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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

What a day :-)

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I just gotta say, today got off to a rough start. People are not meant to be awake at 6:30 in the morning - especially when they went to sleep at 12:30 (I put Sims 2 back on my computer yesterday and spent most of the day playing it). But it turned out pretty awesome.

Work had its stressful moments - I'm now in charge of finding substitute books when an individual title in an assortment is out of stock (in laymen's terms: sometimes a store will say "I want 100 kids books" so we put together an assortment of kids books - 32 titles with 3 books each and a 33rd with 4 books . But since we just grab randomly from our inventory, sometimes we'll come up with a title or two for an order that is out of stock or is being stored at a different warehouse. So now my job is to find replacements for those titles). I used to only have to find a book in the same category, but now I need to find books that match the category AND the same price, that hasn't already been included in the assortment. It's a tall order sometimes, but I'm managing.

Day was brightened first by getting ice cream at my favorite Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Doug, the guy dishing out the ice cream all day, is always SO cheerful and smiley. I don't know how he does it. And his toppings are always fabulous - blueberries with saba is my new favorite thing ON THE PLANET.

Day got a million times better when I came home and found a card in the mail from my cousin Jenny. Jenny and I were never close, because her mother's a little crazy and was hellbent on keeping her husband (my mom's brother) and her kids away from his side of the family (this came out after their messy divorce, caused by her affair with the band teacher). So we were never close, but I know in the aftermath of the divorce my mom and uncle have gotten close again and on the few occasions I've been back in Michigan for family gatherings I got to see him and Andy, which used to be rare.

I haven't seen Jen in ages, however, because she moved out to Baltimore 5 years ago, and it always worked out that when she would go back to Michigan for holidays, I had plans elsewhere. But I've kept minor tabs on her through my mom, and that's how I found out late last year that cousin Jenny was gay and living with her girlfriend.

When it was time to send out wedding invitations, I knew I wanted to invite Jen and her girlfriend, but no one was getting me the girlfriend's name before the invite NEEDED to go out, so it ended up going to Jen & Guest. The day after the invitation went in the mail, of course, Mom called to say "Oh, yeah, the girlfriend is named Sarah." ~sigh~ So I sat down and wrote Jen a nice long note telling her that the "and guest" wasn't meant as some sort of slight, I just hadn't known Sarah's name! I assured them that, despite the wedding being in Holland, they wouldn't be the only gay people there and told Jen that I was bisexual.

So today I get the card from Jen, addressed to Billy and I and hyphenating our last names, which made me giggle. It was a big, solid card so I actually thought for a second it was a wedding invitation - Mom had told me Jen and Sarah were planning on getting married within the next year, so it wasn't out of the question. Instead it was a wedding card (plus check, also made out to Billy and I with a hyphenated last name - mine first, incidentally ;-) and a lovely, long letter from Jen apologizing for not RSVPing for the wedding, thanking me for the follow up letter, and updating me a bit on her life with Sarah.

I'm still grinning about it, and incredibly happy. I added her on Facebook so we'll be able to catch up without resorting to old-fashioned letters again, lol. Hopefully we can have something of a familial relationship, even if its in cyberspace :-)
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