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FIC: Flash Forward - Disastrous (Janis Hawk, PG)

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OMG. It's been years since I've done fic. I actually had to look up how I used to do headers.

Title: Disastrous
Author: [info]moriath
Pairing/Character: Janis Hawk, with a bit of OMC and OFC
Fandom: Flash Forward
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,100
Summary: Inspired by Janis' comment in the episode "Gimme Some Truth," about a disastrous high school boyfriend. Janis attends her senior prom.
Warnings: Underage drinking, some teenage shenanigans. Potentially spoiler-ish for episode 1.05 "Gimme Some Truth"

"Oh, Janis, would it really have killed you to get a nice gown for your senior prom? It only happens once!"

Janis held her can of Aqua Net above her head and let out a long spray of sticky, smelly hairspray, shellacking her teased curls into place. Her mom coughed and waved a hand in front of her face to clear away the fumes. "Mom, you said I had to go to this, you never said how I had to dress." Janis was actually quite proud of her prom outfit - no off-the-rack monstrosity for her! It had started life as a basic pink taffeta prom dress, but she'd pulled off thepoofy sleeves and cut off about a mile of the skirt, leaving two thins straps on her shoulders, a plunging neckline, and a short ruffly skirt. But to keep from looking too debutante-ish, she was also wearing black fishnets, chunky combat boots (with neon pink laces, to match the dress), and two armfuls of plastic multi-colored bracelets.

"I thought it went without saying. You're going out on your first date with that nice Levine boy, you don't want to scare him away!"

Janis snorted before picking up her eyeliner pencil to touch up her makeup. Bright red lipstick, heavy eyeliner, super-curly hair: she was totally the Jewish Madonna.

"The only reason you want me to date him is so you can get an invite to his mom's bridge club. Lame!" Janis set down her eyeliner and turned her head side to side so she could examine herself in the mirror. Totally wicked.

"Oh Janis," her mother sighed. She stood behind Janis, fighting the temptation to give the hemline a good yank - it was a bit too short in the back for her tastes. "It's your senior prom, you'd never forgive yourself if you missed out on this night. Joshua is a good boy, his mother told me he didn't have a date yet, either - it makes perfect sense for the two of you to go together!"

Janis turned around to face her mother. "Mom, barf. Seriously, he's a dumb jock. I don't know why you thought this would ever be a good idea."

The doorbell rang. "That must be him!" Janis' mom cried, clapping her hands in excitement. "Wait just a moment up here; you'll be able to make a grand entrance!"

Janis mimicked her mother's clapping. "Yay!" She rolled her eyes at her mother's retreating back.

Before her mother decided to meddle, Janis had, in fact, had plans for the evening. It just killed her mother to think those plans didn't involve stupid dresses, stupid music, or stupid boys. Janis hadn't said anything to her mother yet, but while the woman could be a little dense at times, she'd have to be a total moron not to have picked up some hints that maybe, just maybe, there was a reason Janis only hung out with girls.

Hint: it wasn't because boys had cooties.

"Janis!" her mother called from downstairs. "Your date is here!"

Janis glanced at her reflection one more time, adjusting her dress to show the maximum cleavage (hey, there might be some single girls at the prom), before heading downstairs.

Janis' mother was grinning maniacally as she stood with Joshua Levine in the entryway, clutching her camera. Joshua seemed to be treating the evening with the gravity it deserved; he was dressed in a tux and holding a plastic corsage box. Joshua's jaw dropped slightly as Janis walked down the stairs. Janis grinned. Bet you thought Mommy was setting you up with a *nice* Jewish girl, huh? she thought.

"Um, you look, uh, nice tonight, Janis," Joshua stumbled when she reached the bottom of the stairs.


"I got this for you, too." Janis' mom cooed in delight as Joshua lifted out the delicate carnation and slipped it over Janis' wrist, pushing back some of her bracelets to make room for the blossom.

"Okay, kids, let me get a picture!" Janis rolled her eyes, but dutifully stood next to her neanderthal date and forced a smile as her mom's camera flashed.

"C'mon, let's go," Janis said as soon as her mom lowered the camera. She made a bee-line for the door.

"It was good to meet you, Mrs. Hawk," Joshua said, offering his hand for a handshake. "I promise I'll have Janis home by midnight."

"Oh, you're such a gentleman," Janis' mom said with a sigh. "You kids have fun!"

Janis rolled her eyes again as she stalked out of the house.

Waiting in the driveway was a black limousine. Even with the doors and windows closed, Janis could hear, and almost feel, the bass of whatever music was playing. "I hope you don't mind," Joshua said as he passed her and approached the car, "but some of the guys and I went in together for the limo. So Keith and Jordan and their dates are coming, too." He opened the door and Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" was playing loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Janis glanced inside to see two more football players in tuxes seated beside their dates, both pretty, petite girls in long,poofy gowns. The group cheered as Janis and Joshua slid into the back of the car. A bottle of champagne appeared and was passed to Joshua, who offered Janis the first sip, like a gentleman. Janis declined. Joshua shrugged before taking a big gulp.

As the limo backed out of the driveway, Janis stared glumly out the window, already feeling like a wallflower at the party.


When the limo reached the prom hotel, everyone piled out, tripping over the hemlines of the other two girls' dresses. "Woohoo!" Jordan cried out. "Best prom ever starts now!" He and the other two guys high-fived. After a moment of drunken laughter, the guys composed themselves and held out their arms to their dates.

"Shall we?" Joshua prompted Janis.

"Sure," Janis said, less than enthusiastic, but she slid her hand through the crook of Joshua's elbow anyway.

The music inside the hotel ballroom was loud, but not nearly as loud as the music in the limo had been. The dance floor was already filled with bodies, boys in dark tuxes and girls in a neon-rainbow of gowns.

"Wanna dance?" Joshua asked. Downing half a bottle of champagne had apparently cleared up his stuttering problem.

"Um." Now it was Janis' turn to stammer. Unable to come up with a good reason to say no, she accepted.

For all his athletic prowess, Joshua was a terrible dancer. They had found a place to dance near the edge of the crowd, thankfully, as Joshua's idea of dancing was jumping around and flailing his limbs wildly. Once he'd landed solidly on her foot - and her mother thought combat boots were impractical dancing shoes!

Keith, Jordan and their dates had taken a detour to the refreshment table, but after a song or two had found Joshua and Janis. Soon the six of them were dancing in a cluster, the boys all trying to out-do each other in silliness, while the girls just bounced and swayed a bit. The other two girls - Heather and Jennifer? Hailey and Jessica? Janis couldn't remember - kept exchanging looks and giggling, while leaving Janis out of the loop.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the music slowed. Keith and Jordan each swept their respective dates into their arms for the first slow dance of the night. Joshua held out his arms to Janis, but there was no way in hell she was up to that at the moment. "Um. I've gotta pee." She ran for the bathroom.

A group of giggling girls were gathered in front of the mirror, blocking the two sinks. Janis slipped into the nearest stall to avoid them. After a few minutes, the giggling ceased and Janis heard the door swing open and shut. She figured she was safe, and slipped out of the stall.

"I was wondering when you'd come out."

Janis jumped in surprise. She wasn't alone. One girl was still standing at the mirror, but Janis was sure that she wasn't actually part of the group that had just left. For one thing, those girls were all in long dresses, but this one was wearing a man's suit. "Um. Sorry?" was all Janis could think to say.

The girl's eyes swept Janis, who could feel a blush rising over her cheeks. This girl was short and a bit stocky - or maybe that was just the loose cut of the suit? Her hair was cropped short, but not quite a buzz cut, and bleached platinum blond. Blue eyes were rimmed with heavy eyeliner, just like Janis wore. "I like your bracelets."

Janis glanced down at the rainbow of accessories she wore, as if realizing they were there for the first time. "Oh, thanks. I like your...suit."

The girl stepped to Janis and walked her fingers up Janis' bracelets. "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. All in order. You trying to send a message?"

No, that hadn't even occurred to Janis. But now that the girl mentioned it... "Maybe I am."

The girl grinned. "I'm Kellie. Some of us have a suite up on the tenth floor, room 1006. If you want to get out of that loser-fest."

I'd love to, Janis thought. "I can't," is what she said. "I have to get back to my date."

Kellie dropped her grin. "Oh. Well. Bring her along. She's a lucky girl."

"He," Janis whispered. "It's, um, Joshua Levine."

"Oh," Kellie said again. "Sorry. I guess I thought we were talking about something else." She brushed by Janis and swept out the door.

Janis stared at her reflection. The edges of the mirror were already covered in lipstick kisses in various shades of red and pink, even though the prom had only been going on for an hour at most. Before Janis could sink too far into self pity over missing out on a chance with Kellie, Heather/Hailey and Jennifer/Jessica burst into the bathroom.

"There you are!" Heather/Hailey squealed. "We've been looking EVERYWHERE for you. Joshua is getting all pouty!"

"It's kinda cute," Jennifer/Jessica said. "You should go cheer him up!" Each girl took one of Janis' elbows and led her back out onto the dance floor.

The DJ must have fallen asleep at the turntable, because the music was still slow. The disco ball had been lowered and was scattering sparkles around the dance floor. Janis' escorts pushed through the throng of couples that had grown while Janis had been hiding, leading her back to her date. Heather/Hailey and Jennifer/Jessica practically pushed Janis into Joshua's arms.

"Hey, you okay?" Joshua asked, casually sliding his arms around Janis' waist.

"I'm fine," Janis muttered, dutifully putting her arms on Joshua's shoulders. She tried to hold him at arm's length, but he pulled her in for a close embrace. His breath smelled of fresh liquor; someone must have sneaked in a flask of something.

"You're real pretty," Joshua whispered in her ear, sliding one hand lower onto her hip. Janis not-so-accidentally stepped on Joshua's foot. "Ow!"

"Sorry," Janis said sweetly, but grimaced inwardly. Joshua's hand was firmly planted on her ass now.

"Hey, I know you never wanted to come here in the first place. My dad gave me his credit card - if you want we can get out of here, get a room of our own."

Janis pulled far enough away to look Joshua in the face. "Are you serious?"

Joshua was now sliding his other hand up Janis' side, creeping closer to her breasts. "C'mon. This whole dance thing is bogus. We'll find a nice place of our own, entertain ourselves for a few hours, and I'll still get you home before curfew." He leaned forward as if to kiss her. "Unless it's true, of course. That you're not into dudes." On that romantic line, he closed the last of the gap between their lips and pulled Janis in for a hard kiss.

Janis tried to give Joshua a chance. She really did. Maybe it was true, maybe she really hadn't met the right guy yet and she just needed the right Prince Charming to come along to sweep her off her feet.

If that was true, however, Joshua Levine was certainly not that prince. Janis felt bile rising in her throat as Joshua's hand on her breast started to slip inside her dress while his tongue tried to force its way into her mouth. Janis pushed Joshua away as hard as she could, causing him to lose his balance and crash into the couple next to him. "Creep!" She began to push her way off of the dance floor.

"Fine, be that way," Joshua called after her. "Dyke!"

Maybe, maybe not, Janis thought as she headed for the elevators. Whatever she was, she was sure there was a better party waiting for her, away from this disaster.
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