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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay library!

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I've always loved libraries. In elementary school I volunteered to stay inside during lunch recess a couple of times a month to keep some library shelves organized. In fifth grade, when we visited the middle school at the end of the year so we wouldn't all feel completely overwhelmed, I about fainted when we entered the library (it was so big! Almost as big as the fiction section of the city library!!!). And then we were told there was no limit on how many books we could check out (in elementary school the limit was two, and we could only go once per week, even though it was very well known that I would finish those two books by the time I came back to school the next day).

At the end of middle school or the beginning of high school, a new branch of the city's library opened just a few minutes from my house. I spent almost every day of the summer there, riding my bike to the library filled with books to return or a new list of books to request, and taking advantage of the building's air conditioning.

In college, my library habit was kind of curbed. During the first few years of school all of my research could be completed online. It wasn't until my senior year (both of them, lol), that I really began cracking down on some serious research that required serious book reading time. If I wanted a fiction book to read, I just went to Borders and bought it; for the first time in my life I was making enough money that I had disposable income to buy my own books, so my book collection kind of exploded for awhile there (as evidenced by the two giant tubs of just my books that are currently in storage at my parents' house).

But now I'm poor again (who knows how much money I'll actually be making at Banana Republic, since it's part time and they can schedule me whenever the hell they want), so it was time to start going to the library again. Luckily I have one that's only about a ten minute walk from my apartment.

It's a nice day out here in Queens, sunny but breezy so it isn't oppressively hot and humid like it has been periodically over the last week. Beautiful day for a walk to pick up a bunch of books.

Unfortunately, this library is probably the worst one, in terms of usability, I've ever visited. For example, it's the first one I've ever visited that doesn't have a card catalog. No, seriously. They have about ten computers there, but they are all available only by appointment, nothing is set up just for searching their online catalog. And the place was packed, only twenty minutes after it opened, filled with people waiting for those ten computers.

I got very claustrophobic very fast. So I picked up some books that looked interesting (nothing from my list, sigh), and then ran home to get on the catalog at their website and look up all of the books I wanted! Most of them should start coming in soon, but for one I'm the 26th in line waiting for only 3 books. Sad face.
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