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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!


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So...I kind of hate the post office here. Never before have I had so many freakin' problems just getting stuff through the mail. Wedding invitations and RSVPs were lost, and getting anything larger than an envelope delivered is a herculean task. When we first moved here, they would just leave shit at our door without so much as a knock to inform us something was at the door. I wasn't entirely comfortable with that because who knows how honest our neighbors are, but at least I was getting my stuff (and to my knowledge, nothing was stolen - my neighbors all seem to keep to themselves but are nice on the occasions we do interact, so I have nothing against them now). NOW I have to obsessively watch the USPS track and confirm page to try to figure out when my stuff will be arriving and if the post office has allegedly tried to deliver it, because the last few times they've neglected to leave their little redelivery notices.

So last week I bought some stuff on ebay and it was mailed out on Monday. Yay! Track it all week and yesterday at 6:00 am it arrived at my local post office. I checked the track and confirm page periodically throughout the morning, but it (allegedly) never left the post office. And then I stayed at home for the whole rest of the day (since I left work early and got home around 1), but nothing ever arrived.

Wake up early this morning, since Billy had to get up early for class (and may or may not have SAT on my BROKEN TOE while he was getting ready), and the first thing I did was check the status of my eBay package. Nothing had changed, which I found very weird. Sat around on the computer all morning (thanks to the injured toe I'm not doing much else right now) and finally at 12:30 I decide to call the post office to see if I can get a confirmation that it will be delivered (I was contemplating going out to grab lunch and some tape for my poor injured toe).

Well, according to the post office's records, THEY DID try to deliver it yesterday. I about blew up on the phone, but either this was the same woman I talked to last time I had issues getting a package delivered, or there's an epidemic of "lost" redelivery slips because she immediately said she was going to notify the manager of the post office, and she would either schedule my package for redelivery on Tuesday or I could come down to get it.

Since I wanted my stuff, I pulled myself together, popped some ibuprofen, and started hobbling down to the post office. Got down there, stood in line for awhile, picked up my package with no problem, and hopped on a bus to get back (for some reason there's no convenient bus stop between my apartment and the post office, but going in the opposite direction there's a bust stop right outside the post office's door). Stopped at the bank to get some cash and then picked up food and medical tape at Rite Aid. All in all, trip took about an hour.

Come home, hobble up the stairs because the damn elevator isn't working AGAIN, and when I get to my door, I see a little orange slip poking out.

While I was out, the post office had tried to deliver my proofs from the photographer.

~headdesk headdesk headdesk~
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