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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

Job Update

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So...last post was about my interview, right? Well, learned on Monday that I didn't get it. Maybe I did come across as over qualified. I don't know.

But! On Thursday Joanne from Human Resources called me back and said they have an executive assistant position opening up. Assistant to the president of the children's publishing group.

No one that I talk to can quite figure out if this is really a step up. On the one hand, it's the president of the children's group rather than the editors of an imprint I'd be assisting. On the other hand, the last interview would have included actual editorial work among the assistant duties (what I'd really like to do) and this would be much more assistant-ing, with the occasional research project thrown in (no idea what kind of research projects, but I'm a huge nerd so when Joanne said "research" I perked up). As an executive assistant I would get to see a lot more of what happens at the publisher than I would have just being in editorial, so who knows, perhaps I'll find a totally different field that I want to end up in.

So, things are going okay on the job-front. I'm beginning to get desperate to get out of my current job; I keep having weird personal friction with one of my bosses. I've never liked her all that much (it looks to me like she totally slacks off most days and then there's her liberal use of the word "retarded" to describe anyone and anything that doesn't go her way), but the last straw was last week when she called me a bitch.

I'm sure she was joking at the time, but we do not having anything even close to the sort of relationship where she can get away with calling me that. For one thing, she's my boss, and for another it's not like we've ever hung out outside of work so we clearly aren't actually friends. It was weird and really totally uncalled for. So I'm really looking forward to the day when I can give my two weeks' notice.

Things I'm also looking forward to: going to Ohio next weekend! The husband has been there for the last week getting some training for his new job with his dad's company, and next weekend I get to go visit. I'm adapting to having the apartment to myself, but it'll be nice to see him again, if only for a weekend. The cats have finally adapted too, I think; they were really quiet and subdued for the first few days and didn't even want to play and snuggle with me :-( But now they're fighting and snuggling and purring again, so life is okay.
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