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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

Ugh, workouts

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Took a spinning class tonight for workout #8. NEVER AGAIN. I was miserable, and really it was just embarrassing how I had to keep dropping out. My legs would lock up and my knees would start twitching, it just wasn't a healthy situation. So. Skipping that FOREVER.

Billy and I also had a good talk on the way home. We've decided we really need to cut at least one day out during the week so we can have some "us" time. For the past week it's been I get home around 5:30, we eat and chill a little bit, then get to the gym by 7:30-8:00, workout for an hour, and get home around 9-9:30, when we're hot and sweaty and often too tired to do much of anything substantial. So while we're proud of ourselves for working out a lot, there really is a point when it gets to be too much. So we're thinking that we're going to skip tomorrow's workout in favor of walking to the movies (about a mile walk there, so not a shabby workout in itself). I'm lobbying to go see Date Night 'cause Tina Fey is my hero.

Job interview update: the interview on Tuesday went extremely well. Of course, all of the others went well, too. This time the interviewer explicitly told me I'm an excellent candidate, which she hasn't been able to say about too many others. She sent me home with homework (just like the editors did way back in February) where I had to create a marketing plan, which sent me into a minor panic. I'm an extremely quick study and am totally confident I could pick up marketing with ease, but since I've never actually done marketing, I was a little bit at a loss as to what exactly I should be doing. But with a little help from a friend who works in international marketing at another publishing house, my trusty librarian friend who got me my first interview back in the day, and Google, I think I put together something passable. I supplemented my marketing ideas with a thorough explanation of why I thought it would be effective, so hopefully that will make up for any deficiencies in my style.
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