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October 19th, 2008

2 weeks at Banana Republic has driven me to do what 4 years of forensics never could...

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I now own a pair of flats :-O

April 11th, 2008

Gift mystery solved!

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I picked up my package from UPS this afternoon. I pried apart all of the tape sealing the box while I was in the parking lot to discover a bottle of wine. I was still confused 'cause Billy and I aren't exactly wine drinkers.

When I got home and could inspect the package fully, I discovered a card inside. From our photographer.


This is in stark contrast to the fact that, according to the electronic copy of the invoice from the hotel, I should have a hard copy of my hotel contract in my hands TODAY. Instead I have a 2005 Smoking Loon Chardonnay that I have no idea what to do with. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Going out to Ichiban with Billy, James and Rachel soon. Good. 'Cause I'm starving.

Oh! My computer is back at Best Buy. They had to replace the hard drive. Boooooo. But that means all of the repairs were covered under my warranty. Yay! Now I'm just paying $29 to have them optimize it because I really don't want to sit through hours of Windows updates. It's a small price to pay for convenience.

Saw the forensics team off this morning. And by "off" I mean I was there until the bus arrived, 'cause the bus didn't even show up until the time I had to leave. I delivered little notes of encouragement to all of the students. Wrote most of them in the span of a couple of hours last night (it would have been less, but I spent some of that time talking to Rb, then taking a shower and watching Eli Stone); practice for thank you notes, I figure. It was fun writing out all of the inside jokes I've accumulated with people over the years (oh, and I TOTALLY rickroll'd Jon Stowell. A real life, text-based rickroll. 'Cause I'm awesome like that).

I miss the team already :-( I so wish I'd been able to go with them! Work SUCKS like that. But I know the team is going to do AWESOME. Hey, Lauren, if you read this: are you sending your letter to the Hotmail address? I never got a chance to print mine out and in the craziness that was this morning I never had a chance to ask Amy where I should send it.

Okay, I think I need to find a snack before dinner, because yes, I am THAT hungry.

April 10th, 2008


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I got home from work this evening to find a note from UPS on my door. Apparently I have a package from here waiting for me. That's my best guess, at least. When you Google "GB Russo & Son" that's the first hit, and the package originated in Grand Rapids. So...yeah.

In case you haven't guessed yet, I definitely did not order anything from them. I've never even heard of them until I Google'd it. I have no idea what's going on. I can only imagine my mom sent me something, but no one's home answering the phone so I have no way of finding out.

I also don't get to pick it up until tomorrow after work. Boo. And since they're only open until 6, just like the bank, I need to go there INSTEAD of the bank, which THUS means I'll have to wake up obnoxiously early on Saturday to go to the bank to deposit my paycheck. Stupid UPS. Why can't I choose what UPS location I use to pick up my package? 'Cause there's a place that's actually on my way home from work where I could have picked it up. It's so convenient that I probably could have gone there AND the bank in one fell swoop. And even if I couldn't, that place is open on Saturdays.

In short, UPS=Lame

Work also=lame because the team leaves for Nationals tomorrow. Without me. THAT SUCKS. I'm going to get to see the team off, though, which will be nice. Wish them all luck one last time and all that.

Dammit. That means I'm going to have to e-mail my letter. I meant to write it while I was at work today so I could print it out, but we are crazy overloaded so no writing for me. And since I still don't have my computer from Best Buy, the printer on my desk is pretty much worthless.

In other news, Billy has convinced me that I need to start writing romance novels. Especially for these people. Any thoughts?

March 29th, 2008

Can't go back now

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I've officially spent money on the wedding. A total of $525 went in the mail today to put deposits on our photographer (have I mentioned that I love her? Even though I've only met her once?) and the DJ.

Still no invoice from the hotel. WTF.

Green & White tune up tournament ran today. Got to see all of our DIs and a few proses. Then coached for several hours in the afternoon. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay coaching. I haven't coached all week, first thanks to the evils of my period making me cancel on Marisa, and then no one else calling me. I put a schedule up in the office, but I have made it very clear that the students need to call me if they expect me to show up. Since I didn't get any calls I figured nobody had signed up. Yet when I was in the office today I saw that two people had signed up during the week...and never called. It's their own damn fault, lol.

I'm going to miss everyone next year :-(

I've got nothing else. Billy gets off of work in about an hour, yay! I'll get to spend the evening with him (and possibly some other forensics peeps; one of the women who was on the team with me last year came up for the weekend so she might be getting a bunch of us together tonight) after not seeing him for three days.

The epic of booking the hotel continues...

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Got another e-mail from Amanda today. She's been "extremely busy" but that's "no excuse" for "making me wait." She is both mailing and e-mailing a copy of the invoice to me (but again; by the end of the work day I had no invoice).

In stark contrast: I talked to a DJ on Wednesday. On Thursday he put all of the details in the mail even when we hadn't committed to him yet. Depending on how reliable the mail service is, I should be getting all of the paperwork I need from him tomorrow.

Three day turn around time, versus the three months I've been trying to get stuff out of the hotel.

Tomorrow is the tune up tournament for the forensics team. Get to see where everyone's stuff is at just two weeks before they leave for prep. I have to be there at 9:15. How sad is it that that is going to be like sleeping in for me?

Billy comes home tomorrow, though I probably won't see him until he gets off of work at 8. Boo.

March 18th, 2008

Sad news

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I don't get to go to prep or nationals this year. At all. I'm
technically not supposed to have any days off UNTIL JUNE and I'd
already asked for time off for wedding stuff so......

No prep.

I kind of want to crawl under my desk and cry. I knew it was a
possibility that I wouldn't get to go, but everything sounded so
positive in my meeting last week that I let myself get my hopes up.

Fuck :-(

October 11th, 2007

Dropping in

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Yeah, I know, I dropped off the face of the planet for awhile. Because my schedule is crazy busy. Wanna see?

11-12:15 - Senior Seminar (crazy stupid English class)
12:30-4 - Work
4:30 - 7:10 (theoretically) - American Musical Stage (have yet to have a full class since the professor is directing the fall show)
7:30-??? Forensics meeting(s)

11-12:15 - American Cinema
12:30-3:30 - Work
3:30 - 4:45 - Mixed Media (DUMB DUMB CLASS)
5:30-??? - Rehearsal and/or coaching

10-11 - Coaching
11-12:15 - Senior Seminar
12:30-4:30 - Work
5:30 - ??? Rehearsal and/or coaching

Morning - Coach (sometimes)
1-4 - Work

10 - ??? Rehearsal


That is why I never post here. Because all I'm doing is rehearsing and when I get home I'm too tired to bitch about it.

But some of this shit is paying off. I attended my first forensics tournament as a judge this weekend. Our novices did AMAZINGLY well (two of them broke into varsity rounds! Damn impressive). But it was like being at an entirely different tournament from the ones I attended as a competitor. For one there was a lot more down time, lol. I only coached two prelim rounds each day. They had me judging crazy shit: persuastion and P.O.I. Y'know, the only two events I managed to go 4 years without competing in. (I got to judge finals in prose and impromptu, which was awesome; I judged impromptu with two other coaches from my school and we all agreed on the rankings for the top two and the 6th place competitors, which was reassuring. It means my opinions aren't COMPLETELY off base.)

Did some good coaching yesterday. Got two people on the way with Crit and helped a novice have a major breakthrough with her prose. Poor girl; she was really successful in high school where the winning formula is JUMP AROUND AND DO AS MUCH CRAZY SHIT AS POSSIBLE!!! College forensics is MUCH more subdued and she just couldn't figure out how to get into character without being all CRAZY. But I think I helped her get over that hurdle yesterday, which was great :-)

I'm up insanely early thanks to some jackass laying on the horn for about a minute at 5:20 this morning in the parking lot. WTF? So I laid in bed for another half an hour, cuddling with my kitties (Billy had to go down to Ohio for the day for a dumb dentist's appointment) before I conceded defeat and got up. Been screwing around on the internet and cleaning house for when Marisa and Richard come over this evening to watch a movie to cut for their duo (Yay interp coaching! I've been coaching PA almost exclusively).

Ugh, my kitten is crying :-( And her meow sounds almost exactly like Coyote's. So when I just hear her meow, I start freaking out because Coyote only makes a noise if it's serious, and then I turn around and see Cricket staring mournfully at me. I really wish cats could talk.

September 6th, 2007

World can end now, kthxbai

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So...finished registering for classes this morning. Dumb. Am currently double-booked for two classes because...EMU is dumb. I took AP Psych in High School, got a five on the exam, but...that score doesn't seem to be here at EMU. I think I might be able to get that sent in, but in the meantime I'm going to see if I like Research Writing enough to stick with it.

So, schedule!:

11-12:15 Senior Seminar (final english class for majors. Read some stuff, write some stuff, I might get to earn credit working as an editor for a class journal)
4:30-7:10 American Musical Stage (history of musical theatre)
11-12:15 Research Writing (No clue what this will actually entail yet)/Psychology 101 (ohpleasegoddon'tmakemetakethis)
3:30-4:45 Mixed Media (Some writing class that I'll be taking with Billy)

And that's it. The shortest schedule I've taken since the first semester of Freshman year; every other semester I've been taking at least 15 credit hours. Fall semester last year I was taking something stupid like 18 (they max us out at 19. And most of those were ed courses that are now WORTHLESS. 'Cause the ed department can suck it).

School stresses me out way too much. However Billy is lovely and sweet and makes everything better :-)

On the plus side, I don't think I'm going to be "that" forensics coach that never gets anyone to sign up for her. I have to e-mail Marisa a copy of a prose and I'm going to cut a duo for Richard. Or I'll try. Need to go Netflix the movie. And return the movies I've had for...a couple of weeks. Thank goodness they don't give you late fees.

Argh. My kitten is driving me crazy.

August 26th, 2007

Opinion reversed

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OMG OMG OMG. Scott Westerfeld is going to be at Confusion in Detroit in January.

I wonder if there's a limit on how many books we can bring for him to sign?

Last year, seriously, there was no one big. Now Scott Westerfeld and his wife are going to be there. ZOMG. I hadn't been planning on going back because it was a so-so con, but I will SO BE THERE this January.

~squees excitedly~

I'll definitely have to have my Specials clothing before then. Maybe there's some awesome quality stuff at my mom's store that will let me make my own shirts; one where the iron-on transfers don't fall off after two washes...

Billy is sick :-( :-( :-(

Spent this weekend over in the forensics room helping out this years team. I am so excited. We have a really driven freshman class. I have a feeling I've written this in here before, but I don't care. I also felt extremely loved: I walked in the forensics room and was immediately pounced on by a freshman to help with cutting a DI. Then I read her prose later on and discussed speeches with several people (ALL OF MY PET TOPICS HAVE BEEN PICKED UP BY AWESOME COMPETITORS. I AM SO EXCITED. THE CAPS MAKE IT TRUE).

Working on some het smut for Bring Back the Porn day - September 1st. Maybe it won't end up being smutty-smut; the style so far isn't lending itself to really graphic descriptions of sex (not that I've got that far yet). I'm going to spend this week doing some research for GTP, writing various smut fics for the aforementioned Porn day, and putting my apartment back in order after the ordeal of filming (my kitchen is completely cleaned - as in I even scrubbed the burners and inside the microwave - and I've made a dent in the ginormous PILE OF CRAP in the entry way).

Tomorrow's schedule (in no particular order):
-Wake up early to give Chris his microphone
-Return the cans and bottles
-Do grocery shopping
-Call doctor(s) to schedule appointments (hopefully for this week) to get contacts and a renewed birth control prescription (considering switching from the patch to Lybrel. Anyone happen to have any experience with that pill yet?)
-Call parents to find out about the insurance thing
-Schedule Pirate day with Misty and Diane
-Work (blah)

So much crap to do!


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Started a new comm here on IJ - [info]hp_slashfantasy I was part of the LJ-version and loooooooooooved it. I just wish it had stayed active :-( Hopefully the IJ version will work better. It's a simple premise: post your fantasy of an HP (femme)slash story/artwork you'd like to see and hopefully someone will fulfill your request. The HP slash fans on my flist totally should go join :-) Later on I'll probably get things started with a request or two, but right now my mind is stubbornly filled with het-smut ideas. Bah.

In real life, forensics is kicking into gear this weekend! We have an awesome freshmen class - I'm already really excited about at least one speech. Coaching is going to be awesome.

Also found out today that maybe I don't have to be enrolled full time to stay on my parents' insurance - maybe I only have to be enrolled full time for one semester/year. That would be sweet, so that I don't have to fill my schedule with four bullshit classes and one important one. I'll probably take two or three classes anyway, just to keep myself occupied, but I'm not going to take anything too stressful.

Of course, I still need to check with my parents and have them find that out.

Allegedly my loan is going to be disbursed on August 31st. I hope everything goes in a timely fashion, considering the day after that rent is due :-/ I have enough to cover it and utilities and everything - I'm not desperate for cash. But it'd be nice to have that cushion. 'Cause it seems whenever I'm low on cash some catastrophe happens (usually relating to my car) and I have to beg my parents for money so that I can survive without mooching off of Billy too much.

The Secret of NIMH is on On Demand this month. This excited me way too much. Don Bluth had soooooooooo much respect for 80's kids - his movies have some scary shit. Dragon the cat? Terrifying. He's totally the furry version of Sharp Tooth (right down to the scene where he's knocked out, lying upside down, and his semi-lifeless eye is open and reflecting the protagonist...). Scary stuff. And I love it. I kinda want to re-read the book now...maybe I'll go see if Borders has it.


August 23rd, 2007

w00t w00t!

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Finally got around to messing with the design of my IJ. I like it now :-D

My apologies to anyone on LJ who woke up this morning to see the feed from this journal eating their flist. I forgot that the feeds don't pick up on lj-cuts so...yay pr0n taking over?

Trying to figure out what I want to eat. I don't want to eat anything (I'm having one of those days where I just feel fat. I know I'm not, but it just feels like it today), but I have to keep my energy up for GTP tonight. I'm loving this campaign.

RP Geekery here )

Tomorrow is the start of a mini-prep for the forensics kids. It's still kind of weird to think that I'm going to be coaching them instead of participating. I'm running a workshop on Saturday with Emily about topics and research. It should be fun. I need to do some brainstorming tonight about points I want to hit so Emily and I can meet tomorrow night and plan efficiently. We were supposed to go out tonight but she's off being a good Samaritan and helping a friend who's having car trouble :-P Hence part of my food dilemma - I'd been counting on going out, and when I look forward to something like that it's hard to re-orient myself into thinking "home food."

Oh, and on another random note: Billy and I may be reconsidering the move to LA. We're now looking at New York! Eeeeeeeeeeee! It's still a "maybe" as, to be honest, there are more opportunities for him out in LA (while I'd have more in NY), but I think we were both a little scared by a visit from an old acquaintance who's currently out in LA. It's a big, scary, expensive world out there. Not that it's any smaller or less-scary in New York. Heck, it might not even be cheaper out there. But for me it's much more of a known quantity. First, I've actually visited New York. Once. When I was 12. But still. I've been there. I've never even been in the state of California. Second, I personally know at least two people who live in the New York area, so I can get personal recommendations of what neighborhoods to look at, rather than poking around blindly. Third, I've wanted to live in New York since the afore-mentioned trip. Back then I wanted to be an actor, but still. The desire to live in NY has never left.

And at the very least, as a serious contender for our future home, Billy and I will just have to go visit out there sometime. Darn! ;-)
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