Well, hello there, blog


Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

Well, hello there, blog

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I am a terrible person for all but abandoning this blog. I don't think I've ever gone this long without blogging in the ten years I've been doing it.

Holy shit. It's been 10 years since I had my first diaryland blog. I don't think we even had the word blog back then.

Anyway, it would be disingenuous to say I haven't been blogging at all for the past few months: I've been writing up a storm on my book blog. It's gotten some good publicity over the past few months - I was mentioned on the School Library Journal blog, and started a very minor tiny firestorm when I criticized an event at the New York Public Library. But no hard feelings apparently, because the woman who ran that event is the SLJ blogger (and the link came after the kerfluffle). Good times.

I hope to post more over here, especially since I'm really itching to get back into fandom. I'm going to participate in the Saying Yes ficbitathon on LJ, and I'm super excited that there are at least two other Animorphs fans there - seriously, nothing gets me more excited about ficcing that knowing that there are still other Anifans out there. And I'm glad the Ani fans are there, because I think I recognized one other fandom in the five pages of comments so far - and that was the new Sherlock Holmes movie, which I don't think I'm up to writing in yet.

I'm going to go post more prompts over there that don't involve anime-fandom. I missed the deadline (AGAIN) for this round of the [info]porn_battle, so I'll have to get my jollies over on LJ!
  • Hello, you!

    Have you seen the Animorphs fics on AO3 yet?

    I wanted to prompt more for [info]porn_battle, but alas, prompting is over. I did add prompts that weren't anime related though.
    • I've been so out of fandom that I actually haven't wandered over to AO3 yet. I now have that page open and will spend some time exploring. Thank you!

      I'm hoping I'll find some stuff in [info]porn_battle that I'll want to write for when the prompts go up!

      Also, among my non-Animorph prompts for Saying Yes, I submitted one for Janis :-D
      • AO3 is lovely. It just hosted this (last?) year's Yuletide and will continue doing so from now on. That's where a few of those new Animorphs fics came from.

        Admittedly, I'm going to write some of my own prompts for [info]porn_battle. *laughs*

        Yay, Janis!
        • Yeah, I heard about the move to AO3 for Yuletide - there's some wank posted on Fandom Wank about it and I still glance at metafandom, which is full of angst over the move. I just can't believe my old fandom is considered small enough to qualify for Yuletide - I remember when it was the largest category (in Books, anyway) on FanFiction.Net! (I told you, I'm old!)

          And nothing wrong with writing your own prompts :-D I'm probably going to write some of my own Animorph prompts at Saying Yes, though I'm going to wait a little while - posting is open until the 18th, so I really shouldn't be antsy that no one has elaborated on my prompts when posting hasn't even been open for 5 hours yet, lol

          I have also posted a prompt for Demetri & Zoey now, because after thinking about it, I want to make sure they get some love too :-)
          • A lot of the wank is silly and untrue. Though if you want a good laugh, then I suggest reading. *g*

            I assume it's because it's been a long while since the books have been out and there haven't been new works posted to FFN and other areas of interests? That's how some of the other fandoms get in. That, or when it gets nominated, no one shoots the nomination down so even if it is too big for Yuletide, it's too late in the process for the mods to do anything about it.
            • I have indeed laughed over some of the ludicrous knots people have twisted themselves into. Some of the initial concerns sound almost vaguely valid, but then when they keep clinging to them in spite of new evidence and it gets ridiculous.

              Oh, I'm sure fic has all but dried up. I follow most of the Animorphs comms on LJ and every couple of months a drabble might be posted there. I have no idea what the situation is like on FFN - I looked a year or so ago and saw lots of self-inserts and Mary Sues :-( The series is allegedly getting re-released next year, so hopefully that will reignite interest (though I'm sure will also bring in a flood of new young fans that I will be most uncomfortable sharing a lot of my fic with. When I was under-18 I had no problem sharing my porn with any and everybody - then I crossed that "adult" line and suddenly I only wanted my fellow "adults" to read the stories)
              • One line of thought that I could somewhat understand was the fact that previous Yuletide authors would have their old stories moved when they don't want it moved, but uh...invitations will be sent to all the previous Yuletide writers they can contact and because it's going on AO3, they have the chance to orphan or delete the fics themselves. And yet, even after that's explained...the SKY IS FALLLLLLING!

                I try not to think about it too much.
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