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April 23rd, 2009

Fuck you, Banana Republic

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Seriously. Part of the reason I chose to keep the Banana job after I got my new one was because Banana had been in the habit of scheduling me for 1-2 days a week, when I was available for 7 days. So I figure if I chop down my available days by at least half, they'll still be only scheduling me for 1-2 days a week.

Last week I was scheduled 21 hours; this week it was 12 (because I had explicitly requested Sunday off to regain some sanity) - next week I'm back up to 20: 6 hours on Sunday, then 4 hours each on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's essentially using every single hour that I'm available.

The upside of this is that it's finally kicking me into gear to get a savings account set up this weekend. I talked about it with Billy and we decided that once I've paid off my credit card bill and we've saved 2-3 months worth of rent and utilities, we'll feel comfortable enough for me to be OUT of Banana. If they keep scheduling me like crazy, that day will come sooner rather than later.

Also what is helping: I've started using Mint to keep track of our spending and have discovered some shocking things - like how much money we spend on eating out every month. It shouldn't really be surprising, since I've been buying my lunch at work every day for a month, but most of the time lunch is a bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin' Donuts and a Coke picked up from a hot dog vendor. Those $2-3 lunches add up. So Billy and I are going to renew our efforts to pack our lunches and eat dinners at home, and maybe limit going out to once per week.

We're also going to drop cable TV. ~gasp~ But seriously, we spend $85-95 a month on our cable/internet package (depending on if we buy a pay-per-view movie) - only $30 of that is internet. We don't watch $55+ of TV a month. The only reason we were hesitating was because we do like to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on nights when I'm actually home - but I just checked and both of them put their shows online. So we're doing it! We're going TV-less! And then we'll finally have enough money to renew our Netflix account!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew I could get so excited about saving money?

But the "fuck you" to Banana Republic still stands.

November 7th, 2008

Life is frustrating

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First of all, my money situation sucks right now. I am $70 away from hitting my credit limit on my credit card, but $60-some of that has to go to buying birth control this weekend. My bank account has $292 in it...except that I'm waiting for both my landlord and the electric company to debit my account. The check to the landlord should have arrived on Monday, and the electric company's website says they have my money for the month (thank goodness, otherwise we'd be without electricity in a couple of days), but clearly they haven't taken said money from me yet.


Also, I was supposed to hear about my potential new job "early this week." When I sent in my follow-up thank you e-mail, I got an out of office auto reply that said the hiring manager was going to be unavailable Monday-Wednesday. Okay...but now it's Friday. I'd really like to know whether or not I got the job, so I can either give me notice/change my availability at Banana Republic, or re-start my job-search in earnest.

I'm living in New York. I'm supposed to be living my dreams right now. So why am I meeting frustration at every turn?

October 17th, 2008

Hot Diggity

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I got my first pay check. And the direct deposit went off without a hitch!

It's sad that seeing my bank balance at $77 make me happy. Unless you consider that my previous balance was #3.73.

This means I can actually get Billy a birthday present! Happy birthday, sweetie :-)

August 22nd, 2008

Ugh, so hungry

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Apparently no one in my family eats real food anymore. Or maybe they never did and I've just lived away for so long I've forgotten?

Seriously, the only entrees in the house are one giant effin' porterhouse steak, and some frozen Digiorno pizzas. And I'm pretty sure my brother would attack me with a pizza cutter if I dared make one of his pizzas.

Everything else in the house is snack food. Moderately healthy snack food (mmm, watermelon!), but not enough to eat as a meal.

And yet, that is what I've been expected to live on since I got home on Tuesday night.

I am so hungry.

It's also probably why I'm so tired even though I haven't done anything but sit in the garage, tending the family's garage sale all day.

Plz to be giving me food now, kthxbai.

Oh, also, family? Please mail in the check to repay my loan. Like you said you were going to A WEEK AND A HALF AGO. No wonder they've been calling 3+ times a day.

Me=not happy camper.

March 22nd, 2008

I feel so productive

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even though I haven't actually done anything. Except:

*E-mailed the photographer to find out what we need to pay for our deposit and how she'd like us to get it to her. (Mental note: after we pay we need to figure out a Sunday for her to come out to Ypsi to do our engagement photos...)
*E-mailed the hotel to find out what the hell we're supposed to be paying and if they'd ever actually like their money (I'm so not impressed with how they've been handling things here...but the location is pretty sweet for the reception, I can live with a lackluster ceremony room, and I really don't want to trek back to Holland to look at more venues!)
*E-mailed my English prof from last semester to schedule a time to meet with her so I can get feedback on my Uglies paper.

Speaking of, I got to pimp Uglies like whoa this week. One of the women I work with, Megan, has a younger sister who has just picked up Uglies and seems to love it. So first I told Megan OMG she had to read it, too. And then Megan asked me to recommend a whole bunch of other books for her sister since said sister has never been a big reader and Megan is hoping that if she plies her with lots of books, the sister might keep reading. So that was fun :-)

I've been going in to work early/staying late all week thanks to our department being hugely backed up thanks to not having been at full staff since the beginning of the month. The killer cold/flu/whatever keeps taking people out. Not cool. Well, except for the overtime I earned. Not an insane amount, but enough so that maybe next week Billy and I can finally open a savings account and start saving money for New York/the wedding/whatever.

And today I got to sleep in until 10:30. That's when Marisa woke me up, lol, wanting me something. (Knock on Doug's door?) I could have gone back to sleep, but I hate sleeping away my day off. But still, 10:30 was like sleeping forever considering yesterday I woke up at 6, and was waking up at 6:30 for the rest of the week thanks to wanting to go in early for the aforementioned overtime.

I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I still want to get started on wedding stuff. I should start working on save the dates. Especially since in a fit of genius/insanity I decided the other day that I want to stamp them (my mom used to be a huge stamper, and I loved playing around with them when I was a kid. This could be a lot easier than trying to design something on the computer). Maybe I'll go buy some stamps today and start playing around?

I should probably clean the kitchen table first so I'd have someplace to actually lay everything out. ~sigh~ My apartment needs so much work (including a good repair-person, since Gopher managed to break our towel rack yesterday).

November 16th, 2007

One night down, two to go.

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Opening night was last night. My least anticipated one. Ever.

I came out after the show to see my parents and Billy. They all loved me...but it was a unanimous agreement that 90% of the rest of the show sucked. Either there were mic troubles, or the plot was incomprehensible or...everything just sucked.

I just keep telling myself I only have to put up with this shit for two more days.

But it was nice seeing my parents. They gave me money! I mentioned to them that I had blown through way too much money in my bank account in the last two weeks from eating out for at least one meal every day (I made sure not to mention that "way too much" was $300). Between getting paid yesterday and the money they gave me, it's now like I only spent $60 this month, a much more manageable sum.

Call is supposed to be at five tonight. We go on at eight. I'm going to pull a diva move and be late for call. Because there is no reason that call should be longer than the actual show is.
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