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Ugh, so hungry

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Apparently no one in my family eats real food anymore. Or maybe they never did and I've just lived away for so long I've forgotten?

Seriously, the only entrees in the house are one giant effin' porterhouse steak, and some frozen Digiorno pizzas. And I'm pretty sure my brother would attack me with a pizza cutter if I dared make one of his pizzas.

Everything else in the house is snack food. Moderately healthy snack food (mmm, watermelon!), but not enough to eat as a meal.

And yet, that is what I've been expected to live on since I got home on Tuesday night.

I am so hungry.

It's also probably why I'm so tired even though I haven't done anything but sit in the garage, tending the family's garage sale all day.

Plz to be giving me food now, kthxbai.

Oh, also, family? Please mail in the check to repay my loan. Like you said you were going to A WEEK AND A HALF AGO. No wonder they've been calling 3+ times a day.

Me=not happy camper.
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