Jesus Christ.


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Jesus Christ.

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Talked to my mom today and of course the election came up. For the record, somehow I came out of a family of conservatives. My mom's a lifelong Republican, and my dad claims he's a Democrat and certainly doesn't like Bush but hasn't cast a ballot for a Democrat the entire time I've been politically conscious.

When I talked to Mom on Monday, she wasn't sure who she was voting for, or if she would even vote. She didn't really like McCain, but certainly wasn't going to vote for Obama, and it wouldn't really matter anyway since Michigan is reliably Democratic.

Today she told me she figured out why Obama rubbed her the wrong way. He reminded her too much of Jimmy Carter, an ineffectual president, since he was smiling all the time. I was like, WTF, he's going to be a bad president because he's happy?!

She also wished that race and gender hadn't come into the election (fair enough) and that his acceptance speech sounded more like it was on behalf of his race than for what he stands for. I pointed out that McCain invoked the fact that this was a win for African-Americans in his concession speech, and then Mom asked if he even is African-American. Apparently she was hung up on the fact that his mom was a white woman from Kansas.

AND THEN she says there's still lots of questions about him - whether he's a Christian or a Muslim and I cut her off right there and said that he's a Christian, totally Christian.

"But then why does your dad say he asked to be sworn into the Senate on a Quran?"

In my head: Since when do we ever listen to what Dad says?

To my mom: "He wasn't sworn in on a Quran. He was sworn in on his own Bible."

The conversation ended shortly there after. I threw the phone across the room and just hung my head muttering "Jesus Christ."

How the hell did I come from my family? My parents are conservative people. Always have been. They've never been particularly politically active, either. I vaguely remember going with my mom to the polls once as a kid, and she wouldn't let me go in the voting booth with her because voting is a private matter. Then I just so happened to be back in Holland for this year's primary so we voted together - her in the Republican line, and me in the Democrat (where I voted for Hillary Clinton, after briefly considering writing in Stephen Colbert, since the Michigan primary didn't matter anyway).

I, on the other hand, regularly write to my representatives about various political issues. The most exciting thing for me about turning 18 was getting to vote for the first time (the 2002 was just a few days after my birthday and I got to vote for Michigan's first female governor). More than once I've considered getting into politics as a career, whether as a politician or in a supporting position like political speech writer. During my breaks from work last night, I wandered down to the concourse at Rockefeller center to see the cool setup NBC news had. If Billy and I hadn't had our pizza-date, I would have been watching the election reporting live.

Where on Earth did all of this come from? Most other politically-minded people I know learned it from their parents. I'm some weird anomaly.
  • Maybe you were "corrupted" by the internet? At least it shows that you can think for yourself. :)

    (btw, my father is really for the Democrats and his parents are Republicans, so you're not the only one that has different beliefs than their parents)
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