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Woke up early today to go to the farmer's market with Mom. We both bought tons of stuff. I bought...blackberries, garlic, broccoli, potatoes, nectarines, beef jerky and FUDGE. I bought a brick of maple for myself and milk chocolate for Billy. I didn't try the chocolate (chocolate is chocolate, right?) but the maple was sooooooooo delicious.

Came home and started making salsa. The first batch is SUPER spicy. A second batch is boiling right now and should be a little milder; that's going to be canned and put away for the winter so that by the time it's opened it will be spicy as well.

[info]bbtp_challenge doesn't have nearly enough femmeslash. The fic I was going to post for it isn't cooperating with me, and isn't femmeslash either, so I think I'm going to have to crank out something else and get a few more women into the picture.

Not sure yet whether or not I'm going home tonight. Depends on if I get the light on my car fixed.

I think I'm going to go have a bit of fudge right now...
  • I agree about the femmeslash. I saw a Ginny/Luna, and a Xena/Gabrielle so far, along with my foursome that has femmeslash in it. Those are the only three I've seen, there may be more, but I'll have to dig.

    Have some fudge for me! XD
    • The fudge was delicious :-)

      And I saw the same things you did. I am, in fact, cranking out an extremely smutty Bellatrix/Andromeda/Narcissa piece right now that I'm enjoying and will hopefully have up by this evening (even if I am still at home). Ladies need love, too! Or at least sex ;-)
      • I love fudge. :)

        OMG awesome! I absolutely LOVE Andromeda (I RP her, actually) so I'm off to read that now!

        I just wrote a Fred/George piece (yay for hospital bed sex!) but plan on some more Katie/Pansy femmeslash when I have time. Possibly some Andromeda stuff too, I love writing her. ;)
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