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Lulz, NYT editor

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So they've (there's always a "they") confirmed that a portrait exists of Shakespeare that was painted while he was alive.

In the comments, Tom in Hawaii leaves this gem:
This article completely misses the point. The author of the Shakespears plays WAS NOT William Shakespeare, theatre owner, it was Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. Perhaps Mr. Mackey could educate himself on this point. Perhaps even look it up on wikipedia. For the “paper of record” to omit this in an aticle of this type is absurd.

Naturally, this is full of fail for multiple reasons. RM, NYT Ed picks up on one of them and responds to Tom:
[Tom, If you think it has been established that William Shakespeare was not the author of these plays, based on what Wikipedia says, we can't help you. -- RM, NYT Ed.]

RM (who, after I scroll back up to the top of the article, I am going to assume is Robert Mackey, the author of the article) is full of snarky win.
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