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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

I am such a fan girl :-)

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The NYC Teen Author Festival had their last event today, the massive book signing at Books of Wonder. 40+ authors + god knows how many excited teenage fans = fun fun fun Sunday afternoon.

My signed book collection now stands at eight. Previously I had picked up Christopher Moore's Lamb and Scott Westerfeld's Extras as signed stock, then back in the fall I got The Hunger Games signed in person, and today I added How to Ditch Your Fairy (Justine Larbelestier), Devilish (Maureen Johnson), The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (E. Lockhart), Boy Toy (Barry Lyga) and Peeps (the inimitable Scott Westerfeld).

Billy said we would one day be able to sell them for millions. I scoffed - maybe our children would be able to, because I'm sure as hell not parting with them. And even then I doubt they'll be worth much - I prefer to read my books (certainly in the current apartment we don't have room for books that just sit around looking pretty - hell we hardly have room for books we actually read).

See me fan girl over Justine Larbelestier, E. Lockhart and, most especially, Scott Westerfeld at my book blog.

Let me just reiterate here, that Scott Westerfeld is awesome and amazing, both as a writer and in person. He is probably officially my favorite author now. If there is anyone on my list who isn't reading him yet, please get to your nearest bookstore or library and start reading right now. I suggest SF fans begin with Uglies, fantasy fans begin with Midnighters, and horror fans begin with Peeps, but you'll probably love it all (I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes ALL of his work). And this fall his steamdieselpunk novel Leviathan comes out. I can't wait!
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