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March 6th, 2010

Job Update

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So...last post was about my interview, right? Well, learned on Monday that I didn't get it. Maybe I did come across as over qualified. I don't know.

But! On Thursday Joanne from Human Resources called me back and said they have an executive assistant position opening up. Assistant to the president of the children's publishing group.

No one that I talk to can quite figure out if this is really a step up. On the one hand, it's the president of the children's group rather than the editors of an imprint I'd be assisting. On the other hand, the last interview would have included actual editorial work among the assistant duties (what I'd really like to do) and this would be much more assistant-ing, with the occasional research project thrown in (no idea what kind of research projects, but I'm a huge nerd so when Joanne said "research" I perked up). As an executive assistant I would get to see a lot more of what happens at the publisher than I would have just being in editorial, so who knows, perhaps I'll find a totally different field that I want to end up in.

So, things are going okay on the job-front. I'm beginning to get desperate to get out of my current job; I keep having weird personal friction with one of my bosses. I've never liked her all that much (it looks to me like she totally slacks off most days and then there's her liberal use of the word "retarded" to describe anyone and anything that doesn't go her way), but the last straw was last week when she called me a bitch.

I'm sure she was joking at the time, but we do not having anything even close to the sort of relationship where she can get away with calling me that. For one thing, she's my boss, and for another it's not like we've ever hung out outside of work so we clearly aren't actually friends. It was weird and really totally uncalled for. So I'm really looking forward to the day when I can give my two weeks' notice.

Things I'm also looking forward to: going to Ohio next weekend! The husband has been there for the last week getting some training for his new job with his dad's company, and next weekend I get to go visit. I'm adapting to having the apartment to myself, but it'll be nice to see him again, if only for a weekend. The cats have finally adapted too, I think; they were really quiet and subdued for the first few days and didn't even want to play and snuggle with me :-( But now they're fighting and snuggling and purring again, so life is okay.

June 24th, 2009


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You know your evening is going to go to hell in a handbasket when you turn onto your street and see no fewer than three firetrucks parked in front of your apartment building.

When I got to the front door, there were two firemen there talking with a guy from the gas company. I asked if we were allowed to go inside and the gas guy said sure, sure - wait, what apartment did I live in? I told him and he was like "Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner" and got on his walkie talkie to tell someone that the "occupant was on her way up to the unit."

So...I pretty much ran up the stairs (my grocery bag of milk, bread and ice cream banging against my knees) to find half a dozen fire fighters crammed into my hallway, standing with the door to my apartment wide open.

Turns out there was a gas leak in my apartment. Not the building, my apartment. When the super took apart the gas hose that connects the stove to the gas pipe in the wall, we found a giant hole in the hose. As he told Billy later last night, it's a wonder we're still alive, what with the size of that hole.

I spent a good part of the evening freaking out because I couldn't find any of the cats (I think I was looking for something to focus on rather than the fact that I could have died from the gas). The firefighters all said none of them had run out into the hall, but they had also opened the window screen so one of them could come in that way (...but they did that after busting down my front door. So now I have a sticky lock and a giant dent in the door that is a little disconcerting). So I was freaking out that a cat or three had decided to make a run for the fire escape.

Coyote turned out to be hiding behind the refrigerator. Gopher...I have no idea where he was hiding. I looked into all of the usual hiding places before coaxing Coyote out, not finding him, but after I shut Coyote up in the bathroom (with the window wide open, of course - I had to leave the door to the apartment open for awhile and didn't want to risk anyone running away after the gaggle of firefighters left) I came back out into the living area and Gopher was walking across the rug.

Cricket I didn't find until everyone had left and I'd turned on the light - it was only then that I could see a faint bit of light reflecting from her eyes from underneath the far corner of the bed. She didn't come out until after we came back from dinner that night.

So at the moment we have no gas. The gas company is going to come between noon and six today, but Billy has to leave for rehearsal by 3, so who knows if anything's going to get done. He's also in class all day tomorrow, so if they don't show up by three then we're not gonna have gas again until Friday. Balogna sandwiches and hot dogs for dinner, I guess.

Oh, and ice cream. I did pick that up yesterday, after all.

November 19th, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans!

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So Billy and I are spending our first Thanksgiving together, which means I have to prepare a feast! Here's the current plan:

Cornish Game Hens (getting a turkey for two people was ridiculous, and this seemed more "festive" in Billy's words than getting just a turkey breast)
These amazing Crash hot potatoes
Assorted roasted vegetables (right now I'm thinking eggplant, radish and broccoli)
Cranberry Sauce (courtesy of Ocean Spray, the only way to eat it)
Pumpkin Pie (courtesy of Cucina & Co, 'cause there's only so much I can make in my tiny kitchen)
Some sort of roll (perhaps homemade?)
Possibly mashed sweet potatoes (had these for the first time at my grandmother's last year and they were delicious. I need to figure out if I can replicate them)

Also, we're going to buy some special gushy foodz for the cats so they can celebrate Thanksgiving with us, too.

In non-food related news, today I give thanks to Billy's parents, for buying us a real live bed as an early Christmas present. It arrived today and it is wonderful :-) All the cats have been camped out on it all day, so they approve as well.

I finally sat down last night and finished cutting out the first part of our wedding invitations. That took way too long - I want to send them out by the end of this month and I am far, far from finishing them. So I'm going to grab myself a snack and then sit back down in front of the TV (or pop in the second Pirates movie. I finished the first batch of cutting while watching the first one. I seriously don't think I would ever accomplish anything without the help of these movies) to finish the next part. Provided my hand holds out.

October 7th, 2008

Well this is just weird...

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I had another day of orientation today. And you know what? It didn't suck. At all. We did things that were not only useful, but mildly entertaining. Like being given a customer scenario and then having to go pull together an outfit for the hypothetical customer.

Retail is totally not where I want to be with my life right now, but it seems like I could have chosen worse places (strike that: I know I could have chosen worse ~glares at Victoria's Secret~). Say what you will about Banana Republic, but they definitely know how to train their employees (so far I've had three days of training. I might have one more day since today we couldn't go as in depth as usual thanks to the usual trainer being out sick).

Yeah, that's pretty much all I've got. The library is finally starting to deliver on some of my holds, so I picked up five shiny new books after work:

  • The Ghosts of Kerfol
  • The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl
  • Hero
  • Dirty Work
  • The Dead and the Gone

Super excited to start reading them :-) I think I'm going to start with the Ghosts of Kerfol, simply because that one was actually recommended to me, and then figure it out from there. If I were working again this week I'd save the smaller books for the subway (since so far I've only been going to work during the morning rush and we get so packed into the subway sometimes there literally isn't room for me to hold a book), but since I don't work again, I'm free to do whatever I want :-)

In other news: poor Billy is sick today. And he stepped on Gopher's (our cat) tail this morning, so Gopher is sulking. And I think Cricket (another cat) is sick, too, because she keeps cowering in corners and won't even eat her treats. Hopefully she can get over whatever it is on her own - we can't afford to have a sick cat right now.

October 11th, 2007

Dropping in

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Yeah, I know, I dropped off the face of the planet for awhile. Because my schedule is crazy busy. Wanna see?

11-12:15 - Senior Seminar (crazy stupid English class)
12:30-4 - Work
4:30 - 7:10 (theoretically) - American Musical Stage (have yet to have a full class since the professor is directing the fall show)
7:30-??? Forensics meeting(s)

11-12:15 - American Cinema
12:30-3:30 - Work
3:30 - 4:45 - Mixed Media (DUMB DUMB CLASS)
5:30-??? - Rehearsal and/or coaching

10-11 - Coaching
11-12:15 - Senior Seminar
12:30-4:30 - Work
5:30 - ??? Rehearsal and/or coaching

Morning - Coach (sometimes)
1-4 - Work

10 - ??? Rehearsal


That is why I never post here. Because all I'm doing is rehearsing and when I get home I'm too tired to bitch about it.

But some of this shit is paying off. I attended my first forensics tournament as a judge this weekend. Our novices did AMAZINGLY well (two of them broke into varsity rounds! Damn impressive). But it was like being at an entirely different tournament from the ones I attended as a competitor. For one there was a lot more down time, lol. I only coached two prelim rounds each day. They had me judging crazy shit: persuastion and P.O.I. Y'know, the only two events I managed to go 4 years without competing in. (I got to judge finals in prose and impromptu, which was awesome; I judged impromptu with two other coaches from my school and we all agreed on the rankings for the top two and the 6th place competitors, which was reassuring. It means my opinions aren't COMPLETELY off base.)

Did some good coaching yesterday. Got two people on the way with Crit and helped a novice have a major breakthrough with her prose. Poor girl; she was really successful in high school where the winning formula is JUMP AROUND AND DO AS MUCH CRAZY SHIT AS POSSIBLE!!! College forensics is MUCH more subdued and she just couldn't figure out how to get into character without being all CRAZY. But I think I helped her get over that hurdle yesterday, which was great :-)

I'm up insanely early thanks to some jackass laying on the horn for about a minute at 5:20 this morning in the parking lot. WTF? So I laid in bed for another half an hour, cuddling with my kitties (Billy had to go down to Ohio for the day for a dumb dentist's appointment) before I conceded defeat and got up. Been screwing around on the internet and cleaning house for when Marisa and Richard come over this evening to watch a movie to cut for their duo (Yay interp coaching! I've been coaching PA almost exclusively).

Ugh, my kitten is crying :-( And her meow sounds almost exactly like Coyote's. So when I just hear her meow, I start freaking out because Coyote only makes a noise if it's serious, and then I turn around and see Cricket staring mournfully at me. I really wish cats could talk.
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