Welcome to Friday the 13th


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Welcome to Friday the 13th

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It's 10:30 and today already sucks hardcore.

First, as usually happens on a day when I'm changing my schedule slightly, I couldn't get out of the apartment in a timely fashion this morning. Just lots of little crappy things adding up to me leaving the apartment when I normally do. Which would be fine if I didn't have errands to run before work.

Run over to the bank to deposit my paycheck. This should be a painless procedure - fill out the deposit slip, noting that I want $100 back from the transaction. Which is something the teller manages to miss. Probably because he keeps jabbering on about some dumb credit card even after I tell him I don't have time to apply for one. Then we can't re-do the transaction because I don't have my ATM card with me, I only have Billy's. Never mind that he's my husband and both of our names are on the account. So he has to call his manager over and I'm like, dude, I'll just go to the ATM because I don't have time for this. I eventually walk away to do so.

Miss the train I wanted to catch. Get on the next one, which takes for friggin' ever. Debate between arriving at my office exactly on time or a few minutes late to accomodate my new jamba juice oatmeal addiction. Decide to feed the craving EXCEPT THEY'RE OUT OF OATMEAL and I'd have to wait another 15 minutes to get some. So I get my smoothie and a disgusting blueberry oat...thing...and go to my office...

Where no one shows up for half an hour, meaning I could have waited as long as I needed to for the oatmeal.

~bangs head on keyboard~

On the other hand, started reading a new book today that feels very topical in light of RaceFail. It's a futuristic fantasy story (setting feels very SF, with advances in technology, but thanks to some deathly technology "magic" has returned to the world, so the combination makes it a palatable fantasy story for me, so far) set in Niger. 54 pages in and not a single white person has been mentioned. There does happen to be a rather negative portrayal of what could be interpreted as Islam in it, which isn't exactly cool, but at 54 pages I'm not ready to pass judgment.

In other good news, I'm supposed to be meeting Billy for lunch today. We've been trying to get together since Monday but it keeps not happening. Is today the day?
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