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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

I love weddings! Drinks all around!

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Went to my first wedding since my own last year. Unfortunately I had to go sans-husband, since work took him away at the last minute, but I got to hang out with my parents, who I haven't seen since Labor Day, so that was nice.

What was especially great about this wedding though was I got to see my cousin Jen who I haven't seen in probably ten years. Maybe more. I only saw her sporadically as we were growing up - apparently her mom wasn't too fond of my family (I don't know if it was just my mom she disapproved of or if she tried to keep her husband from his entire family) so family gatherings were few and far between. I didn't hear anything about her for several years until my uncle divorced his wife and started talking with my mom and grandparents a lot more.

What I learned then was my uncle was having a bit of a hard time with Jen, because Jen was living with a woman - the woman she married last night in a beautiful ceremony in Baltimore. I reached out to Jen last February to invite her to my wedding and made very clear that while I knew some people in our family were less accepting than others, I was behind her 100% and very much wanted to meet Sarah. Unfortunately the timing didn't work out so Jen and Sarah weren't able to attend my wedding, but Jen and I friended each other on Facebook and we've talked periodically since then.

So when I heard she was getting married, I made sure to clear my schedule so I could get out there to support her. My uncle is still having a hard time accepting her, but he put on a brave face and was there for the wedding, along with her mom and her brother. My parents were the only other family members who attended from Jen's side, a combination of distance (the rest of the family is in Michigan or parts farther west) and disapproval of "the lifestyle."

But I was happy to be there for Jen and Sarah's big day. Jen was totally geeked to see me, which was nice, and I can now confirm that Sarah is a lovely addition to the family (omg, she was soooooooooo cute when it was time for her to say her vows. She was totally choked up with all sorts of emotions. And Jen was so cute supporting her. A fantastic couple!). Despite being in Baltimore for several years, neither Jen nor Sarah have been to New York City, so we're hoping that over the summer they can come visit for a few days! It'll be great getting to know Jen again in person, and Sarah for the first time.

Really, Facebook has been awesome for my family. Both of my mom's siblings have fallen off the radar for us sometimes, and they both started having kids before my parents did, so even when I did see my cousins they were a couple of years older than me and usually didn't want to hang out. But now that we're all grown up and the few years separating us don't matter nearly as much, we're all friends on Facebook. We don't really have in-depth conversations that often, but it's nice to keep in even casual contact with each other.

This is a totally rambley entry, for which I apologize. My brain's still a little scattered from spending so much time on buses in the last two days. NYC to Baltimore wasn't bad at all (we left 5 minutes late but got to Baltimore 15 minutes early), but the trip back really sucked. Left late, stop and go traffic the whole way and obnoxious air conditioning all made for a miserable trip that lasted an hour more than it should have. But now I'm back, and on Friday I get to head to Ohio for another wedding - my brother-in-law's this time.
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