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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

Wedding Post: Okay, now I can only laugh at the hotel

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So...after a long flight, Mom picked me up in Grand Rapids today. Of course we have to talk wedding stuff, because what else is there for a mother and daughter to talk about three days before the wedding?

And OF COURSE, there are more issues with the hotel. But this one...really, I can't be upset about. In part because I'm past caring about 90% of this bullshit now.

So, here's what's happened: A few months ago, a woman contacted the even coordinator at the hotel (our wedding coordinator). The woman had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wanted to plan her own funeral luncheon to take place at the hotel shortly after she died.

She died over the weekend. Which means the funeral luncheon is being held on Saturday. In my ceremony venue.


But apparently the people involved are all aware that there is a wedding going on in that room, and they will all be out of there by three o'clock, giving the hotel people two hours to set up the ceremony space.

Thank god I didn't want to get pictures done in the ceremony space (it is blah and boring - we're getting our pictures done in the reception ballroom because it's cool).

Billy is out at his bachelor party now. I'm glad he gets to have one :-) It really looked like he wasn't, since all of his friends are in the Michigan/Ohio area, but his new classmates are taking him out to some bar in Jersey City to celebrate. They're good people, his classmates; a few are kind of obnoxious (especially after some vodka), but they're also actors so I've learned to expect that.

OH, BTW: Of course, when we got home today, the first thing to do was try on my dress (!!!) Mom made me cover my eyes when she pulled it out of the closet, and when she said I could look all I could say was WOW. It is so gorgeous, better than I ever imagined. It still needs a few alterations, since apparently I am losing weight (or it's being re-proportioned - most likely) at an alarming pace (Mom took my measurements in August - when I tried on the mockup in December it was too big, when I tried on the final version in January, there were more alterations needed to make it smaller. Now the straps need to be readjusted...again!!!). But otherwise, wow, it's a fabulous dress, and my bouquet is also FABULOUS, and I cannot WAIT for everyone to see it on Saturday (and for the pictures, so all of my non-wedding-attending friends can see it too)
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