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Currently out of work, fandom- and wedding-obsessed 23 year old woman. Expect to see lots of posts about wedding, job-hunting, moving across the country (MI to NY) and fandom!

To do list

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This entry isn't going to be of much interest to anyone; I just feel the need to write out everything that has to be done in the next three weeks:

  • Create "guest book" (hopefully my idea will be as awesome in practice as it is in my head)
  • Create programs
  • Finalize ceremony
  • Write vows
  • Get tux for Billy (currently planning on doing that tomorrow, but may be pushed to Thursday if Billy is still sick)
  • Buy ties for the guys
  • Buy shawls for the girls
  • Figure out who needs corsages/boutonnieres
  • (Perhaps most important) Catch up with the last two weeks of Battlestar...and last week's Lost
  • Get my Banana Republic work schedule changed so I can start at the new job
  • Buy plane tickets
  • Ask parents for more money to facilitate all of this buying stuff.
  • Figure out makeup for the day
  • Set up hair appointments
  • Find out how long the photographer thinks pictures will take, so I know the right time to do the hair appointments.
  • Continue making calls to people for RSVPs

I think that's it...I could be completely wrong, however.

I haven't slept well for days. Three of the last four nights I've had some wedding nightmare or other. I rarely used to have nightmares - now they're a regular occurrence. Combine them with Billy being sick and coughing/tossing and turning all night, and I haven't been getting any rest. Oh, and all of a sudden I have four zits on my face. It's been ages since I've had more than one at a time.

I can't wait until this is all finished...
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