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June 26th, 2009

Updates, updates...

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It's a slow day in the office, and no one else is here at the moment, so I figured messing around on IJ is a legitimate use of my time :-)

Update on Epic Gas WTF 2009: Twitter/Facebook followers know that the gas company showed up mere minutes before Billy had to leave for rehearsal on Wednesday. And then proceeded to tell Billy that the stove/oven was still broken (it was unclear where the leak was actually coming from still). When I got home I asked the super to look at it, and he determined the regulator was broken. So the stove guy came by yesterday (allegedly - I had to leave my key with the super because Billy has class all day Thursday), but didn't have the right part. Hopefully he comes by today with the right one because I'm tired of not being able to cook (we had a huge batch of groceries delivered on Monday and I don't want my veggies to go bad!). Luckily, my boss took pity on my yesterday and gave me $20 so Billy and I could order pizza for dinner, rather than repeating the balogna sandwich dinner of Wednesday evening.

COUNTDOWN TO THE END OF MY TIME AT BANANA REPUBLIC: Got my schedule for my last week and it doesn't completely suck! 11:15-6:45 on Sunday, then the usual 6-10 Monday and Thursday. And then I'll volunteer for a short shift on Saturday because it's holiday pay and it's not like I have any other plans for the 4th. Only working a morning shift though - not a chance in hell I'm volunteering to close on my last day.

Computer update: Computer started acting extremely wonky last week - clearly had a virus, the type that doesn't let you open up Spybot or Malware Bytes. Downloaded AdAware which would run, but never cleaned out the virus for very long. Bought Norton AntiVirus, which did better, but there was also one pesky program that would never leave. And then sometime overnight Wednesday my computer froze and whenever I tried to restart it on Thursday it would go to blue screen of death immediately after I booted it up. And Safe Mode wasn't an option - I can't remember the last time I actually got safe mode to work on my computer.

So Thursday after work I selected the non-destructive recovery option on the computer and reinstalled the whole OS while all of my files were saved on another part of the drive. Woke up early this morning to start fiddling with settings and the like - running my antivirus program again (since whatever virus I had was probably backed up with my files), messing around with Google Chrome (really, really love the concept of the browser. Hate that they don't have an efficient adblocker, so I'm sticking with Firefox for awhile longer). As of 9:00 am this morning, the computer was looking good - Norton had found a virus during its quick scan and got rid of it with no problem. Still can't run Safe Mode, though, which troubles me and probably signals that before too long I'll have to replace the computer. Can't afford to buy a whole new machine right now, though I'm hoping to get a Netbook soon for writing (and free wifi over in Madison Square Park intrigues me), or perhaps I'll hold off until the fall to see what these Android-powered smartbooks are like.

April 20th, 2009

Things I want for the apartment

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Post-wedding, I find myself "nesting," for lack of a better word. I think all of the energy I put into wedding planning needs to go somewhere, and the "next step" of being a grown up is setting up house, right?

Except I've been working on setting up house slowly but surely for the past five years - or earlier (seriously, I have furniture in this apartment that I picked up in high school, specifically planning on bringing to my first New York studio apartment. And look where it ended up!). Also, we are on a tight budget as we recover from the wedding, and live in an apartment that we may or may not be in after next year, so there's only so much I can do as I try to set up house.

There are a few things I want, however. Like this:
Baker's Rack with Cutting Board

The apartment's kitchen came with about a square foot of counter space. And only a bit more cabinet space. So back when we moved in my mom took us to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought us (among many, many other things) a wire shelf/rack set up that has worked pretty well as an impromptu kitchen counter (and coffee table - with four shelves the thing was too tall, but the top shelf section was just the right height to become a coffee table). But it's kind of narrow, and since it's a wire shelf system, it's not the most solid surface ever.

This, however, I am sure would solve all of my problems. Ever.

Except for decorating and storing stuff in the rest of the apartment.

And that's where Target comes in:
Itso Storage system

For some reason I love the look of the cube storage system. There's just so much you can do with it! And this one even has the dark brown wood with red accent pieces - perfect for the apartment.

Except, the wood laminate cubes are, naturally, more expensive than the plain white plastic cubes. So I'm going to start picking up the white plastic ones and using my mad craft skills (ha, pun!) to make them awesome with decopage and stuff.

Trust me, it will be awesome.

And now, I'm going to go back to wrestling with Facebook to let me upload my wedding pictures!

September 28th, 2008


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Really the only thing left to do in our apartment is to put our posters and other decor up on the walls. First we tried the Hurcules Hooks that had worked in our last apartment, but we apparently have super walls that are impervious to the little buggers. Next was Command picture hangers, which, in a word, suck. I've tried them twice now, and both times it's taken the poster about 3 seconds to come crashing to the floor. Thank god I didn't try it with our mirrors!

So now we need to go out and buy good old fashioned nails. Hopefully those can penetrate the walls, 'cause I'm really tired of the posters being propped up against various walls. I want everything that isn't a piece of furniture (or a rug) off of my floor. I'm seriously getting a little neurotic here.

August 6th, 2008

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! and Noooooooooooooooo!!!

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Good news and bad news today:

Good news: BILLY AND I SIGNED THE LEASE ON A NEW YORK APARTMENT!!! We're living in Rego Park in Queens, which totally isn't glamorous...or big...but it's a little place not too far from NYC that will enable me to actually get a job out here. We're so excited!!! And yet, a little lost: we gave ourselves two full days out here...and we had our apartment by 2pm on the first day. What do we do tonight? And all day tomorrow?

Bad news: Michael's has discontinued the vase that I really wanted to use for our centerpieces. I know, it's on a totally different scale than our apartment, but it's still a little disappointing. They were purple!

July 13th, 2008

I am a motherfucking badass

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So Billy, James and I drove to New York yesterday. According to our little GPS-thingy the trip should have taken nine hours. Between stopping to switch drivers, going to the 24-hour Arby's in Pennsylvania (lol, as if it were the only one in the entire state), and having to stop at half of the stop lights in New York City, it ended up taking eleven.

Oh well. We had fun.

Especially when I drove in Manhattan :-D That may be one of my crowning achievements in life so far.

I didn't drive far (roughly 23 miles according to Google, but we took a slightly different route. And that's just what I did in New York; I don't remember when exactly I took over but I drove for a fair amount of time in New Jersey as well), but I was still impressed with myself. My dad apparently thinks it wasn't very chivalrous of the guys to "let" me drive in New York, but a) I volunteered b) Billy volunteered to take the first leg of the trip, which was highway night driving (aka bane of my existence) and c) after sitting through almost an hour of James driving, I never wanted to be in a car with him ever again. I didn't think anyone could actually be too cautious of a driver, but he definitely fits that description. After about 5 minutes I was itching to take over the wheel, but ultimately let him handle PA and NJ until the traffic started to pick up in New Jersey. Then I conveniently needed to use the restroom so we switched drivers at a Starbucks.

And then I drove in Manhattan.

Saw one apartment yesterday in Queens. It was a fine apartment, and definitely had the plus of not requiring 15 forms of identification + our first born in order to rent it, but I wasn't so in love with it that I felt the need to put down our deposit right there. But I'm sure there are worse apartments out there. We're looking at another one in Queens today, and after that I'm making the boys look up apartments. I have done 99% of the planning for this trip, from researching hotels to apartments to look up, to being the de facto navigator (I'm the only one who has any experience with being in cities on their own). Someone else can take charge (of everything except navigation) for awhile).


December 16th, 2007

Fuck you, maintenance people

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I woke up around 9:20 to hear an obnoxious buzzing outside my window. My bedroom has the thinnest windows EVER, so even though I'm on the second floor I can even hear conversations perfectly. This time it sounded like a chainsaw. Or a weedwhacker.

Instead it was a tiny snowblower that is hardly making a dent in the blanket outside.

Which they apparently figured out because twenty minutes later, when I'm wide, if grudgingly, awake, they've quit.

Fuck you, maintenance people.
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