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This is why I don't watch television

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I used to watch House religiously. I think I picked it up about half way through its first season, and Billy and I even owned the first two seasons on DVD (but then we gave them away to deserving friends when we moved). But then towards the end of the third season I started to lose interest - more due to other demands on my time than any real fault with the show, though I did think it was getting repetitive.

I completely skipped last season, but this year decided to pick it back up again. I haven't been able to watch it every week (thank you, work), but when I'm home on Tuesday nights I try to catch it.

If the shows continue how they were tonight, I don't think that will happen anymore

WHY are they resolving the House/Cuddy tension?!?!?!?! Have the writers never watched X-Files? Or Moonlighting? 'Cause here's the memo: as soon as you resolve the previously unresolved sexual tension, your show will fail.

Okay, I'm sure someone, somewhere has made this work, but it's totally not working for me on House.

Granted, I didn't see last week, or even the week before that I think. But tonight just felt totally awkward and out of character for Cuddy as she was dressing like she was going out to the bar rather than important hospital work. What I loved about Cuddy is that early on in the series they established she was one of, if not the only, female hospital administrators of her level in the country. In order for a woman to be among the first in her field, she has to be better and stronger than all of the men (which, coincidentally, Law & Order: SVU dealt with tonight). You don't come across as better and stronger when you're making doe-eyes at your cranky diagnostician.

I will, however, probably keep watching Law & Order: SVU. I'm not crazy about the new DA, but Mariska Hargitay pwns everyone else on TV right now.

(The "right now" caveat is in there since, technically, Battlestar Galactica isn't on TV, and BSG pwns all. It comes back in January, right? Or has it been delayed again? I know they're putting off showing the Caprica movie, even though it was just announced they've committed to 20 hours of the series, including the 2 hour movie)

This is a rambly, pointless entry. I've been working on invitation crap since 7:30 this evening, and still haven't finished because now I'm out of double-sided tape. I knew I should have picked up more than one roll on Saturday!
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