've been lax on blogging lately. My bad.

Last week was exciting. Billy was in a short play through school - it counts as a real, professional New York acting credit, which is super exciting. It was at The Players theatre, which happens to count Bill Murray among its members. He was in the building that night for some other event, but ended up wandering in to see the last of the plays (missing Billy's, unfortunately). But we were a bit star struck - it was our first New York celebrity sighting!

Actually, my first celebrity sighting period, unless you count young adult authors as celebrities.

My mom came into town to see Billy's play, which was excellent (both the play and Mom coming in). Poor thing got soooooooooooooooo overwhelmed with all the options of how to get from the Newark airport into the city that she finally just paid an extra $20 and hopped on the shuttle bus to deposit her just a few blocks north of where I work. So on Monday night we went out for dinner then saw Billy's show, and then on Tuesday she took one of those double decker bus tours, which had a stop in Flatiron, so we met for lunch when the tour bus swung through and then met again after work for dinner at Bluesmoke and shopping at Macy's (the Macy's). Then I got her back on her bus and sent her home. It was a short trip but fun - she'll be back with my dad over Labor Day weekend (Mom's been out here three times already in the past year and Dad hasn't been once).

Rest of the week was uneventful until Sunday when my awesome friend from college, Emily, took the train into the city to hang out with me. OMG, there are no words for how great it was to see a familiar face again. I was hardly the social butterfly back in Ypsi, but at the very least I could always chill in the forensics room to see people. Here in New York there's not even a handful of people I know socially, and thanks to us all being adults with jobs we have to plan ahead all of our get together. So Emily and I got brunch in the village, did some shopping and wandering, and got cupcakes at the famous Magnolia bakery. SUPER FUN TIMES.

Oh, last week I also attended a seminar panel on getting a media job. I figured for $25 bucks it couldn't hurt to check it out. One of the panelists was actually a children's book editor at Viking, so I figured at the very least I'd get some useful tips out of her. Overall they didn't tell me anything earth shattering - most of it I'd heard before. But they did encourage us all to really think about all the people we know and said that dropping an old acquaintance an e-mail to say we were job hunting couldn't hurt us. So I e-mailed a handful of people, including the woman at Perseus who interviewed me back in October and Sharyn November, another editor at Penguin who I met at ALA way back in 2002, and BOTH of them responded saying they were passing on my resume: at Perseus an editorial assistant position just opened up, at now my resume is on file at the Penguin HR office. It's such a boost to my confidence to know that there are a couple of people out here who are willing, in some small way, to vouch for me as a potential employee.

Work yesterday and today was extremely chill. One of my bosses is in Tennessee until Thursday so it's just me and John, who's super laid back. He told me to go home an hour early yesterday (but still put regular hours on my time sheet) and today he felt bad for actually making me work, so he bought me lunch. I have absolutely no problem doing tedious work at work - it's actually more exciting than my fall back inventory project - but John always feels super guilty about it so he buys me lunch. Not that I'm complaining ;-)

June 13th, 2009

I saw a man with a cat on his head today

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Subject = totally true. Was walking down Fifth Avenue with Diana, and we walked past a guy with a real live cat on his head. In the rain. It was the world's most chill cat.

Day started at the Big Apple Con which was...kind of underwhelming. A packed room full of comic book sellers, and then another room that was the artists' alley/autograph area...with 99% of the autographers being scantily clad Playboy models. Yeah. So Diana and I and another friend of hers hung around for a little while, said hi to the people she knew, and then Diana and I took off to...wander.

We ended up at the Fashion Institute and since it was starting to rain we went inside their free museum to see the exhibit on "Seduction" which was really interesting. The idea of a museum exhibit about fashion and its role in seduction/sexuality is awesome. It was a rather limited exhibit in some ways (only covered from the 1750s-present) but man oh man were some of the shoes sexy. And FIERCE.

Then lunch at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, wandered through Madison Square Park and the BBQ Block Party, before heading down to the Union Square area where we stumbled upon an awesome bar. Lillie's is an Irish-Victorian bar that we stumbled upon because they had a cool little band playing early in the evening - fiddle and banjo and flute and probably another instrument or two. We shopped around Union Square a little bit before heading back to Lillie's for a drink. Excellent bar menu with really reasonable prices for imported beers and ciders. I had an amazing Swedish pear cider. So fun.

Probably could have been improved by seeing that cat on the guy's head again. 'Cause that was really freaking cool.

Now going to watch Season 3 of Voyager with Billy. Very nice end to the day :-)

December 9th, 2008

I've seen my wedding dress!

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Well, an unfinished white cotton version, but still! It's more than I've had before!

Mom came to New York on Sunday afternoon and left this morning (well, actually, I don't think her plane has even taken off yet, but I dropped her off at the airport at 11). On Sunday the first thing we did was go to her hotel room and try on The Dress.

It was pretty much exactly what I wanted :-D The dress needed to be shortened in some areas (because she was cobbling together several patterns that turned out to be more ridiculous than they originally looked, she just made the dress as the patterns said to, rather than trying to miniaturize the patterns on the fly for me), but nothing drastic. The way my dad has been carrying on for awhile, telling me that Mom was freaking out about the dress, I was beginning to think I had to start shopping for a back up dress.

Nope. It's going to be sweet.

We also figured out how the beading is going to work. Hopefully that will turn out as awesomely in real life as it looks in my head right now.

Yesterday we went sightseeing. I took her to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and then we went window shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue before we went on our tour of Radio City Music Hall. We both agreed that it was much more enjoyable for us than going to see the actual show would have been. Now, I'm sure the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is, in fact, spectacular, but Mom and I are very academic types, so getting to hear about the history of the building and seeing the fabulous architecture up front was a treat for us (especially since Mom is a huge fan of the art deco look).

After that we went to Times Square since there was "a comic shop" there that Dan wanted her to find and take a picture of. Of course, he didn't give her any more details, but luckily I have actually visited an awesome comic shop in Times Square, so we went to the one that I knew. We were also going to go through the Garment District to find some netting for my veil, but we showed up at the information kiosk at 4:05 when it closed at 4. Boo on that.

It's been a fun couple of days, but tiring as well. Thankfully I have the rest of today to slack off and hang out with Billy before heading back to work for the rest of the week (three days in a row of eight hour shifts - it's been weeks since I've worked one eight hour shift, let alone three days in a row!).

December 2nd, 2008

Things that still make me go "Whoa...

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I live in New York City.

Fifth Avenue had the sidewalks blocked off today. Which isn't entirely unusual - it seems like half the time I'm up there there are blockades - either across the streets or along side them - for some event or other.

Turns out the blockades were up this time because Britney Spears is performing out there tomorrow. Now, I don't give a rat's ass about Britney Spears, but it's still kind of cool to me that I live in a place where it's just common knowledge that a pop star will be performing right outside of work on a Tuesday in early December.

I don't work tomorrow, however, so I will not be subject to the Britney pandemonium. Unless she really shows up at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting on Wednesday, when I do work. Apparently last year, building security kicked everyone out of the store before/during the lighting because Christina Aguilera was there and they didn't want anyone (employee or customer) messing up their security.

New York is crazy intense sometimes. But I do still love it here.

Plans for tomorrow: finish assembling the goddamn invitations. I've been meaning to accomplish a lot more of that over the last two days but I keep taking ridiculous naps in the middle of the day. I just need to tape in the border cards, and then start printing out the actual invitation cards. And then actually design the rest of the inserts. I drive myself crazy sometimes.

November 20th, 2008

Yay, Billy!

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Billy found out today that he was accepted to the New York Film Academy's master's program for Screen Acting.

Now, I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, it's great for him. He really wanted to get in, it'll get him out of the apartment (he doesn't go far unless I'm dragging him with me), and hopefully he'll qualify for student loans that will help defray a lot of our living costs.

On the other hand, as part of the program he's required to spend his second year taking classes in California. He's super excited about this, because who wouldn't want to be studying at Universal Studios? But this will mean either I have to pick up and follow him out to California (DO NOT WANT, for multiple reasons, some superficial [I <3 NY] and some practical [I've already made one cross-country move; I don't want to make another]), or I live on my own for a year.

I really, really don't want to be away from my husband ('cause that's what he will be in THREE MONTHS OMFG) on our first wedding anniversary :-(

Also? I've honestly never lived completely on my own. I know, it's kind of ridiculous, but it's true. I went from my parents', to the dorm (even when I had a room of my own, I spent the majority of my time - awake and asleep - at Billy's dorm or apartment), to an apartment with Billy. I don't know if I know how to function on my own!

In completely unrelated news: my dad called me today to say he's sending my mom to visit me for a few days after Thanksgiving, lol. She's been pretty depressed lately, so as a combined birthday/Christmas gift, he's shipping her off to New York, with the request that I take her to Rockefeller Center, I'm assuming so she can see the Christmas tree, since that keeps coming up in conversations with my dad. Considering I work at Rockefeller Center, and am thus becoming far too acquainted with it, I told him it wouldn't be a problem.

Still waiting to hear back on whether or not I'm getting my real job. The e-mail from last Tuesday said the hiring woman would know "by next week" and tomorrow is the end of that week. It'd be awesome to know tomorrow so I can a) change my schedule at Banana Republic/give my two weeks' notice and b) arrange my start date so it wouldn't interfere with Mom's visit.

And now I'm really hungry. Time to rustle up some food.

November 14th, 2008

Serendipitous Timing!

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So, remember my incoherent ramble last night about how "The Hunger Games" is probably the best thing since sliced bread?

The author is going to be in New York tomorrow. And I don't have to work (and honestly, if I did, I would probably be coming down with some sort of mystery flu right now).

So I'm going to see Suzanne Collins, along with Justine Larbalestier (who wrote "How to Ditch Your Fairy" which I read a few weeks ago and also enjoyed. She's also married to Scott Westerfeld, who wrote the "Uglies" books that I wrote my final college paper on) and Robin Wasserman (who wrote "Skinned," another awesome post-apocalyptic YA novel I recently read and loved) and 7 other YA SF/Fantasy authors that I don't know (yet!) at Books of Wonder in NYC.

You have no idea how stoked I am right now. NO IDEA.

Oh, I'm also going to be finishing the day by hanging out with bridesmaid Rachel, helping her find a bra to go under her bridesmaid dress and then subjecting the poor woman to shoe shopping for the afore-mentioned dress. She really hates shoe shopping, the poor thing. But I also think me taking her shopping was originally her idea? I don't know. Either way, I get awesome YA books, my twin, shopping, and A SATURDAY OFF FROM WORK (the first of what will be two in a row!) all in one day!

Seriously. Stoked.

November 2nd, 2008

Birthday update

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Boo, only one thing from this morning's list happened :-P Billy got up too late for us to get lunch, so we just snacked on candy at the movies (Zack and Miri was pretty good, by the way. Not the best movie of the year, but good entertainment), then went to the Museum of Modern Art, except we were starving so we had to wander a couple of blocks to find an ATM so we could grab hot dogs. When we finally got to the museum, they were sold out of tickets for the VanGogh exhibit, which was half the reason I wanted to go :-( So I moped, then we went to Magnolia Bakery for an over-priced cupcake.

So tomorrow morning (for my actual birthday), we're going to this wonderful little diner down the street that has amazing pancakes. Then at 9:30 I have a phone interview, and then work from 12:45 to 8:45. Tuesday I work 12:45 to 9:30 and then finally on Wednesday we're going to do Museum of Modern Art and Top of the Rock. Hopefully it will be a combined birthday/Barack Obama winning the election celebration.

Oh, we also spent this evening watching cartoons and playing Grand Theft Auto. That was kinda fun :-)

Birthday celebrations!

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So I have to work tomorrow, on my actual birthday. Booooooooo. I tried all day to get someone to cover my shift, but everyone has school apparently. So Billy and I are celebrating today!

Lunch at Ripe Juice Bar
Walk a block or two to the movies to see "Zack and Miri Make a Porno"
Go to The Museum of Modern Art and Top of the Rock (thanks Dad)

I'm going to start waking Billy up 'cause I want to make sure we have plenty of time for the museum!

October 4th, 2008

In which my dad proves he's a big old softie

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It's no secret that my dad and I have had a...contentious relationship for the past 23 years or so. There have been lots of knock down, drag out fights between us over the years, but in the last two or three that relationship has mostly been on the mend. Sometimes I still think he's a bonehead, but for the most part, he's a good guy.

I was talking to him on the phone today since yesterday was his birthday (no, I'm not a bad daughter. I called and left a message, but they just changed phone service so there was some weird stuff going on with the machine), and in updating him about life I mentioned that every time I get off the subway to go to work, I'm greeted by an advertisement for the museum featuring Jim Henson and various Muppets, including Gobo, Wembley and Sprocket! And then I complained that the various museums are too darn expensive. So Dad asked that if he gave me $50 for my birthday, would I go to the museum. I told him of course I would, but he didn't have to because he and Mom already gave me $200 so I could fly back to Ypsi for my bridal shower this month, but he's insisting.

So for my birthday, Billy and I are going to the Museum of Modern Art. Thank you, Dad :-)

October 1st, 2008

Back at Work: Day 1

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Today was my first day of orientation at Banana Republic. Yes, first day. I have at least two more (no idea what my schedule is for next week after Sunday). And I love this. All of my other jobs have been one day of training/orientation where you spend a little bit of time on everything and then you're thrown to the wolves. Today was paper work and general store policies (dress code, discrimination/harassment, discount). Tomorrow is a store walk through (I have to be there at 8, ugh, but I'm out by 10) and then Sunday is cashier training (double ugh. I hate cash registers).

Today I finally had my "holy shit I'm in New York" moment. I got out of the subway and it just hit me that I was going to my first day of work in Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center, people. How many girls from Holland, MI can say that?

It was really weird. It's not like I saw some famous landmark that set me off (though if I'd looked behind me I would have noticed that my subway stop is on the same street as the Museum of Modern Art). I just stepped out on to the street (53rd, near 5th Ave if you're curious) and as I was passing a bagel cart (I had no idea they had these) I was really tempted to just stand on the corner with my mouth agape, because it was finally real.

Of course, I couldn't do that because a) way to look like a tourist and b) I didn't know how much time I had left before I needed to be at work because I managed to lose my phone in my tiny apartment. And it was on silent when I misplaced it. So now I need to clean the whole place (despite the fact that Billy was supposed to do that yesterday ~cough~. And the laundry ~cough cough~) in order to try to find it.

Life in New York is glamorous.

September 29th, 2008

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay library!

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I've always loved libraries. In elementary school I volunteered to stay inside during lunch recess a couple of times a month to keep some library shelves organized. In fifth grade, when we visited the middle school at the end of the year so we wouldn't all feel completely overwhelmed, I about fainted when we entered the library (it was so big! Almost as big as the fiction section of the city library!!!). And then we were told there was no limit on how many books we could check out (in elementary school the limit was two, and we could only go once per week, even though it was very well known that I would finish those two books by the time I came back to school the next day).

At the end of middle school or the beginning of high school, a new branch of the city's library opened just a few minutes from my house. I spent almost every day of the summer there, riding my bike to the library filled with books to return or a new list of books to request, and taking advantage of the building's air conditioning.

In college, my library habit was kind of curbed. During the first few years of school all of my research could be completed online. It wasn't until my senior year (both of them, lol), that I really began cracking down on some serious research that required serious book reading time. If I wanted a fiction book to read, I just went to Borders and bought it; for the first time in my life I was making enough money that I had disposable income to buy my own books, so my book collection kind of exploded for awhile there (as evidenced by the two giant tubs of just my books that are currently in storage at my parents' house).

But now I'm poor again (who knows how much money I'll actually be making at Banana Republic, since it's part time and they can schedule me whenever the hell they want), so it was time to start going to the library again. Luckily I have one that's only about a ten minute walk from my apartment.

It's a nice day out here in Queens, sunny but breezy so it isn't oppressively hot and humid like it has been periodically over the last week. Beautiful day for a walk to pick up a bunch of books.

Unfortunately, this library is probably the worst one, in terms of usability, I've ever visited. For example, it's the first one I've ever visited that doesn't have a card catalog. No, seriously. They have about ten computers there, but they are all available only by appointment, nothing is set up just for searching their online catalog. And the place was packed, only twenty minutes after it opened, filled with people waiting for those ten computers.

I got very claustrophobic very fast. So I picked up some books that looked interesting (nothing from my list, sigh), and then ran home to get on the catalog at their website and look up all of the books I wanted! Most of them should start coming in soon, but for one I'm the 26th in line waiting for only 3 books. Sad face.

September 19th, 2008

Argh, it be that holiest of der holy days!

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Happy talk like a pirate day, everyone. My favorite holiday. That I am way too wiped to participate in (honestly, I completely forgot about it until I saw blog posts this morning. And I'm so tired/lazy that I haven't even gotten up to change into one of my pirate shirts to celebrate).

Spending two days walking around Manhattan is hard work, apparently. And I only have today to rest up and recover before spending two more days out there. I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm really living in New York.

September 18th, 2008

Big City Days

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Doing some real New York-y stuff this week. Very fun :-)

Yesterday: Went to The Strand Bookstore with its 18 miles worth of bookshelves. They're not kidding. Three floors of books, with shelves running from floor to ceiling. It was ridiculous. And Awesome. Also found a comic shop that we really liked. They had some awesome Pirates collectibles ($200+ worth of awesome. Just for a little statue of Jack Sparrow on the mast of his ship. Not fair :-( ). Union Square = awesome.

Today: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! We got to see Tony Blair be interviewed! (Spoiler alert: Stewart totally didn't buy Blair's explanation of why we and Britain invaded Iraq. How do I know this? Jon Stewart told us after they finished taping the interview and, I assume, Blair's security forces had gotten him out of the studio)

Speaking of Tony Blair's security: he had a lot of them. I'm pretty sure I was sitting next to one (Billy doesn't think he was actually a security guy, but was just part of his entourage). There was also this ominous guy in the back of the set. While the show was being filmed he was hiding unobtrusively behind a set piece, but as soon as the show broke for a commercial he stepped back out in front and just stood there, whether Tony Blair was on the set or not (I figure he's part of Blair's security and not just a general member of the show because once the interview was finished he disappeared back stage, along with the possible security guy who had been sitting next to me).

We were sooooooooooooo close to not getting to see the show. There were only five people behind us who didn't get cut from the line (the last people were cut just a minute before we got into the studio. I felt sooooooooooooo bad for them). Yet I had a front row seat and Billy sat just behind me. Not the best seats in the house (I had a camera right in front of me for the first part of the show, so I had to watch the show on the monitors), but still...we were in the audience for the Daily Show!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to be lazy and just laze around the apartment. I'll probably do more cleaning, and hopefully can convince myself to write. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay writing.

Saturday: Going back to Union Square to take Billy to an open house for the New York Film Academy. Might shop at the awesome farmer's market that's there (we browsed it on Wednesday), but I'm sure it's going to be packed on Saturday.

Sunday: New York is Book Country in Central Park. Rachel found this and it looks AWESOME. And she just told me one of our other online friends from back in the day will be joining us. DOUBLE AWESOME.

And now...I'm exhausted. So I'm going to go curl up with a book for a little while.

September 9th, 2008

Another New York First

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My first thunderstorm in New York is happening right now :-)

Seriously. During the tropical storm over the weekend there wasn't any thunder (that I heard. Maybe it all happened while I was underground).

Currently working on finishing up my wedding registry in light of the fact that plans are definitely being made for my bridal shower!

September 7th, 2008

NYC Update

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For those of you who are just dying to know what life in New York is like...

So far my biggest impression about living in New York (well, in Queens): it doesn't feel any different. Not yet, at least. Even when I've gone into Manhattan, it's like it hasn't sunk in yet that I'm in a completely different place. For good. This isn't a vacation where I'll return to the confines of Michigan in a few days.

This is Home.

Maybe the initial shock of "OMG I'm in New York!" got worn out in the two trips I took out here earlier this summer. I know the first trip, when we were in Manhattan every day, was a bit overwhelming at first, and simultaneously awesome.

Or maybe...this feels like home because I've always wanted it to be. I was freaking out earlier this summer about the prospect of moving out here. And then as soon as I got all of my stuff in the apartment, all of the stress melted away.

Even the cats are comfortable here now. They've discovered that pigeons like the perch on the fire escape outside of our window.

So, things that I've done so far in New York:
-Walked all around my neighborhood (not exactly something I did in Ypsi! Certainly not since Freshman year)
-Bought donuts or bagels almost every morning (there are two Dunkin' Donuts on my street. And a new donut shop just opened on the corner)
-Slowly but surely began organizing my apartment (the living space is 11'x17', so it's not TINY - and in fact, the more time we spend here the more I think this could be a nice apartment for more than just a year)
-Visited the huge mall that's just a Subway stop away.
-Gone to Manhattan twice (once on the afore-mentioned trip to Central Park Zoo, the second time yesterday to hang out with bridesmaid Rb)
-Realized how weird (but cool) it is that the bridesmaid/friend/twin I've only met once is now the closest friend I have out here
-Survived a tropical storm (Rb and I had the BRILLIANT idea to go ahead with our plan to meet in Manhattan in spite of the tropical storm)
-Quite possibly almost got my purse snatched (when I was coming home in the afore-mentioned tropical storm there was this guy who was sticking WAY too close to me - and always on the side that my purse was - as I was crossing the street. Very freaky)

My overall impression is that I'm definitely going to like it here. Now if I could just get a job!

September 4th, 2008


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Went to Central Park today. Went to the zoo. Got a FANTASTIC picture of me feeding a llama.

Apparently I didn't save it. I am very angry at myself right now.

Real entry when I'm not ANGRY.

August 6th, 2008

Billy and I are like little kids

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We're super excited about going to the Central Park Zoo tomorrow.

Anyone out there know other cheap dates in the city? Since that's totally why we're hitting the zoo: it'll eat up a couple of hours of the day and will cost less than $20. Now that were grown ups with our own apartment far away from home, we have to be responsible and save money.

And yet, we still find time for the zoo.

July 13th, 2008

I am a motherfucking badass

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So Billy, James and I drove to New York yesterday. According to our little GPS-thingy the trip should have taken nine hours. Between stopping to switch drivers, going to the 24-hour Arby's in Pennsylvania (lol, as if it were the only one in the entire state), and having to stop at half of the stop lights in New York City, it ended up taking eleven.

Oh well. We had fun.

Especially when I drove in Manhattan :-D That may be one of my crowning achievements in life so far.

I didn't drive far (roughly 23 miles according to Google, but we took a slightly different route. And that's just what I did in New York; I don't remember when exactly I took over but I drove for a fair amount of time in New Jersey as well), but I was still impressed with myself. My dad apparently thinks it wasn't very chivalrous of the guys to "let" me drive in New York, but a) I volunteered b) Billy volunteered to take the first leg of the trip, which was highway night driving (aka bane of my existence) and c) after sitting through almost an hour of James driving, I never wanted to be in a car with him ever again. I didn't think anyone could actually be too cautious of a driver, but he definitely fits that description. After about 5 minutes I was itching to take over the wheel, but ultimately let him handle PA and NJ until the traffic started to pick up in New Jersey. Then I conveniently needed to use the restroom so we switched drivers at a Starbucks.

And then I drove in Manhattan.

Saw one apartment yesterday in Queens. It was a fine apartment, and definitely had the plus of not requiring 15 forms of identification + our first born in order to rent it, but I wasn't so in love with it that I felt the need to put down our deposit right there. But I'm sure there are worse apartments out there. We're looking at another one in Queens today, and after that I'm making the boys look up apartments. I have done 99% of the planning for this trip, from researching hotels to apartments to look up, to being the de facto navigator (I'm the only one who has any experience with being in cities on their own). Someone else can take charge (of everything except navigation) for awhile).

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