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August 27th, 2009

This has just been a terrible week.

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The last of my birth control was accidentally thrown out over the weekend. Was harassed by two men on the way to work Monday. Spent an hour and a half on the subway Tuesday morning (it should have been more like 35 minutes). Wednesday was just crazy with phone calls at work. Today had to unpack two dozen boxes and then run off to a gynecologist appointment, where the receptionist is borderline incompetent (Tennessee is another state, not another country), and I ended up just re-scheduling for next week.

Of course, next week I'm going to be in the middle of my period, so I'm not sure how much of an examination the gynecologist will actually be able to do. But Monday is the longest I can go before I get more birth control; any more than that and I'll have been more than a week off of it and I would prefer not to have my hormones go any crazier than they already will be at that point. I've had the patch for almost 5 1/2 years now - my body is more comfortable functioning WITH those hormones than without them.

This week just really, really sucks. And I don't even get to relax and have the weekend to myself because Billy's family is coming to visit.

I'm really tempted to just flop on the bed and CRY at this point.

August 13th, 2009

I'm a grown woman. Seriously.

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So I've been ducking into various Verizon Wireless stores this week trying to figure out where I can get the best deal for my own cell phone plan. I've been on my parents' plan since I was 16 and really, it's at the point that I need my own phone plan. Now that I've got the raise at work (yay!) I can finally afford one (at least for me - we might be keeping Billy with his current plan since technically it's a work phone).

Walking by the new store by my apartment tonight I saw a sandwich board saying they were having a 3 days sale. Well that's interesting, so I go inside and see what it is. Apparently a bunch of phones are free for the duration of the sale and he wants to check my account to see if I'm eligible. I explain that I actually want a new plan because I'm on my parents' at the moment. He says that in order for me to get off that plan, my dad (and yes, he did jump to the conclusion that it was my dad who was the primary account holder. That happens to be true but I still don't like the assumption) would have to be there (physically, in the store) to authorize me to have my own account.

"But my dad's already done that," I explain. And he has - he had checked earlier this summer to see what needed to be done to get me off of their plan and had it put into the computer system that I could leave whenever I wanted.

This sales rep didn't want to hear it - wouldn't even look it up to check.

I got so, so angry I snapped "That's not correct," and stormed out of the store. I was actually mildly scared of how angry I was, but mostly I'm just PISSED. Because, seriously, that's bullshit. I don't think I've been told I needed my dad to do something for me since I was 10. Haven't needed my parents for anything since I turned 18 (well, haven't needed them for anything like getting my own cell phone - clearly I love them and need them on a regular basis, but for things like moral support and presents ;-). To be told that as a 24 year old woman I still needed my father's permission to have my own cell phone account just pissed me off to no end.

Guess I'm going back to that store in Manhattan that is giving away free Blackberries.

August 11th, 2009

Gah. Frustrated.

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In an attempt to organize my life and make sure I balance out Shit That Needs to be Done with Shit I Like to Do that has No Redeeming Value, I've blocked out a rough schedule for my evenings:

Monday: Library/reading
Tuesday: Writing
Wednesday: Video games
Thursday: Library/reading
Friday: Writing

It's a good schedule. Last night went well; didn't have to return any library books (because Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is boring as fuck thus is taking way too long to read and is keeping me from other, more exciting books) so I spent it reading and lounging with Billy (because according to the thermostat on the fan it was 89 degrees in the apartment - and that actually may be the highest reading on the thermostat, so it was probably hotter).

Tonight was supposed to be writing night. Writing at the apartment doesn't work - it's an unholy mess right now, which distracts me from my writing, plus the cats always want attention. Correction: Cricket always wants attention. If I'm on the bed, Gopher will hop up next to me and relax and Coyote will lounge on the end of the bed near my feet, but Cricket feels the need to hop up on my chest, pressing her bony little paws into my boobs with all her might going "Hey! Hey! Wanna pet me? Wanna pet me? You wanna pet me! Hey! Hey!" Not helpful. So I figured, hey, I'll do what all great writers do and head to a coffee shop. I've only got Starbuckses in my neighborhood, but that'll work, right?


Neither Starbucks in my vicinity has adequate seating. I passed one up because not only were there no seats when I arrived, but it was turning into a sauna thanks to the wall of windows facing the sunset. So I went to the other one, which I was sure was bigger, but I must have been mistaken. When I walked in there was one empty table, but only one person in front of me in line, so I figured I had a good shot at getting that table. So I ordered my Mocha Frappucino and buy a fruit and cheese plate ('cause omg I was starving), turn the corner from the bar to sit at my table...and there was another woman there already. NOT the woman who had been in front of me in line. I honestly have no idea where this woman came from. I stood around for five minutes, seeing if anyone was going to vacate one of the other tables (everyone had empty drink cups, so it wasn't unreasonable to think that maybe they'd be leaving), before I got fed up and left.

So now I'm back home. An hour wasted. And Billy is apparently upset because he tried to call me when I was on the subway for some directions. Tonight is not my night.

May 29th, 2009

I hate the motherfucking post office

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So I recounted my ordeal last Saturday with getting shit delivered, ie that shit was NOT getting to my apartment, like the wedding photos that they conveniently tried to deliver while I was out picking up my other shit from the post office.

There was (apparently) no attempt at re-delivering on Tuesday or Wednesday. So Wednesday evening I go through the online shenanigans to request it to be delivered today, since yesterday Billy was (supposed to be) at school (he ended up getting sick, poor thing), and clearly they aren't willing to leave shit at my door anymore.


So my options are now either go to the post office first thing tomorrow, or do another fucking redelivery request for sometime next week. Normally this would be a no brainer - just go to the post office and pick up the damn wedding pictures. But I managed to score a pass to Book Expo tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am terrified that if I don't get there first thing my chances at getting a Catching Fire (sequel to Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) galley will be lost (of course, this could all be for naught anyway if they ran out of galleys today, but I figure I have a better chance of getting it at nine tomorrow than at eleven or twelve).

One should never have to choose between wedding pictures and books.

May 23rd, 2009


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So...I kind of hate the post office here. Never before have I had so many freakin' problems just getting stuff through the mail. Wedding invitations and RSVPs were lost, and getting anything larger than an envelope delivered is a herculean task. When we first moved here, they would just leave shit at our door without so much as a knock to inform us something was at the door. I wasn't entirely comfortable with that because who knows how honest our neighbors are, but at least I was getting my stuff (and to my knowledge, nothing was stolen - my neighbors all seem to keep to themselves but are nice on the occasions we do interact, so I have nothing against them now). NOW I have to obsessively watch the USPS track and confirm page to try to figure out when my stuff will be arriving and if the post office has allegedly tried to deliver it, because the last few times they've neglected to leave their little redelivery notices.

So last week I bought some stuff on ebay and it was mailed out on Monday. Yay! Track it all week and yesterday at 6:00 am it arrived at my local post office. I checked the track and confirm page periodically throughout the morning, but it (allegedly) never left the post office. And then I stayed at home for the whole rest of the day (since I left work early and got home around 1), but nothing ever arrived.

Wake up early this morning, since Billy had to get up early for class (and may or may not have SAT on my BROKEN TOE while he was getting ready), and the first thing I did was check the status of my eBay package. Nothing had changed, which I found very weird. Sat around on the computer all morning (thanks to the injured toe I'm not doing much else right now) and finally at 12:30 I decide to call the post office to see if I can get a confirmation that it will be delivered (I was contemplating going out to grab lunch and some tape for my poor injured toe).

Well, according to the post office's records, THEY DID try to deliver it yesterday. I about blew up on the phone, but either this was the same woman I talked to last time I had issues getting a package delivered, or there's an epidemic of "lost" redelivery slips because she immediately said she was going to notify the manager of the post office, and she would either schedule my package for redelivery on Tuesday or I could come down to get it.

Since I wanted my stuff, I pulled myself together, popped some ibuprofen, and started hobbling down to the post office. Got down there, stood in line for awhile, picked up my package with no problem, and hopped on a bus to get back (for some reason there's no convenient bus stop between my apartment and the post office, but going in the opposite direction there's a bust stop right outside the post office's door). Stopped at the bank to get some cash and then picked up food and medical tape at Rite Aid. All in all, trip took about an hour.

Come home, hobble up the stairs because the damn elevator isn't working AGAIN, and when I get to my door, I see a little orange slip poking out.

While I was out, the post office had tried to deliver my proofs from the photographer.

~headdesk headdesk headdesk~

April 23rd, 2009

Fuck you, Banana Republic

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Seriously. Part of the reason I chose to keep the Banana job after I got my new one was because Banana had been in the habit of scheduling me for 1-2 days a week, when I was available for 7 days. So I figure if I chop down my available days by at least half, they'll still be only scheduling me for 1-2 days a week.

Last week I was scheduled 21 hours; this week it was 12 (because I had explicitly requested Sunday off to regain some sanity) - next week I'm back up to 20: 6 hours on Sunday, then 4 hours each on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's essentially using every single hour that I'm available.

The upside of this is that it's finally kicking me into gear to get a savings account set up this weekend. I talked about it with Billy and we decided that once I've paid off my credit card bill and we've saved 2-3 months worth of rent and utilities, we'll feel comfortable enough for me to be OUT of Banana. If they keep scheduling me like crazy, that day will come sooner rather than later.

Also what is helping: I've started using Mint to keep track of our spending and have discovered some shocking things - like how much money we spend on eating out every month. It shouldn't really be surprising, since I've been buying my lunch at work every day for a month, but most of the time lunch is a bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin' Donuts and a Coke picked up from a hot dog vendor. Those $2-3 lunches add up. So Billy and I are going to renew our efforts to pack our lunches and eat dinners at home, and maybe limit going out to once per week.

We're also going to drop cable TV. ~gasp~ But seriously, we spend $85-95 a month on our cable/internet package (depending on if we buy a pay-per-view movie) - only $30 of that is internet. We don't watch $55+ of TV a month. The only reason we were hesitating was because we do like to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on nights when I'm actually home - but I just checked and both of them put their shows online. So we're doing it! We're going TV-less! And then we'll finally have enough money to renew our Netflix account!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew I could get so excited about saving money?

But the "fuck you" to Banana Republic still stands.

April 18th, 2009

Frustration building...

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Couldn't I have ONE VENDOR from the wedding who is on top of her/his shit? It's bad when my mother was the most responsive/timely person I worked with (I love my mother dearly, but procrastination is one of her worse habits).

It seems pretty standard to have to wait until a month after the wedding to see your wedding pictures. It took just a little bit more than that for us to even see them online, but I was okay with that, because within a week of seeing them online we were supposed to get our CD so we could do what we wanted with the pictures, making it a little less than a month and a half between the wedding and having pictures in our hot little hands.

On Tuesday we hit the two month mark and I don't think our photographer has put our CD in the mail yet. Her intern was supposed to do it before Jen went on some trip, but that didn't happen, then Jen told me the pictures would be in the mail by Friday (yesterday) and she'd e-mail me when they went out. No e-mail yet.

In happier news, earlier this week I won my Con or Bust auction, so I'm talking with someone to get a handmade scrapbooking journal for the pictures to go in. The plan was originally for it to be for my parents...but the more I talk to her, the more selfish I get, lol. Today's revelation: while she was poking through her supplies she found some stickers of the medallions from Pirates of the Caribbean! Oh, and this was BEFORE I told her that I am obsessed with love the films, lol. So, getting this journal was totally fate...and I don't know if I'll be able to part with it!

ETA: ~bangs head~ two seconds after I e-mailed her, I got an e-mail back from Jen. Now something went wrong with our proofs (so I guess we are getting a CD + small physical copies of all of them - I'd forgotten, but this is cool) so she had to re-order them. Our discs are going in the mail today, but it will be a while longer on the proofs. Apparently her intern isn't doing her job (sounds like someone needs a new intern! I've forgotten to bring stuff over to the UPS store before, but it was stupid things like recycling the printer cartridge, NOT something that someone was actually waiting for and had spent a lot of money on!)

April 11th, 2009


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So that schedule for next week finally showed up.

I'm allegedly working from 9:45 to 6:45 on Sunday, then 6 to 10 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Considering working six hours on Sunday this week and then 6 to 10 on Wednesday and Thursday wiped me out this week, I'm totally NOT working all of those hours this week.

I know that in some ways I'm an incredibly lucky person - there are so many people right now that would kill for one job, let alone two. On the other hand, BECAUSE I have two jobs, I would prefer that I not be scheduled for the maximum number of hours at my second job, and instead those hours go to someone that truly needs them. If I could go from working almost 20 hours a week to something closer to 20 hours a month there, I would be extremely happy.

April 10th, 2009


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So our new scheduling agreement at work supposedly guarantees that we will have our schedule for the next week by Thursday at noon, at the latest. Not that I've EVER seen it then, but we at least usually get it on Thursday, posted at the store and/or e-mailed to us.

Well, I left the store at 10 last night, nothing posted - it's now quarter to nine the next morning and there's still no e-mail.

So I decided to check my spam folder, just to make sure it hadn't ended up in there.

While in the spam folder, I discovered that I had been sent 140+ spam e-mails on Wednesday, all with almost identical subjects (some spam genius has decided to start modeling spam messages on mailer daemon failed delivery messages).

Thank god for Gmail's spam filter.

Not thanking god for Banana Republic. I am super tired and achy and rather upset that I didn't find out until Wednesday that we were going to be open Easter Sunday, and now it's Good Friday and we still don't have our schedules (despite the brand new scheduling agreement they were so eager for me to sign last month - does this mean I don't have to hold up my end of the bargain on giving proper notice for calling in sick?). I'm not celebrating Easter, and haven't for a long time, but what if I was? It's the principle of the thing.

April 9th, 2009


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Worked another 12+ hour day yesterday, thanks to my unholy combination of jobs. I am SO TIRED right now. And I blame Billy - if he hadn't had a full pork chop dinner waiting for me when I got home, I would have been asleep an hour earlier.

But it was very sweet for him to make me dinner, so I'll forgive him.

Tonight I do the same thing, though hopefully I'll get out of work on time rather than at 10:30. If there's a perfect close tonight I might hurt someone - at least if they put me back in the sale section alone again.

At some point Billy and I are going to have a conversation about whether it's really worth it for me to keep working both jobs. We could certainly use the money, but it's also driving me up a freaking wall.

Dear economy: please get better soon so I can NOT be underemployed for once in my life. I think that would be a wonderful feeling.

March 27th, 2009

~kill stab maim Banana Republic~

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So, almost two months ago I started my new job. And shortly after starting this job I tried to quit at Banana Republic, because originally I was told the only way I could stay on the schedule there and not work Monday-Friday was to leave my Saturday and Sunday completely open. Which led to working 13 days straight when I returned to work after the wedding. Not cool.

So I talked to my manager and told him I was going to have to quit because this shit was bananas. Because my manager loves me, he didn't want me to quit so we worked out an alternative: I take Saturdays off, leave my Sundays free, and then set my availability for three four hour shifts at night during the week, say from six until ten. Since the last shift currently ends at nine and they aren't scheduling shifts shorter than four hours, I'll still be on the schedule and technically fulfilling my availability requirements, but I won't have to worry about being scheduled until summer.

I guess by "summer" he meant "April 2nd" because on Thursday I'm working from 6 until 10. After working from 10-5:30 at the real job.

If the stores hours have changed, I really might have to quit for real, because I don't think my sanity can handle 12+ hour days.

March 13th, 2009

Welcome to Friday the 13th

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It's 10:30 and today already sucks hardcore.

First, as usually happens on a day when I'm changing my schedule slightly, I couldn't get out of the apartment in a timely fashion this morning. Just lots of little crappy things adding up to me leaving the apartment when I normally do. Which would be fine if I didn't have errands to run before work.

Run over to the bank to deposit my paycheck. This should be a painless procedure - fill out the deposit slip, noting that I want $100 back from the transaction. Which is something the teller manages to miss. Probably because he keeps jabbering on about some dumb credit card even after I tell him I don't have time to apply for one. Then we can't re-do the transaction because I don't have my ATM card with me, I only have Billy's. Never mind that he's my husband and both of our names are on the account. So he has to call his manager over and I'm like, dude, I'll just go to the ATM because I don't have time for this. I eventually walk away to do so.

Miss the train I wanted to catch. Get on the next one, which takes for friggin' ever. Debate between arriving at my office exactly on time or a few minutes late to accomodate my new jamba juice oatmeal addiction. Decide to feed the craving EXCEPT THEY'RE OUT OF OATMEAL and I'd have to wait another 15 minutes to get some. So I get my smoothie and a disgusting blueberry oat...thing...and go to my office...

Where no one shows up for half an hour, meaning I could have waited as long as I needed to for the oatmeal.

~bangs head on keyboard~

On the other hand, started reading a new book today that feels very topical in light of RaceFail. It's a futuristic fantasy story (setting feels very SF, with advances in technology, but thanks to some deathly technology "magic" has returned to the world, so the combination makes it a palatable fantasy story for me, so far) set in Niger. 54 pages in and not a single white person has been mentioned. There does happen to be a rather negative portrayal of what could be interpreted as Islam in it, which isn't exactly cool, but at 54 pages I'm not ready to pass judgment.

In other good news, I'm supposed to be meeting Billy for lunch today. We've been trying to get together since Monday but it keeps not happening. Is today the day?

March 10th, 2009

A Note to Bloggers

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You cannot say that movie reviewers are incorrect in their interpretation of Watchmen the film if you haven't seen the film yourself.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can tell that the film leaves out lots of things from the book. However, for those of us who haven't read the book, we can't tell exactly what is missing, and thus must raise our frustrations with how the film presents itself on its own merits. I don't give a shit if the graphic novel provides an in-depth backstory for Silk Spectre that explains why she wouldn't beat the shit out of an attempted rapist - the movie gives us no backstory on her, little on Silk Spectre II, and thus, in my book, fails as an attempt at building characters.

This is not a commentary on the graphic novel. It is a commentary on the film. They are two separate mediums - please keep that in mind when you are responding to a review.

February 17th, 2009


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I really hate those last few minutes before you leave for work where there isn't enough time to start a new task, but it's just long enough for you to start feeling really bored.

I leave the apartment at 8 - it's now 7:53.


February 2nd, 2009

To do list

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This entry isn't going to be of much interest to anyone; I just feel the need to write out everything that has to be done in the next three weeks:

  • Create "guest book" (hopefully my idea will be as awesome in practice as it is in my head)
  • Create programs
  • Finalize ceremony
  • Write vows
  • Get tux for Billy (currently planning on doing that tomorrow, but may be pushed to Thursday if Billy is still sick)
  • Buy ties for the guys
  • Buy shawls for the girls
  • Figure out who needs corsages/boutonnieres
  • (Perhaps most important) Catch up with the last two weeks of Battlestar...and last week's Lost
  • Get my Banana Republic work schedule changed so I can start at the new job
  • Buy plane tickets
  • Ask parents for more money to facilitate all of this buying stuff.
  • Figure out makeup for the day
  • Set up hair appointments
  • Find out how long the photographer thinks pictures will take, so I know the right time to do the hair appointments.
  • Continue making calls to people for RSVPs

I think that's it...I could be completely wrong, however.

I haven't slept well for days. Three of the last four nights I've had some wedding nightmare or other. I rarely used to have nightmares - now they're a regular occurrence. Combine them with Billy being sick and coughing/tossing and turning all night, and I haven't been getting any rest. Oh, and all of a sudden I have four zits on my face. It's been ages since I've had more than one at a time.

I can't wait until this is all finished...

January 18th, 2009

An important message from the bride-to-be:

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I don't know how many people who are invited to the wedding actually read this blog, but if you do and you've received your invitation, I have an important request:


The due date is Thursday. I know I won't get all of them by that date, considering I couldn't send some out until two days ago (so those people probably won't even get them by Thursday. Oy, postal service. OY), but there are a lot of people who got their invites back around Christmas and I haven't heard from them yet.

I'm trying very hard not to freak out.

In the mean time, I'm working on cleaning my apartment and keeping an eye out for my spare phone charger. For whatever reason, my usual one isn't charging my phone now. I'm really, really hoping it's just something wrong with the charger (and I can find my other one) and not something wrong with the phone, because I can't afford to buy new phone stuff right now.

Billy's gone for the day, doing some film stuff. I can't tell you how weird it is to have the apartment to myself after having Billy underfoot constantly (in a good way) for the last four months.

January 14th, 2009

~dramatic gasp~

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Starting January 24th, the local branch of my library is going to be closed for five months.

There's another branch two subway stops away (and that branch actually has a YA section), but still!

This is going to throw off all of my pending inter-library loan requests.


January 8th, 2009


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So my day of wedding stuff didn't get started until 5:30 tonight. Mom, Dad and I went out to dinner...and then Mom and I dragged Dad all over town trying to accomplish things. Very few of which were actually accomplished.

Our usual fabric store didn't have the netting I wanted for the veil. We went to another fabric store and they only had tulle, despite my specific request for hat/russian/french netting (okay, maybe throwing all of those names out there doesn't really make it specific, but this one type of netting is known by all three names, so you'd think the person would have recognized any one of them). Add this on top of not being able to do my jewelry this weekend, or my table numbers, and I'm getting extremely frustrated and wishing that I hadn't given myself so much time in Holland.

I did get my haircut though, and 99% of it looks really cute. It's the shortest I've gone yet, but I think this look really works for me. The 1% I'm not a fan of is the bangs, because she left them too long. Maybe the stylist at the salon will fix that for me tomorrow?

Currently dying my hair. ~checks the time~ Ooh, I'm actually supposed to wash it out now.

Waking up early tomorrow to go back to the fabric store and get the netting they did have. It's not necessarily what I want, but it will at least give us something to work with at the hair trial.

November 21st, 2008

Bah, AIM. Bah.

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AIM keeps giving me this little pop up telling me my software has "expired." I didn't realize AIM had a use-by date.

I hate it when software tries to force me to upgrade. I'm perfectly happy with AIM as it is now, I don't need "faster performance" and frickin "customizable plugins like mail, games, music and much more."


November 13th, 2008

Death by Retail

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Last night Banana Republic had a crazy after hours shopping event for people who spend way too much on their credit cards.

It was crazy. And obnoxious. They had me working the cash register. I'm not a good cashier on a normal day (numbers and I have never gotten along well), so making me ring up huge purchases for half-drunk people for three hours wasn't the best move anyway. Add to that technology glitches (sale items were ringing up at 20% off rather than 30%) and I was tired and exhausted and NOT AMUSED.

Add to that that the event came at the end of an 8 hour shift during which I wasn't granted any of my 15 minute breaks and I'm even more unamused. And now have a headache like I'm the one who was downing glasses of champagne like they were water.

Please oh please oh please let me get the publishing job next week...
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