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July 21st, 2009

Real update

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I've been lax on blogging lately. My bad.

Last week was exciting. Billy was in a short play through school - it counts as a real, professional New York acting credit, which is super exciting. It was at The Players theatre, which happens to count Bill Murray among its members. He was in the building that night for some other event, but ended up wandering in to see the last of the plays (missing Billy's, unfortunately). But we were a bit star struck - it was our first New York celebrity sighting!

Actually, my first celebrity sighting period, unless you count young adult authors as celebrities.

My mom came into town to see Billy's play, which was excellent (both the play and Mom coming in). Poor thing got soooooooooooooooo overwhelmed with all the options of how to get from the Newark airport into the city that she finally just paid an extra $20 and hopped on the shuttle bus to deposit her just a few blocks north of where I work. So on Monday night we went out for dinner then saw Billy's show, and then on Tuesday she took one of those double decker bus tours, which had a stop in Flatiron, so we met for lunch when the tour bus swung through and then met again after work for dinner at Bluesmoke and shopping at Macy's (the Macy's). Then I got her back on her bus and sent her home. It was a short trip but fun - she'll be back with my dad over Labor Day weekend (Mom's been out here three times already in the past year and Dad hasn't been once).

Rest of the week was uneventful until Sunday when my awesome friend from college, Emily, took the train into the city to hang out with me. OMG, there are no words for how great it was to see a familiar face again. I was hardly the social butterfly back in Ypsi, but at the very least I could always chill in the forensics room to see people. Here in New York there's not even a handful of people I know socially, and thanks to us all being adults with jobs we have to plan ahead all of our get together. So Emily and I got brunch in the village, did some shopping and wandering, and got cupcakes at the famous Magnolia bakery. SUPER FUN TIMES.

Oh, last week I also attended a seminar panel on getting a media job. I figured for $25 bucks it couldn't hurt to check it out. One of the panelists was actually a children's book editor at Viking, so I figured at the very least I'd get some useful tips out of her. Overall they didn't tell me anything earth shattering - most of it I'd heard before. But they did encourage us all to really think about all the people we know and said that dropping an old acquaintance an e-mail to say we were job hunting couldn't hurt us. So I e-mailed a handful of people, including the woman at Perseus who interviewed me back in October and Sharyn November, another editor at Penguin who I met at ALA way back in 2002, and BOTH of them responded saying they were passing on my resume: at Perseus an editorial assistant position just opened up, at now my resume is on file at the Penguin HR office. It's such a boost to my confidence to know that there are a couple of people out here who are willing, in some small way, to vouch for me as a potential employee.

Work yesterday and today was extremely chill. One of my bosses is in Tennessee until Thursday so it's just me and John, who's super laid back. He told me to go home an hour early yesterday (but still put regular hours on my time sheet) and today he felt bad for actually making me work, so he bought me lunch. I have absolutely no problem doing tedious work at work - it's actually more exciting than my fall back inventory project - but John always feels super guilty about it so he buys me lunch. Not that I'm complaining ;-)

June 13th, 2009

I saw a man with a cat on his head today

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Subject = totally true. Was walking down Fifth Avenue with Diana, and we walked past a guy with a real live cat on his head. In the rain. It was the world's most chill cat.

Day started at the Big Apple Con which was...kind of underwhelming. A packed room full of comic book sellers, and then another room that was the artists' alley/autograph area...with 99% of the autographers being scantily clad Playboy models. Yeah. So Diana and I and another friend of hers hung around for a little while, said hi to the people she knew, and then Diana and I took off to...wander.

We ended up at the Fashion Institute and since it was starting to rain we went inside their free museum to see the exhibit on "Seduction" which was really interesting. The idea of a museum exhibit about fashion and its role in seduction/sexuality is awesome. It was a rather limited exhibit in some ways (only covered from the 1750s-present) but man oh man were some of the shoes sexy. And FIERCE.

Then lunch at Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, wandered through Madison Square Park and the BBQ Block Party, before heading down to the Union Square area where we stumbled upon an awesome bar. Lillie's is an Irish-Victorian bar that we stumbled upon because they had a cool little band playing early in the evening - fiddle and banjo and flute and probably another instrument or two. We shopped around Union Square a little bit before heading back to Lillie's for a drink. Excellent bar menu with really reasonable prices for imported beers and ciders. I had an amazing Swedish pear cider. So fun.

Probably could have been improved by seeing that cat on the guy's head again. 'Cause that was really freaking cool.

Now going to watch Season 3 of Voyager with Billy. Very nice end to the day :-)

August 23rd, 2007

w00t w00t!

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Finally got around to messing with the design of my IJ. I like it now :-D

My apologies to anyone on LJ who woke up this morning to see the feed from this journal eating their flist. I forgot that the feeds don't pick up on lj-cuts so...yay pr0n taking over?

Trying to figure out what I want to eat. I don't want to eat anything (I'm having one of those days where I just feel fat. I know I'm not, but it just feels like it today), but I have to keep my energy up for GTP tonight. I'm loving this campaign.

RP Geekery here )

Tomorrow is the start of a mini-prep for the forensics kids. It's still kind of weird to think that I'm going to be coaching them instead of participating. I'm running a workshop on Saturday with Emily about topics and research. It should be fun. I need to do some brainstorming tonight about points I want to hit so Emily and I can meet tomorrow night and plan efficiently. We were supposed to go out tonight but she's off being a good Samaritan and helping a friend who's having car trouble :-P Hence part of my food dilemma - I'd been counting on going out, and when I look forward to something like that it's hard to re-orient myself into thinking "home food."

Oh, and on another random note: Billy and I may be reconsidering the move to LA. We're now looking at New York! Eeeeeeeeeeee! It's still a "maybe" as, to be honest, there are more opportunities for him out in LA (while I'd have more in NY), but I think we were both a little scared by a visit from an old acquaintance who's currently out in LA. It's a big, scary, expensive world out there. Not that it's any smaller or less-scary in New York. Heck, it might not even be cheaper out there. But for me it's much more of a known quantity. First, I've actually visited New York. Once. When I was 12. But still. I've been there. I've never even been in the state of California. Second, I personally know at least two people who live in the New York area, so I can get personal recommendations of what neighborhoods to look at, rather than poking around blindly. Third, I've wanted to live in New York since the afore-mentioned trip. Back then I wanted to be an actor, but still. The desire to live in NY has never left.

And at the very least, as a serious contender for our future home, Billy and I will just have to go visit out there sometime. Darn! ;-)
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