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A documentary I would love to see

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Good Hair, premiering at Sundance this week, is a documentary by Chris Rock (whom I love, by the way) about the extremes African -Americans go to for their hair.

While I'm about as white as they come, I am fascinated by the power of hair. Women (presumably of all races, but perhaps I'm wrong on that front) are often told that their hair is their "crowning glory" and we wield some sort of mystical power with it. It sure seemed that way sometimes when I had my looooooooong hair. I would keep it up in a pony tail or a bun for weeks at a time, then I would occasionally let it down and I was treated like some sort of princess. Of course, when I did wear it down I remembered why I kept it bundled up so often - complete strangers didn't see a problem with coming up and petting my hair, commenting on how long it was. Definitely don't get that now!

So, anyway, point being: I've long had an interest in the culture surrounding hair, from important haircuts to casual looks into how people of color treat their hair (the "ethnic" haircare aisle fascinates me, even while the name of it is ridiculous). Hopefully the documentary will get a theatrical run, since I don't have HBO.
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